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5 Benefits of “Social Media Marketing” Every Business Should Know

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know

Social Media is the everyday talk of the marketers who continuously seek for ways of social advertising to optimize their online presence and boost their sales.

And why not, ‘Socialism’ is in the air as a major proportion of the population (almost 2/3rd) use Facebook and Youtube and young adults especially, are heavy users of Snapchat and Instagram.

A Global Digital Report 2018 speaks:

  • The 2018 count of global internet users exceeds 4 billion (4.021 billion), and up 7% year by year.
  • Social media users worldwide (2018) accounts for 3.196 billion, rising by 13% year on year.
  • Mobile phone users exceeded the race by possessing 5.135 billion users count, up 4% year on year.

Don’t you agree that masses today keep their smartphones and e-devices as near as an arm’s distance to be active socially 24/7?

Putting a great influence on the majority, Americans now prefer to use social media channels to grab news where the newspaper takes a back seat.  

Owing to such amazing facts and great benefits of Social Media Marketing, business owners industry-wide can look upon a Social Media Training to discover new techniques that can contribute to their success and help them grow their online empire.

Now take a look below at the benefits of being ‘Social’ that exponentially adds on to your Internet Marketing.

Top 5 Benefits To Reap From Social Media Advertising

#1 Increased Brand Awareness and Effective Brand Recognition

Without any traces of doubt, social media platforms act as the natural space to outreach new and the pre-defined audience.

The kind of recognition a marketer wants for his brand, admiringly, social media advertising allows you to possess the same by implementing a target-oriented social media strategy.

Such a strategy helps you engage with a wide bracket of audience covering potential customers as the social media channels you are active on, becomes your brand’s voice and content.

When you get masses talking about your services or products on social networks, you ultimately build brand awareness and credibility. But how to obtain such happy consumers?

Simply, by giving them a word of mouth and delivering what has been promised. Do you know, 20 to 50 percent of a user’s purchasing decisions are solely influenced by this primary factor. So don’t delay and set yourself up for more sales.  

Social Media Marketing

#2 Better Connect and Engagement with the Audience

Unlike the traditional marketing ways, social media allows you to directly interact with the targeted audience and fans and likewise, give them the opportunity to revert via the same channel.

This two-way mode of communication helps a brand to publically showcase its features and enrich their relationship by making a strong long-lasting bond.

The connect that you will make not only requires engagement from users and followers; but also from your end, where you need to be active and responsive over the comments and feedback on your social posts and services.

The connection made isn’t enough for your success. You can further improve the customer insights via social media management to keep a close eye on what the public thinks of you and what are they saying about you.

#3 More Opportunities and Higher Conversions

How to grab opportunities from the available social networks? This is what every business owner wants to know even if he is applying the best practices.

The information or any content posted on social media channels bring along huge and hefty chances for customers to convert. You build a ‘Following’, and in parallel, you get access to the new users, old customers, and the recent ones as well.

“Jayson DoMors well said, Opportunity is the key element of any action of business.”

Whatever you share, gives an opportunity to the person in the forefront to react and you never know, when a positive reaction could lead to a site visit and eventually be a conversion after all.

Yes, there is a 50-50 probability, however the likelihood of conversion increases which is a big plus.

Additionally, social media is a place where businesses can act like individuals do, as people online love to do business with other people, instead of businesses.

This accounts for you to be more humanized and improve the conversion rates where remarkable statistics of social media followers tend to show trust and credibility in your brand with social proof.

Social media is a considerable medium to generate conversation, improve audience engagement, and valuable interactions that ensure a high rise in conversions.”

#4 More Inbound Traffic & Improved Ranking in SERPs

Don’t you want your business to reach beyond your usual customers and enhance your inbound traffic exponentially?

Of course yes!

Social media marketing enables you to acquire customers outside the loyal customer circle which you possess. The social web pages of your website act as those significant pieces of information that your business offers, thus attracting the new consumers.

“An online Business’s Social Media Page is a Gateway to its website that pulls the attention of different types of people from a single place, thereby driving huge organic traffic.”

There is a simple hierarchy followed to get high SERP ranking.

You have a website, it showcases valuable and relevant content (social pages, videos, blogs, quality content, etc).

If it possesses social presence and drastically pulls traffic, certainly this behavior is analyzed by Google crawlers which compels them to put you on their Page 1.

This proves that social advertising isn’t a luxury; nevertheless, it’s a necessity of today.

#5 Retains Business’s Budget and Customer satisfaction

Social media campaigning is the most cost-efficient part of any digital marketing strategy where you can sign up and create a free social profile on any social platforms.

And even if paid promotions come in your mind, those are also relatively affordable in comparison with others in line.

For internet marketers, the marketing type is highly fruitful as it ensures high revenue gains and ROI which retains budget and business expenses, enabling you to reap the expected benefits.

Not only this, advertising socially helps to achieve better customer satisfaction by giving a platform to your customers to voice their opinion.

By making an effective and personal engagement with the customers, you understand them gaining close insights that further ensures better customer experiences that lastly translate into customer satisfaction.

“Customer interactions if done well on social pages tend to highlight your compassion for your consumers that helps exceed customer satisfaction.”

Last Words

It would not be wrong if we say that social media is that best friend of marketing that makes promotions alive, interesting and engaging.

Overall, one can see a bright future of his online business by incorporating social selling and strategic marketing tips to accelerate sales and financial profits, thereby paying much more than other advertising methods.


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