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7 tools that should be in every tradesman’s box

7 tools that should be in every tradesmans box

Are you newly qualified and looking to invest in the right tools for the first time? Or is it time to upgrade the items you bought years ago for more advanced alternatives? Whatever the reason, there are certain tools that are an absolute must-have for every tradesman. Here, we take a look at the seven essentials you should invest in.

  1. Power drill

A power drill is a handy tool for various jobs. Most come with a replaceable drill bit so you can choose the right bit for the task at hand – typically either to create holes or turn screws. Companies like SGS Engineering sell a wide range of high-quality drills that are both great quality and value for money.

  • Hammer

A hammer will always come in handy, whether you’re doing some light demolition work, dragging or driving nails or building an object or framework. If you’re looking for a hammer that can help with a range of jobs, a claw hammer is a great option as it offers both the hammer and V-claw functions.

  • Spanner

Do you work with nuts and bolts? Then a range of spanners is essential. Used for grip to turn or secure fasteners, they usually have a shaped opening or jaws and come in a range of shapes and sizes. It’s likely you’ll need to purchase a set so you can get to work no matter how little or large the task.

  • Screwdriver

The clue is in the name: a screwdriver is used to either screw or unscrew screws and can be either manual or powered. Which you’ll need will depend on the type of work you’re carrying out: if you’re building a complex piece of furniture for example you’ll benefit from the time-saving nature of a powered screwdriver, whereas those doing small tasks may not need that amount of power.

  • Torch

A torch is a useful tool, particularly if you’re doing a job on a new-build construction site where there’s no power, or if you’re working in small, confined spaces. There are different types to consider according to your needs: a simple head torch may suffice tight places, while a floor site light may be better for dark rooms.

  • Tape measure

No matter what trade you work in, it’s likely you’ll need to measure up spaces or materials to complete your jobs accurately. It’s worth investing in a tape measure that’s spring loaded with a slide grasp so it will stay put while you measure up.

  • PPE

One of the most crucial things to invest in is good quality PPE so you’re safe on the job. At a minimum, goggles, gloves and ear protection should be in your toolbox, as well as masks and/or face shields. Depending on the work you do, it may also be worth getting safety boots overalls and helmets.