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22 Best iPhone Apps You Must Have in Your Apple Smartphone


In this age, almost everyone know about apps / applications. Apple’s App Store have a millions of apps now. For you it is not possible and not easy to choose which apps you think are worth for some of your time and attentions. However, Apple revealed many lists of top and best iOS apps that you should have on your any iPhone or any iPad.

image about best iphone apps for iphone lovers to install in their smartphones

“Must-Have” means that, there are many of apps you’ve probably already downloaded because you know that why these can be used and their benefits. “Must-Have” general meaning is that you know or not about it, these are compulsory and beneficial for you and your iPhone or iPad. Now here we’ll share a list of top 22 must have cool iPhone apps for your Smart Phone.

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List of 22 Top iPhone Apps ( Best iOS Apps )

#1 – 1Password


1password best iphone apps

1Password is a very powerful and populat iPhone app which is used for security reasons. According to the latest surverys, 1Password is the best apps for managing your web logins and all your personal information. This app can be able to supports on multiple platforms and it’s interface is user-friendly. Apple company also says about this app, that the 1Password is the powerful and useful tool kit for managing and seuring your personal accounts.

#2 – Parismatic


parismatic best iphone apps

Parismatic is the gallery for your all interests about anything. Simply install this app into your iPhone, and select your interest based topics, then Parismatic can automatically find and sort down all your interests based article on the popularity of the posts. You can also share these stories with others using social networking websites and comments on these posts.

#3 – Google Maps


GoogleMaps best iphone apps

Almost every one know about the Google Maps which provide you the facility of find any place in the world. In iPhone Maps are available , but if you want to fully deliver this service and get the advantages, then add Google Maps to your hit list. This is awesome and powerful features and Apple also recommended you to get this Google Maps App into your Phone.

#4 – Feedly


feedly best iphone apps

Feedly is the powerful and No.1 RSS news readers all around the world. If you don’t use Google Readers, then Feedly is the best option for you. You can also easily import your Google RSS news feeds into Feedly app and able to share your contents on the different social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

#5 – VSCO


VSCO best iphone apps

VSCO is one of the cool iOS Apps among the top and professional Instagram users. You can use this VSCO for taken photos form your iPhone which look most amazing and share on the internet, VSCO will provide help you. VSCO app includes many different image filters affects and also enable you for more editing capabilities than any Instagram app. This app provide you the free cloud-syncing and uploads facility. You can easily connect with your friends via using this VSCO iPhone App Grid Account.

#6 – Gmail


Gmail best iphone apps

Gmail is the standalone free iOS app which managing your all emails so much easier and faster way than the other pre-installed apps. It could become your main and primary app for managing your Gmail mails effectively. It’s fast, smooth and also supports many accounts .Gmail is the perfect choice for iPhone users.

#7 – Dashlane


Dashlane best iphone apps

Dashlane is designed for those users who loves to buying and shopping online.Dashlane is a must-have and essential app for you if you loves shopping online. It can automatically saves your online shoping records like payments info and all others, that you can lose many times into your other mail services accounts. Dashlane also allows you to keep tracking your online spendings and makes much easier for you to find out your receipts.

#8 – Venmo


Venmo best iphone apps

Venmo app basically designed for ecommerce transactions. It will act like a digital wallet for you which you can easily use for online commerce transactions. You’re able to easily pay out bills or your friends back for dinner. So enjoy this ecommerce iOS app.

#9 – Talk To


Talkto best iphone apps

TalkTo is designed for those who want to text messaging with others local business services especially in USA and Canada. Using TalkTo , you can able to send text message to millions of loca businesses in the USA countries. You’re also able to see the answers from other shopper’s, questions, and can ask your own questions.

#10 – Fooducate


fooducate best iphone apps

Fooducate generally designed in the category of health app. Whenever you going to the grocery store, you may be determine which is considered to be good for your health. Fooducate allows you to scan the barcode which is printed on items and view it’s grade. Basically grades provided to items on the basis of different ingredients, calories etc, which giving you a clean and clear picture of what you want actually buying. So this is the best health app for iOS phones.

#11 – Dark Sky


dark sky best iphone apps

Dark Sky is the best and well known weather forecasts app. You can install this app into your iPhone, and it will gives you the accurate data about weather conditions. You will get notifications warning , whenever it will going to rain or snow according to your locations. Darksky gets all reviews in positive mode from worldwide users and it provide you the powerful and user – friendly interface.

