1 May 2016

How To Set Custom Redirect URL in Blogger Blogs

With the passage of time, many new things discovered , like scheduling posts, added or deleting posts. Some time when you visitor come to your blog and it will see the error pass like 404 error page message,but in blogger blogs, a very powerful feature exist, which you can use to make all your requests to a specific page or link to be redirected into other page.

This is the best technique, which avoid your all broke links and keep all your traffic to right page , simply setting custom URL redirects using the Blogger Custom Redirects tool.

How To Set Custom Redirect URL in Blogger Blogs

In this article, you can see that how to set a custom redirects your URL in blogger blogs, and how improve your broken URL's. 

Also redirects your old URL to new URL page. Basically we use two types of redirects like 301 redirect which means that redirect page permanently. And the second is 302 which means redirects your page temporarily. 

Now below is the complete guide with pictures of how to redirects your custom redirects URL's in blogger posts. 

Guide : How To Redirect URL's to New URL in Blogger

Step 1 - First of all go to your blogger account with email and password.

Step 2 - Select your blog and go to your Setting and then go to preferences and click "Edit" and then next to the link "Custom Redirects" .

How To Set Custom Redirect URL in Blogger Blogs

Step 3 - Here you see two blank boxes, in the "FROM" field enter your old page URL and in the "TO" field including the forward slash "/" adding your new page URL. 

image : How To Set Custom Redirect URL in Blogger Blogs

Remember That : Don't add your full URL in both the fields, just remove your domain name , and enter the remaining link. Generally this work only within the same blog if you want , this feature doesn't use for external linking redirection. 

Step 4 - After adding the both page, click on "Save" link and then click on "Save Changes" button.

image : How To Set Custom Redirect URL in Blogger Blogs

Step 5 - Now you've done all things, but if you want to redirects more URL's then click on the "New Redirects" button .

Now this is very useful and powerful feature in blogger blog. This can also improve your overall ranking, because if your blog have more broken links, then your ranking will be decrease , so use this feature and save your links within the blog.

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