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4 Best SEO Tools That Help Me To Drive Higher Quality Traffic


The list of 22 Best SEO Tools is published, here is 4 best tools from them. When anyone start blogging and create their own blog, then they always want to get the high quality traffic. Without traffic blogging is nothing.In this post, i will share my favorite and most amazing top tools for driving high and quality based traffic to your blog. There are many techniques and methods are used to drive more and more traffic into your blog. When it comes t o selling some kinds of products and delivering some online services – then the QUALITY of your traffic is more important than your quantity or your services.

best seo tools that help you to drive more high quality traffic

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Remember That : “Quality Traffic” does not mean that get huge traffic into your site. It talking about the following things :

1 – Get High Quality Buyers – who gives you something before leaving your site.

2 – Match Traffic with Your Demographic ( Target Audience )

3 – Can this traffic reach my goals ( Cost Per Action – Buying Something Through Your Links )

Note : If i get 50+ comments on this post, then i’ll share my own strategy with you to drive more and more traffic to your blog or website.

Top 4 Web Tools of Getting High Quality Traffic


1 – Google Analytics Tool

4 Best Tools That Help Me To Drive Higher Quality Traffic

My first tool of getting quality traffic is Google Analytics Tool. Google analytics is the first tool which is absolutely crucial in driving huge traffic . Tracking your audience is the major task, but almost many of people does not track their traffic and see results. Google Analytics is a tool which provide you the facility of tracking your traffic demographically and also tells you which top tools and sources are the best for you to drive more and more traffic and lets telling you and segment your data so that you can fin more high quality traffic. In the whole era of internet marketing , it is the best , awesome and free online tool which is very essential to you to getting your goals ( Conversions) .
Google Analytics Tool

2 – ClickTale Tool


4 Best Tools That Help Me To Drive Higher Quality Traffic

This is another awesome tool to optimize your websites and blogs. It give you in depth knowledge information about visitors of how they behave when they come to your website. It offering actual and previous recorded sessions of how visitors are interacted with your site contents. You can easily scrolling your site via Clicktale and moving with their mouse, and make some good business decisions related to your own behavior. This is massive and interesting tool and i’m highly recommended you. ClickTale Tool

3 – Quantcast


4 Best Tools That Help Me To Drive Higher Quality Traffic

Quantcast, is a market research tool which is highly recommended to you by almost every online marketer. After tracking your results, you will doing some proper market research to get your main goal. If you not know about your traffic or target customers, then you don’t attract high quality traffic. And low quality traffic to your site does not convert any time into actions. Quantcast tool provide you a profile of your site, if you want to get a feel of what audience would you want to get attract. It can tells you what demographic usually visits whenever your website which want to advertise on. For more about this tool and want to get some research about markets then visit : Quantcast !

4 – Google Webmaster Tools

get high quality traffic from best seo tools the google analytics tools


Almost if you are a blogger or webmaster, or manage any online property, then will know about Google Webmaster Tools. It is basically Google tool for webmasters which gives you an in-depth and all the prior knowledge of how your website is functioning in the search engines. According to Google Search Engine, it tell you how much your page-load time, which is the biggest ranking factor in search engines. It also show you the errors which are occurs in anywhere into your site or blogs. It also tells you your total impressions, click through rate CTR and searchable keywords into your site in the search engines. It is the pretty essential tool for determines how much your SEO efforts work and are going on. You can use it for as internet marketing tool to get your goal. For more visit :
Google Webmaster Tool