19 April 2016

How To Chrome Reader Mode Enable in Android Devices

Android is a mostly used device now a days and almost every one has been used android devices. There are many famous browsers in android devices for internet surfing but here we share a tips for Chrome browser of how you can easily enable Reader Mode.

Basically the browsing capabilities of android devices are much faster but the reading experiences are not good in some visiting websites always still remains an issue. Many times, when you visit any web page , you see that many heavily pages exists. These loading only by advertisements or some kind of scripts which is used by website web masters.

How To Reader Mode Enable in Chrome for Android Devices

Many web apps like Instapaper, Readability etc which provide you the way to let read articles from the web, and if you also want to read article at very moment in chrome ? Well, that's where the chrome tool called reader mode which is comes in handy.

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If you used android devices and used Microsoft Edge Browser, then you must be aware with the Reader mode, which is most better for reading images, and articles with most clean mode. Also, Chrome on android devices also have this options "Reader Mode" but it is disable, and you can enable it by manually. Below is the guide of how you enable it.

Guide of How You Enable Reader Mode in Chrome for Android

1 - First open your Chrome into your Android Smartphones or Tablets.

2 - In the search bar, type " chrome://flags" and enter the button.

3 - Chrome flags page will be open as below screenshot.

How To Reader Mode Enable in Chrome for Android Devices

Note Reading : "Chrome Flags basically are the set of experimental features and different options which is include in chrome by developers".

4 - Click on the right side upper corner three dotted button and a window will appear, simply click on "Finding Page" and find from this "Reader Mode".

5 - Now you will see the option of "Reader Mode Triggering" you can set to "Default".

How To Reader Mode Enable in Chrome for Android Devices

6 - Simply change the Default with the "Always" option and if you want to select "Appears to be an Article" then chrome will automatically detects articles. But we always recommended you to select the "Always" option. After this simply click on "Relaunch Now" button and save all these changes. 

How To Reader Mode Enable in Chrome for Android Devices

7 - Now relaunch your Chrome browser and check the result.

8 - One thing remaining, when you relaunch your Chrome, a button with "Make Page Mobile-Friendly" at the bottom, you can simply tap this and open pages in Reader Mode. 

How To Reader Mode Enable in Chrome for Android Devices

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Hope you will be understand this, and if you get any experience with this tell us in the comment section below. Now you can simply read your articles without any hesitation and distraction. Now simply enables your Android Devices Reader Mode and start reading articles without any problems. 

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