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5 High Tech Trends That Change the World Right Now

5 High Tech Trends That Change the World Right Now

Things considered to be science fiction some years ago become the reality of nowadays. It seems like magic when we bear witness to the birth of technologies we could only read about in books or see in movies.  Androids, self-driving cars, brain-controlled devices, and many more incredible inventions are about to put down roots in our world and change the way we live forever. Let’s take a closer look at the most impact among them.

1.    Blockchain

You definitely heard about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, unless you’ve lived somewhere in the most inhospitable place without any internet connection. Blockchain transforms business processes at all stages from seed funding to sales & marketing. It became easier to start your own business, since you can request an online donation for your enterprise through ICOs and put all your data on blockchain to simplify accounting issues by providing certainty over transaction history.

Blockchain also deals well with preventing fraud, reinforcing cybersecurity, eliminating inefficiencies, and making your business overall more cost-effective. This could be achieved as blockchain technology allows things to be done autonomously without involving any intermediary and secures all records through cryptography.

High Tech Trends That Change the World Right Now

2.    Self-Driving Cars

Traffic jams, reckless drivers, and the abundance of traffic rules make driving not as exciting as it’s depicted in Hollywood movies. Real roads in real big cities almost deny the opportunity to have your fast ride leaving all concerns behind. The driver has to be extremely careful to avoid accidents and often doesn’t stand a chance to enjoy the trip.

Self-driving cars are aimed at solving this issue once and forever. They claimed to be way safer than regular cars due to the elimination of the human factor. Most of the US states allow testing of self-driving cars on public roads, so driverless taxi services are about to emerge. One of the pioneers in this field is Waymo that is going to launch world’s first taxi service with only self-driving cars in Phoenix, Arizona.

3.    Vertical Farming

Ecologists sound the alarm: soils across the planet lose their fertility due to their extensive exploitation by farming organizations. Agricultural lands comprise about 11% of the globes’ land surface and contribute to deforestation, climate change, and wasteful consumption of water.

Vertical farming was invented to minimize the harmful effect of the traditional agricultural means to our environment. The technology reduces agricultural land use, as the plantation area widens in height instead of width. Moreover, it saves up to 95% of water, limits CO2 and harvests regardless of climate and weather condition.

4.    Quantum Computing

The “quantum” characteristic is associated with something freakishly amazing, being popularized by Stephen Hawking’s theories that unleash the essence I mysterious black holes and are largely based on quantum mechanics. Quantum computing is equally amazing as it destroys the limits of computing we encountered in the era of big data.

Quantum computers use quantum bits instead of regular bits. These are analogs of subatomic particles but in the digital world, extra small pieces of information that can exist in more than one state at a time. Therefore, the computer designed to process quantum bits works million times faster and can store enormous amounts of data, what’s especially relevant for today.

5.    Brain-Controlled Devices

Brain-controlled devices go beyond another episode of Black Mirror TV series and will be knocking on your door in 2019. Just take a look at Emotiv EPOC headset which picks up on your brain waves and transmits them to the computer. Thus, you can literally determine your actions in a, let’s say, VR video game by nothing but your thoughts, no controller is needed.

To sum up, the time we define as “future” is closer than we think. High technology evolves at the fastest pace ever, and every year we can observe the emergence of new impressive things that change our lives again and again. Who knows, probably the next decade we will be able to travel to Mars or master telepathy. Let’s see.


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