20 April 2016

How To Add Back To Top Button in Blogger Blogs

I'm searching a lot and find many tutorials and also work itself, and then i'm finding this simple way of how to add back to top button in blogger blogspot blogs via simple way. But the question is that why people use this button in their blogs.

General answer is that, sometimes, some posts when we read in any blog, these are more deep and after reading at the bottom, we don't like to scroll up as much, so we using this awesome back to top button which is simply use in blogs, in the bottom sidebar's, which allow you to back to the top in a single moment.

How To Add Back To Top Button in Blogger Blogs

So this is very awesome and beautiful, clean and simple blogger blog button which is used in a very simple and awesome way. If you want to add this button into your blogs, then easily follow below these steps.

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Remember That :
This widget is designed for all blogs, whether it hosted on Blogger.Com or WordPress or any other. This widget is working all of these sites.Also this widget is compatible for all type of modern and old browsers. So enjoy this light and awesome widget.

Step 1 - Go to your Blogger dashboard and select your blog and then click on Layout option and after that click on "Add a Gadget" link.

How To Add Back To Top Button in Blogger Blogs

Step 2 - After that, a pop-up window will be open, now find from list "HTML / JavaScript" widget.

How To Add Back To Top Button in Blogger Blogs

Step 3 - Now just copy below code and paste it into the "HTML/JavaScript" box.

<a rel="nofollow" style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:12px;right:6px;" href="#" title="Back to Top"><img src="ADD URL OF BACK TO TOP BUTTON HERE"/></a>
Step 4 - Now change the blue color bold text with your back to top button URL as you want. Or simply below URL copy and paste it in that place.

Watch Live Demo Below

How To Add Back To Top Button in Blogger Blogs
Back To Top Button URL :


Step 5 - Save your widget and save your blog. 

Step 6 - Now check the result after visiting your blog. 

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