26 March 2016

Top 7 Websites for Internet Privacy Protection

In this article, I share a list of top 7 websites for your internet privacy protection. Online Privacy of any one who spent more of their time online on the internet for any purpose. It is one of the major concerns among the all the citizens / persons in today life. That's not a secret because companies and websites keep a check on your online all activities and habits and also store your all personal information ( Like your Messages, Pictures, Emails) .They can simply leaves your all information to the hackers and even sold to the any third parties including Governments. So be careful about your privacy online. 

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Top 7 Websites for Internet Privacy Protection

For this purpose, here i'm discussed world top 7 sites which provides you the services to protect and save your all personal information and hide your privacy online and help you to stay anonymous to some extent on the internet all the time.

Top 7 Sites to Protect Your Online Privacy

1 - DuckDuckGo

Top 7 Websites for Internet Privacy Protection

DuckDuckGo is not like any other site. It is a privacy focused to the search engines and sine the last years has witnessed a whopping 700% growth, especially after the leaks of NSA. For using this service, search engine cannot track you any more and your all personal information and online privacy remains more safe . It is a superior search experience for you with smarter questions answers, less clutters and awesome and real privacy. DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that can be emphasizes the protecting your all searches, all privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results. This site promotes the strictly online rules and regulations like privacy measures and claims that it does not collecting any information about its any user. If you want to hide your privacy then use this search engine.

2 - Hide My Ass

Top 7 Websites for Internet Privacy Protection

Hide My Ass is also a very famous VPN service provider company. It is not a free . It is a paid VPN Service that really hides your all original IP Addresses and gives you the any fake IP which has its own service. With using this IP, you can always stay more protective and not matter which website you visit any time. A VPN can encrypts your internet connections to make it more reliable and more secure. Enjoy its VPN discounts service now, which is the best global VPN Network, and top rated VPN provide service all across the world.

3 - Just Delete Me

Top 7 Websites for Internet Privacy Protection

Just Delete Me is a very amazing service provider on the internet. It is generally a directory of URL's links to enable you to easily delete your files and your account from the web services. Many companies online using many complex dark pattern techniques to make it more difficult to find how to delete your account. But this service provide you the easy way to remove you from the internet services where you don't want to appear. This directory contains thousands of websites like famous social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Snapchats , or even Google.

4 - TOR Project

Top 7 Websites for Internet Privacy Protection

TOR Project is an onion Router, which is more famously known as TOR. It is bu far one of the best and amazing ways to protect your online privacy. TOR provide you the free software that really directs the Internet Traffic through more than the 6000+ relays all over the world. TOR can conceals your all important information and your identity and encrypts your query, thus giving you the safe passage, inside the www ( World Wide Web ) . TOR is a free software which implementation of second generation onion routing technique, a system enabling its users to communicate anonymously on the online internet.

5 - IP Vanish

Top 7 Websites for Internet Privacy Protection

IP Vanish is another famous but paid VPN service provider that will allows you to surf online on the internet anonymously and gives you the complete access to the blocked websites for only $77.99 dollars per annual year subscription package. You can also choose any other package. It is the best VPN network which provides best services and offering the secure access and high speeds for its users. IP Vanish completely protects your identity through out its all encrypted channels, so comes in the list of ways to protect your online privacy.

6 - MyPermission

Top 7 Websites for Internet Privacy Protection

My Permission is also an extension that tells you which type of your applications ( Apps) are connected to your any social media account like famous network Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Because these networks can track your all activity online and they have all the information about you. Once known, you can easily revoke those permissions. It is fully personal security startups and Real-Time protections for your social media accounts. MyPermission can easily inform you about your all online activity and protect your privacy.

7 - Buffered VPN

Top 7 Websites for Internet Privacy Protection

Buffered VPN is also the fastest and most secure VPN service. Instant setup and they provide you the 30-days money back guarantee if you don't satisfied with their services. BufferedVPN is in the list of paid VPN network that protects your online privacy by simply hiding your original IP Address and easily allows you to overcome the firewalls. You can use Buffered VPN for online secure browsing and protect your online privacy.

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