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7 Apps that will help you to make money from home


“Freelancing”, a word that is trending on the internet as well as virtual world. The period between 2012 and 2017 witnessed a large use of this word for various case scenarios. many of you may have heard the word for the first time but this word is in the dictionary since you were born or even before. The reason you haven’t heard this word because you never needed to and the reason behind this is simple. Previously the freelancing was done on personal conversations over letters, or contracts but nowadays on the internet everywhere you will find the proper use of this word and that is because there is a tremendous rise in this word in this period. freelancing is just like part-time work where you are your own owner and you don’t owe your time to anyone except the fact that, your client has paid you to do his work in a stipulated time and apart from this you don’t owe anything to anyone. there are numerous job openings as a freelancer or in freelancing but then there are others who will also bid on the same project and thus there is a huge competition on the internet regarding freelancing. From Administrative jobs to content writing to website or software development everything can be categorized as freelance jobs. there are sites like upworks, freelancer and fiverr that offers a platform for you so that you can get a job security when working for a client. If you have enough time to do these kinds of stuff then it’s totally okay but if you cannot concentrate or give these jobs enough of your time then you should not go for it because then these works will generate very low revenue for you which will demotivate you over time. However if you are the type that’s been mentioned above then do not worry because there are other jobs as well that will suit you or in short, you can make decent money from them. here are some best apps that will help you to make money from home.

1.Baymack (Snuckls)


Snuckls which is currently known as Baymack is an app based on lottery-based income. When you log in to their app with credentials generally facebook, you get a set of youtube videos to watch. The maximum tickets you get is 50 per day. Every 5 videos you watch and answer a question related to the video correctly then you are entitled to get a ticket for a lottery draw till 10 tickets From 11 to 50th ticket you need to watch two videos and answer the question correctly.The lottery results are out by next day morning and thus you can pick 50 tickets everyday. Now, how does that let you make money? You may be thinking that there absolutely no chance with lotteries and that you have to try many times before you get a chance but with this app, there are sometimes assure prizes. 35000 winners get 0.01$, 5000 winners get 0.1$ and 1 winner gets 50$. The more entries you go for the more chances are there for winning. the app is available on google play store.



This app helps you to earn money on an average of $5 – $15 every month. when you download their app, they will show a series of ads on your phone. Now you can choose to ignore it or learn more about it by sliding left and right respectively. This app is available on Google play store and you can easily download it on your device.

3. iPoll

This is a survey type program for the iPhone or iOS users. When you install the app they will ask you some questions about you and after that, on the basis of your answers, they will send surveys to you. These surveys may take 15-20 minutes at max to complete for which you will earn. The rate they are offering is 1$ per survey and sometimes even 10$. Once you have earned 35$, you can ask for a payout.

4.Google opinion rewards

They also provide questionnaires or surveys based on your personality. They will ask you some questions at the beginning after which you will get questionnaires, where the pay rate will be up to 1$ of google play credit bu then that will vary on the type of questionnaires you are getting. You can expect an average of one or two surveys per week.

5. Swagbucks


This is a great app for you to earn during your free time. They will pay for completing surveys, searching the Web, watching videos, shopping in the app’s mall, referring your friends, completing special offers, voting in daily polls, entering fun contests, and finding swag codes via social media. You can get your payout through PayPal or Amazon cash. The app can be downloaded for Android or iOS users.

6. Pact

The pact is by far the greatest app for you to earn money because they pay you up for completing some health-related goals. They will provide you with tasks to complete in one week and if you can achieve that goal then they will pay you up with cash 30 cents to 5$ each week. However, there is a catch though, if you fail to complete the tasks then you will have to pay them.

7. App trailer

App trailer

There are two ways to earn money with this app. The app trailer lets you earn money by watching trailers of apps. These trailers are 30 seconds each and you can get points on that basis which varies as per videos. Once you reach up to 500 points, which is equal to 50 cents then only you can ask for a payout. The other way to earn money through this app is by uploading your videos and getting likes on your videos.


These apps are not the only way to earn money and there are other apps or ways to earn money as well. But these apps are by far the easiest ones to earn money from. So if you dont have anything to do right now, you can download these apps and earn a decent cash through it.


  1. Thanks a lot for the info. Have been searching for legit apps i can earn extra cash from. But i have found this! QHeard many positive things about slidejoy and ipoll but haven’t tried them yet. Guess after reading this I’m gonna try them out.
    Also wanted to try out Google opinion rewards but not really sure whether it pays cash or credit.

    I need cash! ?

  2. This post is really helpful for all. I used ipoll app. It is very easy & they pay best. I think google opinion rewards is too good. I will try out.
    Think you for this post.

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