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How to connect Keyboard mouse and printer in your Smartphone?


It does not matter if you work in a corporate sector or not, every now and then there is an urgent need for the Computer peripherals A.K.A mouse, keyboards, and printers. Although there are numerous, these three peripherals comprise the primary ones. Nowadays, Smartphone technology has evolved. Previously we can think of using computer peripherals only on the computer but nowadays technology has evolved so far that you can connect the peripherals and thus use it in a Smartphone itself. You might be thinking probably that how can these peripherals be useful in a Smartphone which is so small and has already inbuilt keyboards and mouse (the touchscreen of course). The use of keyboard or mouse in an Android Smartphone can make your work easier. There are numerous applications where we may find an urgent need for a keyboard. Sometimes you may find it annoying to type in an android keyboard and hence an external keyboards must. Now you may want to know that what may be the use of a mouse on an Android smartphone. An external keyboard along with a mouse is considered a pair because when we use an external keyboard and want to move the cursor to something then we don’t go for the touch screen because we find comfort in a mouse rather than a touchscreen or any other devices. A printer is however very necessary when getting a hard copy of an important document of yours. Nowadays people generally download documents on the go i.e. on their smartphone and hence it will be a tedious task to send the file to a computer and then to a printer for printing. Although you can copy the desired document into your pendrive and print thereupon but then it will be time-consuming process. Let us take a look at how to connect these devices to your Android Smartphone.

Connecting your keyboard and mouse to your Smartphone


Generally, an external device such as a Keyboard or a mouse is either wireless or wired. And hence has a different set of installation settings.

Wired keyboard and mouse

A wired keyboard and mouse generally consist of a USB and thus you will need a USB port on the other side, where you will be inserting the USB into.

  • First, you need to check if your Smartphone is compatible with any type of OTG (On the Go) cable. If it is compatible then you can buy one for yourself. Before buying make sure to check the type of port your Smartphone has. For example, if you have a type C port on your Android device then you need to buy a type C OTG which will convert your type c port into the USB port.
  • If you are not sure about the compatibility, check the OTG in your device by inserting a pen drive and checking if the pen drive is getting read and displayed on your Android device or not.
  • Once you have inserted your keyboard properly then you will get a notification in the notification tray for selecting the layout of the keyboard and you are ready to go.
  • Connecting the mouse follows a similar process. However, to connect mouse and keyboard simultaneously on an Android Smartphone you will need an OTG hub, which you may find easily on the market.

Wireless Keyboard and mouse

A wireless keyboard and mouse can be connected easily to an Android smartphone.

  • Connect the Bluetooth device to your OTG port.
  • Activate the power of the external keyboard and connect it to the Bluetooth device provided with the Keyboard or mouse.
  • If your Android Device is comfortable with the wireless keyboard or the mouse then it will auto install and you can use the keyboard and mouse easily.

Connecting a printer to your Smartphone

The previous generation of computers was not so updated and thus can be operated only with drivers/ software intended for those printers. So if you want to connect your printer with the above steps then you may not succeed. However, follow the steps to successfully connect the previous generation of printers to your smartphone.

  • Firstly, you will be needing a hardware for your android device that will run the printer on your android device.
  • You can find the plugins for individual brands, from the google play store or you can also visit their customer support page as well.
  • Install the plugin on your device and connect the printer through OTG.
  • Next, you should find an option to print, in the document that you want to print from your Android device.
  • You can then print your desired document.

However, it is easier with the printer nowadays as you can connect your device to your printer through a wifi connection. But then you may need to install a plugin given by the seller of that printing device. You will find these plugins in the Google Play store itself but then every seller has their respective plugins and will not be supported by another brand.

  • The plugin you have installed earlier will work here as well.
  • Choose your file that you want to print.
  • Click on the options menu in the file and select print.
  • You can next select from a number of choices like saving as a pdf, or a device from where you want to print.
  • After selection, your document will successfully get printed.
  • Make sure your connections are proper and that you have enough pages to print your document into.


By the above processes you can not only just connect these devices but also the devices that are not listed here such as Cameras, gaming consoles, projectors and so on. These processes will not only make your work easier but save your time as well. With Android, there are lots of possibilities and each day the list is getting bigger. There are lots of hidden settings in your android device that you may not know but if you access every corner of your device, chances are that you may end up finding a hidden setting which may help others too.