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Five problems that you may face in an Android Smartphone


Its no doubt that Android is ruling the smartphone market. Android OS saw many changes and evolution over past few years but what seems so perfect is not actually perfect and has flaws. There are lots of Bugs on a Smartphone which we sometimes ignore and which, sometimes cost us a more. Sometimes we just use the smartphone without any maintenance and as a result, the device starts to hang frequently or show different problems. If those problems are left untouched can cause serious problems for you and your device in future as it may sometimes disrupt the circuit board that is on your smartphone. hanging on a cellphone is a common problem not only for smartphones but every other computing device. There are numerous other, such type of problems which people ignore in their busy lives. let us take a look at the five problems that you may face in your smartphone as well.

1. Freezing problem

Every now and then we may see our smartphone getting hanged or frozen when we are middle of something. This might have happened when we started to access most of the apps at the same time. But then the question is why didn’t it hanged when it was new? the answer to this is that once you start to use the smartphone, it starts to accumulate unwanted things which are not necessary to your device and thus generating pressure on the processor. Sometimes the processor build type is responsible for this problem too. There is not much you can do apart from selecting the best configuration but then you can prevent this problem from happening. Try to clean your smartphone daily with a cleaner and optimiser app. Try to switch it off before you go to bed and try to clear the cache every day by going to storage settings. You can also clear the background apps at the end of the day.

2. Icon disappearing problem

You may not have faced any such problem but you may face this problem in near future. Sometimes out of nowhere, you may face your icons getting disappeared from your app tray. This is not like hiding the apps but rather the icons are completely gone.  This happens mostly with the Facebook icon and restarting your device does not work. The possible cause for this can be the pressing of home button consecutively while you are in the app. In that case, you need to go to the play store again and again for opening the app. The real solution lies in the changing of the launcher. If you change your launcher from stock to one found in the google store, you can resolve this problem and will get back your lost icons.

3. Connecting to Personal Computer

Sometimes there is a gap in the software version of your computer and your smartphone and thus it may result in your smartphone, not getting discovered by your personal computer. In that case, you can just download a file transfer app that works through wifi but then it may take much time. There is, however, another option though and which is connecting your device to the wifi network in which your personal computer is connected to. This does not need any internet connection, all you have to do is go to your file browser and from options select the send files through wifi option. After setting up, you will get an address which you have to type in, in the file browser’s address bar of your personal computer which will show you the storage folder of your device on the PC.

4. Google Play errors

Every now and then you may find Google play errors like google play apps not working. Sometimes it may display the message as “your app has stopped working”. There are various reasons for that but the main reason might be the difference in yo vision and the updated version. We often ignore updates of the app and this may happen in case of Google play apps as well and thus this version gap may be causing the above problem. All you got to do is got google play store and upgrade the google play services.

5. Battery Draining problem

Battery drain problem is by far the most complained problem. It is totally irritating to see your battery draining profusely during the middle of an important work. The possible cause can be the apps that are working in the background, cached memory, flashlight active unknowingly and many more. But if you check the battery usage in your settings then you may find that maximum battery percentage has been consumed by the backlight of your screen. So to avoid battery draining you need to follow these rules

  • Turn off auto brightness and decrease your phone’s brightness to minimum.
  • Clear all the background apps that are left running.
  • Clear cached memory from the storage settings and if you can then go to boot menu and clear the cache memory from there too.
  • Just keep in mind of those apps that consumes more power and try to close the apps from task manager after use.


There will be always some flaws in any system whether you upgrade to the most stable version of the system even. So it is recommended to stay updated about the various problems. you can get a glimpse about some of the problems occuring your device from the android forums that exists on the net.


  1. google play errors, this i found daily when i get open any pre-installed app. but still thing why it is showing me while open map? really unable to understand.

    • The major cause of this problem is the version difference i.e. you might be using an outdated version please try to update Google play services first from the google play store. next check if your Google map version is updated or not. If it’s outdated, update it. It is highly likely that you may get rid of this problem.

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