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How to download latest movies on your Android Smartphone?


Every day numerous movies are getting released from around the Globe and you are always excited for your favorite movies to get released at your nearest cinema hall. Considering the fact that the movie you are going to watch maybe a super hit movie and which is why people book the tickets for the show few days prior to the show. Sometimes, there is so much hype related to the movies that you don’t get to watch the movies. Sometimes it may be that the movie that you are waiting to watch is not available in your area. The paid services like Netflix uploads the movies a few weeks after the actual release and thus you won’t be able to watch it there too. The one and only solution to this is that you try the apps and websites that let you download movies free of cost. They update their database with latest movies sometimes even on the day of actual release of a preferred movie. Here are few genuine websites that offer you free movies.


These are some of the websites from where you can download the movies from.

Free download Movies 2018


This is an excellent website for downloading and streaming latest movies online. Soon after the release of the film, you will get a cam version of the movie on their site and a few days later you might get the HD version of the movie. There are two different servers for each movie and you can watch the movies online using any of the servers. Once you start streaming the movie, you will get the option to download the movie.


This website features all the latest movies from Hollywood and Bollywood including the old ones as well. This website provides a genuine interface to the users so that people can download movies without any hassle. Their search bar is very effective as well.


Yesmovies.to is a similar website like the bmovies where the only difference is in the players where the movie is running. You can filter your results on the basis of genre, year, series or movie an so on. To download movies you need to play the movie and thereupon you can download it.


This is actually an online movie manager where you can share your movies online as well apart from browsing, searching, streaming and downloading your favorite movies. This website lets you upload, manage your movies and share with the others.


This is another online free movies portal which lets you watch and download all the latest movies along with other movies. They also provide latest episodes of your favorite TV series. In this website, you get to read articles about various movies as well and news related to them.

Android Apps for downloading free movies

Download Movies from Android apps for free 2018

These websites will help you to download free movies from.


This Android app is one of the most popular app for downloading not just only movies but videos too. Apart from downloading unlimited movies, you can also download your favorite videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and much more. his app lets you download videos in many formats and in High quality as well. With this website, you get updated about latest movies and TV shows as well. Not only this, you can download High quality music with this app too. The download size of the app is minimum and doesn’t takes much memory from your phone storage. The great thing about this app is that, it is totally free of cost.


Tubemate is another similar type of app like Vidmate which you can easily run on an android based operating system. This app lets you download movies and also lets you stream movies online. the downloading features of this app are great as you can download the videos on your desired format. Moreover, you can also download the videos as an audio file that is in .mp3 format. the specialty of this app is that you can paste any website url in the address bar attached to it and download the videos that appear on that web page. Unfortunately, this app is not available on Google play and thus you need to download the apk file manually and then install it.


This Android app is similar to previous apps but with extra added features. You can download videos and movies from top sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, and other popular websites. You can convert videos into mp3 file and download it as an audio file. The greatest feature of this app is that it allows you to do multitasking and thus you can download multiple videos at a time with this app. This app lets you download videos in HD, UHD and 2K formats as well. this app also has a built-in web browser which helps you to surf through the internet too along with downloading videos.


This Android app is a very simple tool to download movies and other videos from websites like YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion. Their catalog with 11 subcategories makes it easier for you to find the needle in the heap. You can browse videos that are top rated or viewed more and also provides daily recommendations. this app also replicates the feature of the YouTube and thus you can manage your YouTube page from this app also.

HD Movies Now

This Android app is available on Google Play store unlike the other apps and hence this app is easily accessible. The app like the other apps mentioned above, lets you download or stream movies and tv serials on the go. This app provides the TV schedule as well so that you don’t miss your favorite shows. The app has a pretty good rating on the Google Play store but then the ads displayed every now and then on the app may irritate you a little.


All the sites listed above are currently active and running, if you have any problem in accessing the sites then you can use a proxy or VPN.


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