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How Google Maps can ease your day to day work?


A long trip to an exotic place is the best type of refreshment anyone should get at particular intervals to maintain the status quo. But if you are going to an unknown destination then you should always be prepared for the bad things as well. The one thing that acts as a preventive measure, as well as a precautionary measure, is the Google maps. the reason behind the previous statement is because of the thing that, you can prevent the bad roads as well can get ways to your destination in case you are lost. Google maps are not only helpful in the road trips but they are pretty helpful in the Daily life as well. Here are some features of the Google Maps which helps you to ease your Day to Day works.

Google Maps are automatically evolving

Google Maps are constantly evolving that is whenever you turn on the location feature of your device, it keeps a track of your workplace and Home and distinguishes them. The Distinguishment is on the basis of the fact that you will be spending the day at your workplace while the night will be spent on your home. When this becomes the trend it automatically identifies your workplace and Home. The next time when you seek out for your workplace it will calculate and tell you the estimated time you will need to reach your office on the basis of your previous day stats.

Lets you know about the Traffic stats

From next time onwards you won’t have to get stuck in a traffic Jam because Google Maps will be there to the Rescue. You will get traffic Information like which lane has traffic Jam and which lane hs traffic flowing speed slower than usual. You can always prevent these Roads and can get back to your destination on time.

Find places that are new to you

If you are new to a place then Don’t worry because Google maps will save you from the hassle. The amazing thing about Google is that it is Run by the people who use it and thus a missing place is always reported by those users who are also known as the Guides. Thus, you will get the exact location of the place you are having trouble to find, as soon as you get the location of the place.

Share Your location

You can share your location with a friend of yours in case your friend is unable to find you. It will show your real-time location on the map and your friend will reach you immediately. Sometimes its safer to your share your location if you are going to place which is new to you so that in any worst-case scenario a person would be there to help you.

Search places nearby

This one feature is an amazing feature of the other features in the Google maps. Now you don’t need to ask someone for a Resturant, petrol pump or cafeteria because you will get all the info on your smartphone itself. Not only this, but you can even get information about the place you will be visiting in the form of Ratings and Reviews of the previous customers. These Reviews are totally genuine and you can know many things about the place that you are going to visit from the reviews. Furthermore, along with the reviews, you may get pictures of the place as well, which will help you to find and know the place more accurately.

Watch maps offline

It may be that you have gone to a place where there is no internet connectivity and you might be thinking that the Google Maps will not work anymore but the thing is it will. The Google Maps has a feature called the offline Maps which will help you to view the places you desire to see on the map, without any internet. But then you have to download the maps of the place offline on your smartphone. Furthermore, this feature does not take much space of your smartphone.

Efficient Navigation System

The Google Map has an efficient navigation system which is a voice-based Navigation system. It gives the accurate directions to you and also let you know about the Traffic ahead. This Navigation system also helps you to detect the dead ends or anomaly in the traffic. This Navigation system is very precise, and you can rely on it.

Satellite view for a much-specified look

The satellite view gives the much clearer look of the places. This feature helps to identify the places or roads that are difficult to find in the usual maps. You can alternatively use the Google earth app in order to get ease while using the satellite view. You can also get a 3D view as well with Google Earth.

Design a blueprint of your journey

You can design half of the journey using the Google maps only. You can set the starting point and the destination point and also set stops in between so that you can live your Journey or escape to nature, beautifully. Moreover, upon setting the destination of your journey you will also get stats like total kilometers you are going, and the estimated time you will take to complete the journey. In this way, you can manage your budget and timings easily. If you want to meet someone on the way to your destination, you can do so easily because you already know where you will be at a specific time.You can even create some custom options like drawing a radius on a map if you need more precise insights


Google Maps are very useful when it comes to finding the direction of a new place you wanted to go. Sometimes, you should also follow your instinct instead of completely relying on Google Maps because this is highly likely that you can go too wrong direction in case your device malfunctions. It is to now wait and watch if these errors and malfunctions get eliminated by the developers in the future days or not.