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10 Things You Must Know Before Domain Registration

Domain name is some kind of web address of your blog or website. It is also called the URL of your site. You must know some tips before domain registration. If you are thinking about to start a blog or website, then the first thing you will need to do is registering the domain name for your blog.

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Now before going to take this step, you must know some essential things and tips that will help you along the way of your journey. Here I share 10 tips your must know before domain registration.
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10 Essential Things You Must Know Before Domain Registration For Your Business

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#1 – Including Primary Keyword

In the process of domain registration, you must now about keywords. Keywords are the some kind of special words on the behalf of your blog topic or blog niche. These words are responsible for your blog niche ranking and many others things.

If you add the primary keyword into your domain, then the ranking of your site will be increase as much as you not imagine. Many other factors also hold of ranking a site, but if you add the main or primary keyword then it is also very profitable for you and your business.

For example , if you want to start a blog or website on Health and fitness niche, then you can add the keyword, health or fitness as well. Like 

Primary keyword rich domains are profitable and good to go for, just do not be under the impression that hey will help you to higher ranking o your site in search engines .

#2 – Find Branded Domains

Always says that ” Most of the Good Domains have been already taken”, it means that you have to be a bit more creative things. But don’t worry, it is not a bad thing for you, although it is good for you, because you can thinking something that you can build a brand of you all around.

For examples, for the domain for reviewing the movies, you can take some that kinds of domain ” ” or ” “. But these are only examples, i don’t know that are real sites or not, i’m just tell you how to find a branded domain.

Also find out the branded name which affects other areas, like on social media sites. Find out the Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ etc of same branded name as you can get out or your own domain, it will help you a lot , because people can find you easily on these sites.

#3 – Domain Extension

Extensions are the domain ending words which are also effect on your site. There are three most commonly used extensions in the world like .com, .net, .org .

A domain name with that extensions might seem ideal for any kind of business. There are also many other extensions like .info, .club, .me, .tech, .pk, .in etc.

These are the paid domain extensions, but if you want get a free domain name with extension .tk, then go to this site and register your .tk domain, but it might be not profitable or good for you and your business.

#4 – SEO Tips for Domain Registration

Consider of how SEO friendly domain is choosing for your site. There are many other factors of SEO in a domain, but the most important are like this.

Domain contains the primary keyword.

Domain must be short in size.

Domain must be in .com, .net, or .org extension.

Domain must be branded if find but not compulsory

Do not add dashes in your domain.

Do not add any kind of numeric digit .

Avoid Adding Special Characters

Special characters are used for some special kind of purposes. In my experience, a domain name without any hyphens works a lot better than its hyphenated alternative.

If your desired domain is not available in your desired extension or TLD, then don’t worry you ca add dashes or any one numeric digit or but always remember that not add any other special character.

These can created many problems for you in the future like in ranking, visitors don’t remember this and many others also. So always choosing the original domain without adding these characters if not available then choose this option.

#5 – Double Checking the Spelling

Now, you might be seem that this is a stupid thing which i added in this list, but it might be very useful. Because i’m also many time seeing that and even i’m also confused of registering the domain with an overexcited hammering of the keyword but the spelling was wrong.

And always remember that when you checkout once, registrar can’t refund you if you choose wrong spelled domain.

So always when you register your domain name, triple checking the spelling of your domain. So always check it twice or even thrice before finalizing.

#6 – Register Website Domain Name for 3-5 Years

It is very important if you start an online business and want to buy a domain name. Always choose a domain and register it at least 3-5 years.

This will also helps you to save some money, because when you register a domain for the first time, it takes low price, but remaining year same. If you register it for 5 years then you can save much money.

#7 – Setup Domain as non-www instead of www

It is very important now a days to setup your domain non-www instead of www. It also helps you in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view.

If you’ve a brand new domain, and watch different tutorials then they will tell you to setup the DNS as :

However, it is good but I’ll recommended you to start with setup up brand new domain as for the best long term run option is :

Most of mobile users and new internet users doesn’t include www and they are too lazy for typing such WWW. So always try to setting up your DND settings without www.

#8 – Whois Privacy Locks

Every time when you register your domain name for your business, you provided some details like your name, address ,phone, email etc. The registrar must be published in a publicily accessible database this is called Whois.

Due to your domain record is public for all to see out, but some domain registrar provide you the paid option to make your information private by lock your whois.
So I always recommended you to don’t public your domain records always lock it and for long run business.

#9 – Use HTTPs Certificate

As many times your see out of the most popular websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc, before domain name the green colored protocol “HTTP” appears, that helps you to lock down your information.

This can be done through your webhost or many times from your domain registrars. Always utilizes the benefits of HTTPs certificates. Also use SSL/TLS while you build a website for your newly business.

#10 – Protect your Privacy Information

When you purchasing the domain name you will be get the option of keeping all your information like your name, address, phone number, and many other information private.

For this purpose, they can charged you some extra cost, but this is awesome and good feature and you can hide all the necessary information from all internet all around the world.

And i’ll also recommended you to use this feature and get all the necessary information private.

So, what are you waiting for ? Go & Register Your Domain

When you have follow all these steps and essential things and finally picked your domain name ( which is fully available ), you will go to registrar, i’ll recommended you for domain registration go to ” 1and1.Com “ , which is the best registrar of getting your domain registration. I’ll also use this registrar for registering all my domains.

So these 10 tips you must know before domain registration. I hope you’ll understand all these important things. But if you’ve any question in your mind then don’t fear out.

Use below comment box and let me know what you’ve in your mind.

Please share if you found this article helpful . Thank You ! ! !

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10 Things You Must Know Before Domain Registration

Domain name is some kind of web address of your blog or website. It is also called the URL of your site. You must know some tips before domain registration. If you are thinking about to start a blog or website, then the first thing you will need to do is registering the domain name for your blog. Register Domain just 0.99$ (99 Cents) 16 Best Web Hosting Sites for Your Website  16 Helpful Tips

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