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How to buy an android Smartphone, the proper way in 2018?


The most exciting thing and a gruesome task are to buy a smartphone. The basic procedure that current generation follows is going to google, searching for your favorite smartphone only if you have a choice or else you search for latest smartphones. After that, you click on the first option that comes in the search list and you blindly follow whats written there and buy that smartphone. This is actually not the correct way to buy a smartphone. Before buying a smartphone you need to follow some specific rules so that you don’t regret later.

Points to note before buying a smartphone

There is one point to keep in mind before you read that tips given here are regarding Android OS based smartphone.

Adequate Knowledge

You have seen an ad of a smartphone and you liked it enough to buy that smartphone but you know little less about it. In another case scenario, your current smartphone got outdated or damaged and you need to buy a smartphone as soon as possible. In that case, you need to search for the smartphone of your choice on the internet and have adequate knowledge about the Smartphone.

Purpose for which you will buy one

As mentioned in the previous point that there are numerous case scenarios which will insist you to buy a smartphone. But if you are going to buy one then do take care of the purpose of your buy. If you are buying a smartphone for casual purposes then you need to check the simple things like camera quality, battery backup, dual SIM oriented, single SIM oriented and OS version. If you need better performance then go through the technical specs like RAM, phone storage capacity, Expandable storage, processor make and GPU. The processor makes and GPU should be given much attention because you may get a Smartphone with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory but then they will not work as per your expectation because of poor Processor and GPU. After an adequate research, it is found that a QUALCOMM Snapdragon processor of 800 series and Adreno GPU makes the perfect match and is the key for an Android Smartphone to run smoothly even in a harsh condition.

Go for unbiased information

There are lots of websites you may find on the internet nowadays where you will get enough information for a smartphone even if that phone got launched yesterday only. There are lots of sites that may give you information that you may not find even in the manufacturer site even. The truest of information you can get is from the manufacturer site only but they are not unbiased because obviously, they have to make the sell and for that reason, they have to make the picture look nice enough. The websites other than the manufacturer site will provide you information but chances are that they are not unbiased because they will just be providing information and they might not comment on the cons of the device or highlight them enough. So you may find very less unbiased information sites or even if you find any then there may be wrong information. In that case, you need to go through 5 or 6 information websites along with the manufacturer website and create an image of that smartphone from the combined information of all.

Check Forums for reviews

Like unbiased information, you need to get yourself unbiased reviews of that smartphone. Reviews are a must before buying anything. A review will be generated by a person only after he or she have used the smartphone but then again most of the reviews you read on the internet are paid and biased and hence you need to go through a decent number of reviews before coming to a conclusion about a product. If you are checking a video review then don’t forget to check the comments as well because the video may be paid but the comments on the review may be genuine. The best place to get an unbiased review is a forum and you will get the best solutions regarding your smartphone too.

Compare with different smartphones

Now that you have set your eye on a smartphone, its time for you to make the trade. But wait and think few more before buying or else you may end up regretting. It had happened in past with us, that we bought something from the market and our friend bought the same type of thing with much more features and with average price differences between the two. this situation may have happened with many of us and might have depressed us. Imagine, having the same thing happened to you after you bought the smartphone. The one way to overcome this situation is by comparing different smartphones in the same price range. When you compare different smartphones in the same price range, you may get better compatible features on one than the other and you will end up on a happy note after making the buy. There are lots of websites that provide you comparison among different smartphones. There are some websites that let you choose among different smartphone and make a comparison. In this way, you will get to know about the differences between other smartphones and the chosen one.

Buy that one which fulfills the main criteria

Nowadays a smartphone can be used in multiple ways and in that way these smartphones are categorized. There are camera smartphones, Gaming smartphones, business Smartphone and what not. A smartphone should be one that helps you to connect with every other person in the world and all other things are secondary. You can only click best pictures with a Camera because its sole proprietorship is to click best pictures. Likewise, a PlayStation or Xbox only can provide you the best gaming experience. Therefore focusing on the main criteria will help you to buy the best smartphone, every time you buy one.


The points made above are totally unbiased and you can rely on them to get the best smartphone. The reason is very simple, a smartphone will cost you around 10K INR at minimum if you want a better smartphone and every penny counts, so why settle for less and regret letter?