23 August 2016

SMM 002: How to Products & Services Selling On Facebook Page

eCommerce now a days becomes a most popular trend in all around the world and people buy and sell everything via internet on different sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Wall Mart etc.

Are you want to selling something to your readers / visitors?

If you wan to sell any particular thing to your visitors then you can use your Facebook page. Facebook is the world largest social media network which connects you with the world.

image : to add shop now button in facebook business page to selling products
Add Shop Now button in Facebook Page to Selling Products

I hope everyone has a Facebook account, if you've a Facebook page with thousands of fans then it is very easy to sell something particular and unique which your readers wants and if you sell something they can easily buy it. This technique is called Facebook Marketing.

Facebook provide this feature to their users to use their Facebook page to selling something online to their customers.

They adding a new feature which is called "Call To Action" button where you can adding a button to your page just side a Facebook Like Button which you can add any call to action, like videos, visit website, contact now, book now, shop now and many others.

Here simply adding this button to your page and adding the address of your website if you want to sell anything.

But you can also use this feature for selling any other third party products like eBay or Amazon etc.

Now below I'll show you how to add call to action button into your Facebook page and selling products to your customers.

Adding "Shop Now" Button to Selling Products in Facebook

Step #1 - First of all go to your Facebook account and select your page.

image : how to products and services selling on facebook page

Step #2 - Click on Learn More button in the right hand side and drop down menu open, from here select the "Edit Button" and click on it.

image: how to products and services selling on facebook page

Step #3 - A pop up box open, here on left side, click on arrow button and from the list of call to action buttons select the "Shop Now" button and click on save.

image: how to products and services selling on facebook page

Step #4 - Again go here and enter your website address landing page where you wan to selling something to your readers in the provided field and click "Save Changes" button.

image : how to products and services selling on facebook page

Step #5 - Now see the "Shop Now" button live on your business Facebook page. When user comes to your page they'll see the button and click on it if they interested to buy something.

image : how to products and services selling on facebook page

So in this way you can adding call to action "Shop Now" button to your Facebook page and make it eCommerce page where your fans easily buy products.

If you're a blogger then you selling the different products like Video course, eBooks, blogger themes, templates, WordPress plugins etc. So this is a huge opportunity for bloggers too. 

I hope this guide will help you to promote your products via Facebook page and you can make more money through Facebook marketing. If you've any question regarding this post or you like it then please share it with your readers and friends. Thanks 

Happy Marketing ! ! ! 

Aamir Saleem Ansari

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