13 February 2016

50 Top Earning Blogs | Make Money Blogging

List of 50 Top Successful Earning Bloggers Making Their Livings Online

Today, i decided to research the topic "Make Money Blogging" on the internet, and list out the world best famous, successful and top earning blogs. I also research on how pro bloggers earn much earning one every single month with their blogs. When i find these bloggers and their earnings i was much surprised to see some of them were make over than $1,000,00 Dollars per month.

These bloggers are the inspiration for me to start my own blogging career , and it also inspired you to read and watch their success stories. These are inspired me to become a blogger. I hope that you can inspired after seeing their earning and success stories and you can also want to start your online blogging career’s today.

image of 50 top earning blog that make money from their blogs

For many new people’s that are starting their blogging career, it is so hard to know that time to how much potential you have to earn to their blogs. In the initial stages or early days of your online career you can face many problems. When you setting up your blog, and start publishing posting on daily basis but you could’t earn much money, then first thing that all newbies keep, they given up and also give up their dreams.

But remember that, "Blogging Takes Time". It can take much time and efforts to run in a best way and start your living online. The best thing is that they inspired you whenever you given up, go to see the list of bloggers who earn much on daily or monthly basis.

Advice : If you are a impatient person, then sorry, blogging is not for you. Blogging takes some time to build on a right track and you can earn much money online from their blogs.

Below i’ll list out the 50 successful & top earning blogs that are considered the best in the world who makes millions of dollars only from their single blog.They started as a hobby and then it converted into their online businesses. I hope you can like this article and inspired yourself to see their blogs income and started your online blogging career in a very professional way.

50 Top Earning Blogs That Make A Lots of Money


Top Earning Blogs


Monthly Earning

Income Source

No : 01
Ariana Huffington
$12,10,000 Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 02
Micheal Arrington
$4,50,000   Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 03
Pete Cashmore
$3,95,000   Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 04
Peter Rojas
$300,000 Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 05
$4.50,000    Approx
Private Advertising
No : 06
Vitaly Friedman
$2,10,000    Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 07
Collis Taeed
$1,60,000    Approx
Membership Area
No : 08
Mario Lavandeira
$1,59,000    Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 09
$1,40,000    Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 10
Timothy Sykes
$1,26,000    Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 11
Matt Marshall
$1,10,000     Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 12
Ewdison Then
$85,400       Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 13
Nick Denton
$80,000       Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 14
Alborz Fallah
$77,000        Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 15
Darren Rowse
$60,000       Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 16
Nick Denton
$53,000       Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 17
Jacob Gube
$50,000       Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 18
Heather B. Armstrong
$47,500        Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 19
Joshua Mica
$45,000       Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 20
Brian Clark
$39,000       Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 21
Joshua Dunlop
$33,000       Approx
Product Sales
No : 22
Fabio Sasoo
$30,000      Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 23
Jeremy Schoemaker
$28,700       Approx
Private Advertising
No : 24
Allan Carlton
$27,000       Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 25
Syed Balkhi
$22,000       Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 26
Mathew WoodWard
$60,400        Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 27
Steve Pavlina
$26,000       Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 28
Pat Flynn
$60,000       Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 29
John Chow
$40,000       Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 30
Collis Ta’eed
$16,700       Approx
Membership Area
No : 31
Dainis Graveris
$16,000       Approx
Product Sales
No : 32
David Risley
$16,000       Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 33
Jake Dobkin
$20,100        Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 34
Amit Agarwal
$29,000       Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 35
Yaro Starak
$16,400       Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 36
Micheal Dunlop
$15,000       Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 37
Chris Brogan
$11,100        Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 38
Saad Hamid
$10,700       Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 39
Micheal Malice
$9300         Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 40
Tony Robbins
$9000         Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 41
Harsh Agarwal
$28000         Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 42
Matt Carter
$8000         Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 43
Gary Vaynerchuck
$4000         Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 44
Mohammed Mustafa
$4000         Approx
Advertising Banners
No : 45
Taimur Asad
$3000          Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 46
Ali Qayum
$2000          Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 47
Shardha Sharma
$2000          Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 48
John Paul Aguiar
$1900          Approx
Affiliate Marketing
No : 49
Aamir Atta
$1800          Approx
Pay Per Click
No : 50
ReveNews – LLC
$1100          Approx
Affiliate Marketing

How They Make Money From Their Blogs

image about make money blogging to make money online

Make Money From Blogging is a top way to earn your livings from home. There are a millions of ways and methods to make money through blogging. These pro bloggers are using hundreds of methods to monetize their contents with banners advertisements, pay per click advertisements, affiliate sales, product sales, and many others.

The monetization with contents of your blog is different for different niches. Because if your blogs is web-developments related then it is must worried you because the CPC ( Cost Per Click) is very low so you cannot make huge money though your blog.

But if your blog niches are blogging topics, technologies related then the best method of Monetization is PPC ( Pay Per Click) and then banner advertisements and many others also.Below i’ll list out some important methods which these bloggers are used .

PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Advertisements

image about PPC advertisements google adsense to make money online

The best and the famous easiest way to make money online from your blogs is PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertisements. Almost all bloggers are known this type of monetization technique. In this method, advertisers pays you for every single click. As many clicks you have as much money you can earn. There are different companies are provides you to monetized your contents with their ads, but the best and recommended is Google AdSense. If you have a traffic and you can use Google AdSense ads properly then you can make thousands of dollars.

Advertising Banners

image about banner advertisements Buysellads to make money online

The best way for professional bloggers is a banner advertisements. In this technique you can sell your blogs ads spaces and then if any advertiser interesting at that place they can show their ads and pay you according to your wish. As you can get much money for a single place as you can . The best platform of banner advertisements is BSA ( BuySellAds) the world no.1 banner advertising company.

CPM ( Cost Per Mile) Advertisement

CPM Advertisements online and make money online

This technique is useful for those bloggers who have a good and handsome amount of traffic of their blog. As much you have a traffic you can earn more.In this methods, advertisers pay you for impressions to their blog, rather than any click or sales. In this , you can know how much you can earn because when you see the total impressions to their blog , you can estimated that how much you can earn.

Selling Products

image about selling products online and make money online

Selling Products is also a very powerful way to make money through blogs. These top earning blogs also make thousands of dollars by selling products of others and it's own. This technique is much relevant to affiliate marketing, but there are many difference between both of them. Selling physical products also a very awesome way to make millions of dollars using blogs or website. 

Affiliate Marketing / Affiliate Sales

image about affiliate marketing photo for make money blogging

Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate sales is also a very popular way to monetize your blogs. In this technique you can sell any things, promote any other products of different companies and when any sales you have, you can get some commission. You can promote good products related to your blog niches, and then earn huge commission.

There are also many other ways to monetize your blogs and make huge income from their blogs. But these are the best and all bloggers in the world used these techniques to make their livings from their blogs. So this is the complete list of 50 top earning and successful blogs / bloggers in the world who makes millions from their blogs. I hope this article helps you and also inspired you to start your online blogging career and make money though blogging today. 

Best Wishes To Your Blogging Success
Aamir Saleem Ansari ! ! !

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