6 March 2016

How To Add Floating Feedback Button For Blogger Blogs

Any blog on any topic become a successful blog, when there users / visitors are happy and satisfied with your blog contents and blog layout. In this tutorial, you can learn how to add floating feedback or contact button. So if you want to get good advices and get some unique suggestions from the users, then you can add comments box on every post footer and also add contact me or feedback page . With these and also many others ways, you can optimize your blog fro the readers.

How To Add Floating Feedback Button For Blogger Blogs

Feedback from the users is very important for all bloggers. These feedback can be helped you to get good and unique ideas related to your blog topic. You can learn how to add this feedback button to your blog, the main thing is that, these buttons can be floats with your scroll bar. It made more user friendly and eye-catching if you add this .

How To Add Floating Feedback Button For Blogger Blogs

Use these both small and large feedback buttons URL into the given code below :

Large Icon URL


Small Icon URL


To add this widget your blog, you can have a two images, one large and one small, like given below, you can also use your own images, only you have a URL of these both images and then paste into the code given below.

Add Floating Feedback Button To Blogspot Blogs

Step 1. Sign into your Blogger account.

Step 2. Select your Blog.

Step 3. Go to Layout > Page Element

How To Add Floating Feedback Button For Blogger Blogs

Step 4. Click on Add a Gadget

Step 5. Click on HTML / JavaScript

How To Add Floating Feedback Button For Blogger Blogs

Step 6. Now copy below code and paste it into the HTML/JavaScript widget box

<!–Created By Www.Techora.Net–>
<a style=”display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:5px;left:0px;” href=”Enter URL Of Your Feedback Page” title=”Your Suggestions and Feedback are Always Wellcomed“><img onmouseover=”this.src=’URL of your Larger Feedback button‘” src=”Enter URL Of Your Smaller Feedback button” onmouseout=”this.src=’Enter URL Of Your Smaller Feedback button‘”/></a>
<!–Created By Www.Techora.Net–>

Note That : You can enter the colored URL with your images, small and large . You can also change the given text ” Your suggestions and Feedbacks are Always Wellcomed “ , with any text you like. You can enter the contact us page URL where user fill up form or contact us, feeedbacks, or suggestions page and then submit it.

Step 7. Now, finally save your template, and view your blog , you can see the floating feedback widget to your blog on the bottom-left corner .

Hope this tutorial is helpful to you for adding this widget to your Blogspot Blogs.

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