#12 – Dropbox


dropbox best iphone apps

Dropbox is a very well known cloud storage app for your iOS phones. There are a lot of cloud storage services introduced now a days, but Dropbox still the ranks No.1 among all of these. Dropbox allows you to save and view your all data and files on any device, including your Laptops, PC’s, Desktop’s, or Tablet, as internet facility will be compulsory. You can also use Google Drive which is the best alternative of this cloud service.

#13 – Vine


vine best iphone apps

Vine is a social media app for those who loves socialism and spending most of their time on different social media websites. You can use different app for different sites, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, but Vine provides the full entertainment which is everyone appreciate. This app fullu great experienced and inlcudes many features which allows you to find the best things for you in a very short time.

#14 – MyFitnessPal


myfitnesspal best iphone apps

MyFitnessPal is also a health related app which tells you how much your gain or burns calories in a single day. I don’t recommended you to use any exercise app, but MyFitnessPal is best to track out the calories gained and burned in a day. It provide you the full report about your fitness, your weight, and make you with good stamina. If you always wanted that, your iPhone will help you about your health ,then don’t avoid this awesome app.

#15 – Spotify


spotify best iphone apps

SPotify is the best and popular well known music cool iPhone app in the market. I’m not sure you now about it or not. Spotify delivers the best and powerful services overall. Spotify offers a millions of songs and biggest friend network, it also boasts your most seamless experience .This is a free app, but if you want to access your playlists, then you must have a premium version .

#16 – Camera+


camera+ best iphone apps

Camera+ as it’s name clear that it is app about photos or multimedia services. There are thousands of camera options which you pick from App Store, but Camera+ is one of the best and powerful featured platforms. One of it’s best and awesome features is a stabilizer that waits until your phone is still before it takes the photo.

#17 – Sunrise Calendar


sunrise calendar best iphone apps

Sunrise Calendar is my favorite calendar app. Some of my favorite features are available in it. Like full ability to see the faces and profiles of people whose you want to meeting with using the best business app LinkedIn. The full weather forecast based according to your locations.

#18 – Jet


jet best iphone apps

Jet is also a ecommerce app which is designed for Amazone stores. According to the world top and best tech experts, Jet will compete with Amazon. This app offers easy re-orders, free shipping and returns.

#19 – MSQRD


22 Best iPhone Apps You Must Have

Masquerade’s is a cool iOS app among the top and popular Apple’s Store App. This will help you to make your pictures more animated using different filters over your face .MSQRD offers different filters . This app also supports video recording and still-life photographs, so using this app you can easily share them on social networking sites.

#20 – Revel


Revel 22 Best iPhone Apps You Must Have

Revel is a famous iOS game app. It have many features like real-time, multiplayer, photo scavenger et. Revel an easily combines games elements of scavenger and bingo where you hunt for and photograph people and diffeent objects.

#21 – Cut Me In


Cut Me In 22 Best iPhone Apps You Must Have

Cut Me In is a user – friendly easy to use app that allows you to crop yourself from your original picture and then add this croping photo into funny or unique backgrounds. This is generally a photo editing iPhone app.

#22 – 4 Snaps


4 Snaps 22 Best iPhone Apps You Must Have

4 Snaps was created by 16 year old boy, Michael Sayman. 4 Snaps is a social picture sharing and photo snapping and guessing game. In this game, you can pick a word and take four photos that fully represented your chosen word. Then it’s again turn to your friends mode to guess the word based on your selected photos. So this is amazing iOS game app.

#23. TuTu Helper

TuTu App is one of the popular application available for iOS platform which helps you download and use premium apps for free. Yeah, Paid apps for free of cost! With the TuTu App you can download any paid apps, games and more from the Apple store. TuTu Helper offers the users to hacked Pokemon GO application without paying any bucks. Rather than sharing how its work, its better to check on your own! The only difference is, TuTu App comes with Chinese language and TuTu Helper in English language.

This is the list of 22 Top iPhone apps which you must have into your phone for more digitalization. These applications are smart and awesome and more powerful than any others. This list of cool iPhone apps can be collected after much surveys and collecting information’s on different sources and then compile this list. If you know about any other or you’ve experience with any of them then tell your experience in the comment box.