3 June 2016

How To Add Awesome RSS Feeds Icon To Blog Sidebar

Today, in this article, I'm telling you how to add a cool rss feeds icon into your blogger blogs or you can add this awesome widget into any other blog like WordPress, Joomla etc. In my previous article, I'm show you how to add a RSS Feedburner Recent Posts Widget to your blog. Many of our readers and loyal friends emailed me to tell us how to add that amazing and most beautiful RSS Feed Icon to our blog sidebar .

How To Add Awesome RSS Feeds Icon To Blog Sidebar

RSS Feed is a some kind of your blogger news feed which is used for display your most recent posts to your readers and visitors using their emails. When someone subscribe you on your RSS Feeds, they will be added to your Email Subscribed List, so whenever you published your new post into your blog, it will be automatically emailed to your royal readers, so they can automatically check your latest news feed using their email account.

RSS Feeds also has a deep impact in the eye of Search engines. It will great help you to increase your viewership's and readerships and you will getting more page views. In SEO point of view, RSS Feed play a vital role in your blog online visibility.

So now here is the complete guide of how you can add this awesome and nice widget into your blogger blog. Here is discussed how to add this into your blogger blog sidebar, but you can use this to your any other blog too ! ! !

For this purpose, first of all you've your RSS Feed URL, and RSS Feed icons which you can easily download. These are designed by Smashing Magazines.

Adding a Cool RSS Feed ICon To Your Blogger Sidebar

Step 1 - First of all, go to Blogger.com .

blogger.com for How To Add Awesome RSS Feeds Icon To Blog Sidebar
Step 2 - Now Log In to your blogger account and go to your dashboard and select your blog. and go to the "Layout" option. 

Blogger Layout option - How To Add Awesome RSS Feeds Icon To Blog Sidebar

Step 3 - Now click on your sidebar link "Add a Gadget" .

How To Add Awesome RSS Feeds Icon To Blog Sidebar

Step 4 - Select from them a "HTML/JavaScript" gadget.

How To Add Awesome RSS Feeds Icon To Blog Sidebar

Step 5 - Copy below code and paste inside the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget box. 

<div style="border: 1px solid Black; padding: 5mm;">
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Remain Updated By Subscribe Our</span>
<a href="ADD URL of Your Feed Address" target="_blank">Regular Feed Updates</a>
<center><a href="ADD URL of Your Feed Address" target="_blank"><img src="ADD URL of Your Icon" title="Get Latest & Free Updates !!!"/></a></center></div>
Step 6 - Now save your gadget and "Save" your template and see our the result. 

Now visit your blog and you will see out the awesome and nice RSS Feed icon blogger widget just like shown below. Your feed URL same like this : feeds.feedburner.com/Techoranet , simply change the Techoranet with your own name and add this inside above code as mentioned below in customization.

Remain Updated By Subscribe Our Regular Feed Updates

How To Add Awesome RSS Feeds Icon To Blog Sidebar

Customization :  

1 - Some customization are required for getting the full result of this widget. First of all you will replace the RED COLORED URL with your own Feed URL. 
2 - Change the GREEN TEXT with your own text which you want to display as heading. 

And you can also customize this widget as you want according to your needs. If you want any kind of help regarding this widget, then feel free to comment below with your problem. I'm helping you as soon as possible. 

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