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6 Most Incredible Trends In Mobile Apps Development

6 Most Incredible Trends In Mobile Apps Development

Being popular for a while doesn’t mean that it suppose to be like this further. The progress and growth of mobile app trends look impressive, we succeed to see such unexpected releases. Or expected? As there were predictions concerning some of the mobile app trends for this year, some specialists are bold to do this prediction for the next one. Several years ago such things as open libraries with data or multi functional kind of development were something above and beyond to dream about, and we have all these in free access. You can have a peek at this site to ensure one of such a platform as Ionic.

What had popularity previously going to lose it, while some mobile app trends just are growing in strength? Having an app for entrepreneurs means to increase revenue and becomes a good thing for investors. But the development of a really good application is a crucial point, as Forbes mentions that a common mobile user interacts with a total of 30 apps per month! Here we gathered X most incredible trends in mobile app development to increase your chances of outlining your app.

Popularity of Mobile Apps

Mobile app development companies were one of those who put this industry in a really advantageous position. To begin with possibilities and opportunities you can make an app for your business alone or apply to those who are involved professionally in the development in a case if mobile app development cost is acceptable for you, which is quite various. Options mobile or web app lose its relevance with people using their mobile phones every other minute, so developers realize what a customer needs more.

What a customer does expect from a mobile app? Anything that he doesn’t want to spend time on or buy special equipment for it. An app instead of remote, an app instead of a notebook, an app for notifying, waking up, calculating, measuring, an app, which in other words will improve their lives.

1. Augmented reality.

Augmented reality mobile apps

When we have little televisions on our wrists and can receive/get information just in several seconds it cannot be surprising that our reality can be augmented with the help of technologies. We understood this when Apple released its new ARKit platform to show us all the power of new camera on iPhone 8/X. It was really entertaining to see how one of the workers played a game moving around a scene.

Development of such realities is quite expensive, but as far people enjoy entertainment and new technologies as long mobile apps with AR will be in demand. This technology has a space to be improved, because for now is pretty slow, but here is a potential for growth. Also, with the help of AR you can enhance and improve the user experience for your app.

2. Internet of things

Evidently, two or three years ago internet of things wasn’t such popular as it is now. A home was protected by a lock or/and alarm system, and cooker could be turned on just with pressing some buttons, which included a man personally. Times are changing and habits as well. The real estate sector has expanded its attitude to house building and make smart buildings, smart parking lots altogether with smart schools. For now, we can turn on our implements being at work thanks to IoT. There are a lot of apps yet, but this technology has no boundaries and limitation, and it’s promised to be even more accessible not only for the financially reliable target audience but for any citizen who has a mobile and an app store.

3. Blockchain adoption

Security is often a top priority starting from such basic functionality as access to manage user access rights and ending with blockchain technology implementation. The blockchain itself is a revolutionary technology in the IT market that will help make your applications more modern and, importantly, as safe as possible, and therefore not only competitive but also able to outperform the competition.

Blockchain apps are primarily related to financing, social interactions, storage of personal data, the healthcare industry and business. Of course, mobile blockchain applications will be very relevant in business. These can be transactions directly related to money, document flow, contracts. Business really appreciates security and blockchain can be a worthy decision.

4. Artificial intelligence

Recently, Google and Microsoft have added neural networks to their applications for translation. And Spotify is challenging Apple Music, stating that it uses AI to formulate recommendations and lists of user preferences.

Artificial intelligence integration in mobile devices is still associated with the inclusion of personal assistants: artificial intelligence studies our habits within various applications, revealing preferences. Thanks to AI solutions, application developers and marketers are now closer to understanding user behavior through the study of actions, preferences, purchases, etc.

5. Android Instant Apps

Android Instant mobile Apps

The technology works simply: native applications are divided into small blocks that can load very quickly after clicking on the desired URL. Thus, users get access to the necessary information and basic functions without having to go to Google Play and install the application. It is expected that instant applications will run at the speed of an easy web page, with all the advantages of a native application.

6. Mobile Payments

IT-technologies are actively penetrating the financial sector, making financial transactions faster and more comfortable. From the latest innovations – the emergence of contactless payment services Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Why is this convenient? All cards are in one application, no need to disclose card number, wallet application works without the Internet.

Bottom line

Mobile app development tends to become even more personalized and user-centric. The use of intelligent platforms ensures that the user can enjoy an individual experience tailored specifically for him. The emergence of sophisticated, yet easy-to-use applications will make life even easier and more convenient.

People are increasingly ordering food and cleaning services through mobile applications, and learn important information for themselves. Accordingly, companies take into account such user interest. Increasing the number of different applications is likely to mean a new round of competition among developers. Users have plenty to choose from – so fighting for their attention will not be so easy. At the same time, an understanding of these trends will provide modern companies with more opportunities to analyze the effectiveness of their business strategies in this direction.


  1. that is actually very true, life is becoming so technologically developed that we rely on it in basically everything, as a matter of fact we all use our phone at least 2 or 3 hours a day which is pretty long.
    but those app developments are becoming more relevant and easy to use for any user which i personally like

  2. A very interesting read, personally mobile payments and mobile money transfer is the trend that has the hugest impact in my life and i hope we can achieve more development and innovation in that particular sector to make it better, faster and easier to use.

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