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How To Clean Touch Screen of Laptop or Tablet Devices


Almost everyone has a laptop or smartphones now a days, but many of them not know of about how to clean their screens smartly, because their screens are so sensitive , that’s why in this article , you learn how to clean your touch screen of your Tablet’s, Laptop’s or Mobile’s.

The first way which is not recommended but you can doing this process, for cleaning your phones simply use a bit of old tissue , with this tissue you are able to clean your screens. In all your tablets or laptops type gadgets, their screens are hard-wearing corning glass, so you can use anything for clean it, but remember that always use some proper equipment for this.

How To Clean Touch Screen of Laptop or Tablet Devices

Always Use Cloth Not Use Paper

Basically in firstly i’m saying that, smartphones or tablets screens are so sensitive, you if you don’t properly clean it then many problems are takes place. So to clean the screen of your tablets or Smartphones, always use a soft, lint-free cloth no use any kind of paper, or paper towels or any napkins. Because paper is made of shredded wood , so that’s why wood can be scratched on your tablets screens. So always use soft and a line-free cloth. These are some special kind of cloths which are available on markets, and you can be re-used many times.

Tips – If Food, Makeup or Ink Dropped

If any kind of inks or makeup or food, then not directly clean your gadget with anything. First of all turn off your device and if possible remove your battery, then use microfiber cloth with some water and gently wipe on the screen, if not remove then again revise this process slowly, in this way they removed. But if not removed then try to use water solution and mild-soap. When your device is completely dry – then put the battery back and turn on it.

Can Use Window Cleansers or Any Household Cleansers for Cleaning Screens?

Generally, many of you , use Windex , or some type of chemicals or any household cleansers for cleaning your tablet or smartphones screens, but this is not good for your device. iPhone screens are special coating material, if you use these chemicals for cleaning its screens, it can get wiped away.So go to market and find some spray which are specially created for this purposes.But they are simply ( Alcohol + Water ) and they tend to go some higher prices.

If my Device Wet – What Can I Do ?

If any time your Smartphones or tablets or laptops device get wet any how, fastly turn off it and removing it’s battery. Always dry it in the shadow not in the sun ( But You Can Use Sun Light for Drying it ) . You cannot use any dryer, oven or microwave for drying it. Basically some people do that but that’s not good to any direction.

But if anytime, you device get wet, then go to the markets, and buy some equipment which are specially designed by many companies for this purposes of drying your gadgets effectively. One famous suck kit is called “Clean Screen Magic Screen Cleaner Kit ” and you can easily buy it from the Amazon.com store. If you use any of these method or equipment’s , let us know how it worked out for you in the comments section below.