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3 Tech Tips Help You Prepare to Ace the LSAT

LSAT 3 Tech Tips Help You Prepare to Ace the LSAT

Are you preparing to take the LSAT? Did you know that technology can help you prepare for the test? Before you take the LSAT, there are some tech tips to help you ace the test.

1.  Technology and the LSAT

The LSAT, Law School Admissions Test, is a half-day standardized test that is administered six times a year. The LSAT is required for admission into law school, and the test is explicitly designed to assess key skills needed for success in law school, which includes reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning.

Would-be law school students need to be organized when it comes to this test. If you are planning to enter law school in September, you need to complete the test almost a year in advance in December. Luckily, there are mobile apps that will help you manage your time leading up to the test.

You should sign up for Google alerts on your mobile device, laptop, or tablet. It is important to stay up to date if there are changes to the exam, news about the LSAT, or other pertinent information. Use organizational apps on your mobile device to help you stay on track for the exam. These apps are a great way to create a timeline of when the test is, how often you need to study, so you stay on track.

Rocketbook 3 Tech Tips Help You Prepare to Ace the LSAT

2.  Technology Can Help Your Study

Technology offers solutions to help you ace this test. Tech has democratized information. Back in the 90s, students had to buy practice books or find them at the library. Today, there are plenty of study guides and practice tests available online. There are also blogs about people’s experiences taking the test, so you know what to expect.

You can find LSAT questions on websites and mobile apps to help you study for the LSAT. You will want to find apps that will help you master grammar and logic. Grammar is the language of law, and the LSATs will use it to try to confuse you intentionally. The LSAT tests your ability to analyze and decipher complicated sentences. Once you understand what the questions and answers say, you will need logic to understand how things play out. Concepts like validity, conditional statements, and premises.

If you need to study while on campus, before or after work, or somewhere outside of your home, then you should look into investing in a smart backpack. The backpack allows you to recharge devices, carry your books, and keep your tech running. This backpack will come in handy if you are on-campus and need to study after class. Some features to look for before purchasing one include does it have both an internal and external USB, a lost and found tracker, an anti-shock system, built-in batteries, and is it water and dirt resistant.

3.  How Technology Can Help You Prepare

With everything available online, you can sign up for a study group that meets online through a conference calling system or take an online prep. Joining a study group or taking an online prep course will help you practice for the LSAT. You want to take as many prep tests as possible. Make sure to do real practice tests that are timed to give you an idea of what test day will be like.

The LSAT takes a lot of time to prepare for, so it is important that you make a study schedule. You can use a mobile app to help you set up a schedule, set reminders on your mobile device, or use the calendar on your phone so your study schedule is readily available.

If you find that you love the old school notebook and pen process but hate not having access to your notes, consider investing in a Rocketbook. It allows you to write in a special notebook with Pilot FriXion pens. You can then beam the notes up to the cloud with the Rocketbook App. Also, the pens are erasable, and so is the notebook. So, once the pages are filled up, microwave the notebook and start over. This is an excellent investment for when you are preparing for the LSAT and will be beneficial once you start law school.

When you are preparing for the LSAT, it is important that you don’t burn out while studying.

Tools like a Roost laptop stand can help you maintain proper posture while studying. The laptop stand will save your back, shoulders, and neck from being hunched over your screen. The laptop stand is adjustable and lightweight, easy to transport as well as being durable. Since it holds most laptops and rubber grips secure your laptop, you can use it throughout law school.

Final Thoughts

These three tech tips will help you study and prepare to take the LSAT. You want to make sure you ace the LSAT before you head off to law school.