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7 features of the Google Assistant Go


An assistant is a must for a person who is very much busy with day to day activities. Generally, we know that their assistants for VIP personnel but we often miscalculate the works done by an assistant. The work of an assistant is just assisting people with their daily activities. The main logic behind an assistant is that they are the ones who would look after the administrative activities which will help the person to focus on his work more strategically. A doctor needs assistants while operating on patients so that they can fully focus on the operation and not distracting himself while looking for a scalpel. Basically, an assistant can make our works easier.

Sometimes it’s not possible for us to look into so many details because there are lots of big tensions in the mind already and you might don’t want to waste your time in solving the smaller ones but the truth is we can solve all our problems if we can solve the small ones first. But it is what it is and thus there needs to be an assistant in our lives as well but then that assistant has to be affordable, remains with you 24 x 7 and knows about your work. The smartphone assistants are quite a match. there are Alexa and Siri like exceptional assistants for iPhone and Amazon. The android, however, got the Google go assistant. The Google Go assistant that was reincarnated in the google play store few days ago has the perfect features that you need in an assistant. The Google assistant is in the form of an android app which can be easily accessible from Google play store. let us take a look at 7 of its greatest features.

1. Unlocking your smartphone

Unlocking your smartphone

The Google assistant Go is a great assistant for your smartphone is because of the fact that you can unlock your device with the help of your voice. So if your both hands are busy then you can simply use your voice to unlock your device. You are most probably thinking that “if that is so then anybody can mimic my voice and hack into the system”. this does not work like that. The reason because of which, it only unlocks to your voice pattern is that in the beginning of the app you make the app habitual of your voice and hence it can only open on recognizing your voice. the feature is currently available on Pixel smartphone.

2. Day to day activities on your smartphone


Day to day activities on your smartphone

Sometimes using a smartphone can be so much fascinating that you may want to sit back and enjoy the silence.The Google assistant Go changes the approach you earlier had towards the smartphone. It can help you to open apps, search and play music and videos and much more. To open an app, all you have to simply do is just say “Ok Google” politely and then say “open xyz app and your desired app will get opened in a matter of seconds. It’s more easier than you think it is. Suppose you want a picture of birthday cake which you are going to send to your best friend in his/birthday, then all you have to do is say ok Google and say, “search for birthday cake pictures”. You will get birthday cake pictures before you can spell “Birthday”

3. Getting advice

Getting advice

The Google assistant Go can help you in deciding on which places to visit for drinking or eating.It can select places which are according to reviews and ratings. So, for instance you went out for shopping dresses in a festive season but you cant roam around so much plus you don’t know which shop will be great. The Google assistant Go will help you out in such cases easily.

4. Reading articles or news papers

Reading articles or news papers

Sometimes it can be irritating to eyes to look at the smartphone screen and read the articles or news because we are not habitual in that way. If this is the case the you can simply ask google assistant Go to read out the top headlines for you. In this way it just does not save your eyes but also save your time as you can do other things as well while getting update on the outside world. You can also make it read out your emails and unread messages.

5. Reminders and shopping lists

Reminders and shopping lists

It is not possible to remember every birthdays, notes, to do lists or shopping lists in this fast paced world. Even if you try to do then your head may explode and that is why by the grace of natural selection you only choose to remember the important ones only but that does not mean you should ignore the less important ones. Google assistant Go will help you to remind all.

6. Traffic information

Traffic information

Isn’t it better to get ahead of the traffic jam every time? so that you never miss your important things. Google Assistant go will help you to choose the route which will help you to reach your destination in very less time. It will regularly give update about the traffic and busy roads. It also continuously updates the estimated remaining time on going closer to your destination and it also gives you an image of the situation of a road which heavily affected by traffic. Thus on basis of that it will tell you how slow you will be reaching to your destination.

7.Controlling IoT devices

You might have heard this name a lot but don’t know much about it. IoT or Internet of things is nothing but a network of hardware devices which has embedded electronics, accurators, network connectivity and sensors that helps you exchange information between these devices. The list of things included under this list is many but Google assistant Go can control all these things as it supports the feature of controlling IoT devices. You can control smart bulbs and other smart home appliances with it.


Google assistant Go can be very pretty handy and useful app if you can use it in proper. It is also not clear as of now that if there are any types of major bugs in it or not. Until and unless it works fine for you, use it for your most of the day to day activities.


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