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7 features of Android Oreo update you will love the most


Android is constantly evolving and every day a new feature is getting developed for Android. The most notable changes started to take place from Android KitKat and Android Lolipop versions. The Android Lolipop versions saw a new design along with battery consumption improvement. The next version of lollipop that is 5.1 witnessed the support of dual sim cards and HD calling.  From Android 6.0 i.e. Marshmallow the USB port was changed to type c, for which you got the benefit of turbocharging. There were also some notable features on Android 7 and its subsequent versions. The latest version that your Smartphone would be getting updated to is the Android 8.0 or Oreo.

Android Oreo was released to general public on August 21, 2017. This version of Android witnessed a great lot of changes. Here are the 7 of the notable features of Android Oreo Operating System

Changes in emojis

Google has not changed the Android emojis from back then. there were minor modifications though but these modifications were not, what everyone is looking for on an Android phone. In Android Oreo, google re-engineered the emojis and made them more fun. Now Android Emojis look more like cartoonish. they also fixed some of the emojis like the hamburger emoji by adding a cheese on the top of meat.

Picture in Picture

This is the feature what most of the people were waiting for. Every time you try to watch a video on youtube on your smartphone, there is a small thing you have always wanted to minimize the video and do other works on your smartphone but this feature was not available previously.This is not the only problem that you may face in an Android smartphone as there are other problems you may also face on an Android Smartphone.  Now you can do that after the picture in picture feature got added in oreo. his works like, whenever you are watching a video, you can click the option of the picture in picture and then press the home screen. This will result in a small window on your home screen where the video will be played. This is basically a multi-tasking feature where you can watch a video and work on your smartphone at the same time.

There is now a re-designed Settings menu

The Android Oreo update has surprised a lot of people with its cool updates and changing the old settings menu is one of the numerous surprises. The menus are more detailed than the previous categorized settings menu. The contents and icons are dark grey in colour while the background has a lighter shade of grey. the menu is more detailed, the battery percentage and storage percentage is shown. This settings menu is more like power saving.

Android Keyboard got smarter

The Android keyboard in oreo also known as oreo keyboard has 4 new themes which are basically high contrast themes. The keyboard looks more like a keyboard of a Laptop. The amazing thing about this keyboard is that there are gaps between every key which helps you to type correctly without using autocorrect.

Battery settings renewed

There is a more detailed and more pictured view of the battery status that you will find in the battery setting. Here you will get a glimpse of remaining battery percentage along with time left till battery power runs out. The battery settings cannot be viewed from the quick settings menu yet and that’s something many of us would love to see in the upcoming updates. You can switch between device usage and app usage for better assessment of power consumption by your mobile. The battery usage by screen time on feature has been split into sections. Now you can see which app is consuming power from screen time on. You can also check the full device usage from the battery settings menu on Android Oreo.

You can now change the icons shape

Previously you need to install a theme and an icon pack to change the app icons on the app tray but now you don’t need to install any such things when you have the oreo update. In Android oreo, you can customize icons shape for better usability. So if you want more of the background you can shape the icons accordingly and if you want all the background covered with app icons then that also can be done. You can choose from circle, square, rounded square, squircle, and cylinder. You can change the icon shape by simply going to home screen settings which you may find by pressing and holding the home screen button and then selecting the change icon module from the list. There you can choose from the list of shapes and make yourself comfortable with your favourite shape.

Autofill passwords in various apps

This might have made you happy whenever you tried to log on to an account of yours on any platform and browser settings helped you to autofill passwords and other information. This feature was only available on the laptop until the Oreo update. Now you can autofill passwords and other data on your oreo device without remembering the password. Thus this feature helps you to fill forms in a hassle-free manner. But then this feature is not available by default as you have to turn it on in the settings.


We use Smartphones daily but little we observe the small things that can be very crucial to us at times. We don’t go by the characteristics if it’s not too big but even a small change in appearance can attract us like the bees get attracted to honey. There are numerous small changes that have been done on Android Oreo but then these changes might not excite us that much. For one who checks out even the smallest of changes google does in Android, they are pretty happy with the updates. In future, we may expect a great update from Google but for now, these smaller updates need to be cherished first. Whats next after Android oreo is what people are setting their eyes on to.


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