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How to Fix Super Mario Run Support Code Error 804-5100


Super Mario Run is an awesome game which recently launched for android platform. As it’s a legendary game, most of the people are excited to play this game on their android device. And many people installed Super Mario and started playing! But they started facing Super Mario Run ‘Support Code 804-5100’ Force Close error! This is just annoying and the game will automatically close after displaying the Nintendo Logo with this pop-up message “error has occurred (support code 804-5100). So we thought of sharing to Fix Super Mario Run Support Code Error 804-5100.

This force close errors apps occurs only on Rooted devices, not on the android device! Though many people started searching perfect solution for this issue! Don’t worry! We will fix Super Mario Run Support Code 804-5100 error on rooted and non-rooted devices. If you face this error, just check out the below steps to Fix Super Mario Run Force Close Error Support Code 804-5100.

Super Mario Run Support Code Error 804-5100


This guide post is only for those who face Code 804-5100 Error Mario Android. The method we shared below can also fix players can’t log on Nintendo Account Super Mario Game. To try this, you need Root Explorer and some tweaks changes you need to do! Just we need clean App data, that will fix this Force Close Run Support Code 804-5100 Error or just editing an XML file.

So without wasting anymore time, let’s get started!

How to Fix Super Mario Run ‘Support Code 804-5100’

For Rooted Users:

  • Open Root Explorer or any file manager.
  • Give Root access permission and go ahead.
  • Now just remove the Super Mario Run game from the background.
  • Jump to the following directory on your internal storage,
  • Now Delete the deviceAccount:.xml file and re-start the Super Mario game on your device.
  • That’s it!

For Non-Rooted Users:

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Super Mario Run > Storage.
  • Just tap on Clear Data.
  • Restart your game and enjoy!

Hope this method fixed super Mario Force close error both on a rooted device and non-rooted device. If you find this article helpful to Fix Super Mario Run Support Code Error 804-5100 Force close error. If you have any doubts, drop them below!

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  • gabipoiu

    this is just a temporary fix.
    error will show again.

    • Narada King


    • Yeah, its temporary! If we got permanent fix, then will share it here! Stay tuned!

  • Warren Perkins

    Still receiving the error and Nintendo is not helping!