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How To Share Your Wired Internet Connection ( 6 Sharing Methods )


Today’s age is the tech age and every new day many new technologies are discovered. Most of the public places are offers many new and powerful modern tech facilities like WiFi Connections. But, there are also many places where Wired Ethernet Connection are available like offices, hotels etc. If you want to connect with this Ethernet wired connections to make it WiFi or using cable, here is the complete guide for you where i discussed of how you can connect your devices with wired Ethernet connections.

How To Share Your Wired Internet Connection ( 6 Sharing Methods )
You can convert your wired Ethernet into WiFi connection and connect your all devices and enjoy the facility of internet. Here are (six) 6 powerful and cool Internet Connection Sharing methods which you can easily use and make a WiFi Connection with your wired Ethernet connection. 

6 Cool Internet Connection Sharing Methods With Other Devices

#1 – Use WiFi Router / Modem

The simplest and the easy way to connect with wired Ethernet connection is the WiFi Router. If you’ve old one or you can buy easily from the markets at very low price and use at as a host WiFi Connection with wired network and connect all your devices like Laptop, Tablets, Smartphones etc. It is very handy and you can get it into your bag and go with them at anywhere .
Share Ethernet connection using WiFi router or modem with other devices
Simply connect the Router to the electrical switch and connect your Ethernet cable with it Or WAN to the available free internet connection . Simply on the router and connect your devices through WiFi connection. If you want to set this modem first, then SSID and pass-phrase will be the same whenever you connect with them with different spot or different location.

#2 – Use WiFi Hotspot Via Connectify

Connectify Hotspot is a great and powerful software / app which you can use for create and managing WiFi connections . You can easily create a hotspot WiFi network from any wired Ethernet or other WiFi network .
Connectify best ethernet sharing application
If you are using a Laptop’s or even a Desktop’s computers which have a WiFi Adapter to connect with the internet, you can easily setup a WiFi hotspot connection on your system and connect all your devices like Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets etc with this connection.

Connectify application is also a very useful app if you’re at the hotel room that charges per device, or even if you are going anywhere via Plane, where only one device connect and you don’t want to pay to connect your other device, then this is the best app for you. So easily use this application called Connectify with free version and if you want get all the features then pay some bugs and buy it’s Pro Version.

#3 – Create a WiFi Hotspot In Windows

The best method which i personally use for many times is to create a WiFi Hotspot Connection. This option almost are available in all the devices who supports WiFi facility. It will act as the local WiFi Connection host . For creating a Wireless hotspot connection, there are many different methods for many different devices.

If you’re use a Microsoft Window 7 , then it is more easy to create this wireless connection. Also if you’re use Window 8 or Window 8.1 or Window 10 then you’ll simply create this connection by using Command Prompt. Because many features are not seen in the graphically, they are hidden , so using Command Prompt, you are able to see them and enable or disable them.When you create using Windows, be sure that you’ll also check the allow other network users to connect through this free internet connections, because if you can’t do that, you’re not be able to connect with this WiFi network.

#4 – Create WiFi Hotspot In MAC

If you’re use MAC , you can simply choose Menu, then go to the option System Preferences, and then click on the Sharing link. From this list, simply select the Internet Sharing link,and set that share this network from Ethernet.

MAC internet sharing connection hotspot for other devices
Now enable the WiFi Sharing Option, click on WiFi Option, and provide your Password and Username. Also activate the “Internet Sharing “ option. Now in this way you’ll be able to create hotspot WiFi network.

#5 – Create WiFi Hotspot In Linux

Linux internet sharing connection hot spot for other devices

If you’re use Linux operating system, then you can also easily create this connection by using Graphical interface. On Linux, simply go to the Network Manager option, and then share a Internet Connection via the Wireless hotspot. There are almost all Linux Desktops allows you to create a WiFi hotspot wireless connection.

#6 – Connect Ethernet With Your Laptop

USB port for connect ethrnet cable with laptop
There are many devices are available in the market now a days which allows you to connect your Laptop’s with the wired Ethernet connection and then create hotspot WiFi and connect all other devices. There are many devices are available , one of them is the “USB Ethernet Adapter” which allow you to connect your Ethernet cable via USB post to connect with your Wired network. You can buy it from the market or same like that other products. Almost all modern Laptop provide this facility means post which is called Ethernet Port.

These all Sharing Internet methods are works, but some devices may not supports these methods. So using these methods you can easily use for share a wired Ethernet Internet Connection with all your devices. Simply use of them and connect all your devices like Laptop’s, Smartphones,Smartwatch’s,  Tablet’s etc using this network. If you know any other then tell us in the comment section below this post.