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9 Awesome Tricks to Lower Your Electric Bill

9 Awesome Tricks to Lower Your Electric Bill

Everybody hates high electric bills and they are a pain to your pocket. What makes it harder is sacrificing the lifestyle you got used to. There’s no need to upgrade all your appliances to green-powered ones. You just have to adjust with the way you operate your lighting and appliances. The time has come to say goodbye to your high-energy consumption. With these 9 awesome tricks, you will get the best value for your money lowering your electric bill.

Natural Ventilation 9 Awesome Tricks to Lower Your Electric Bill

Maximize Natural Ventilation

We all need a bit of fresh air every now and then. Maximizing natural ventilation is a way of utilizing your windows. Keep it open during the cool hours of the day instead of using air-conditioning the whole day. Instead of air-conditioning, you can also use ceiling fans to keep the areas of the house cool and well-ventilated. You can keep the doors to your patio open in the morning and in the afternoon. It does not just allow air to circulate, it also builds a fresh ambiance to start your day.

led lighting 9 Awesome Tricks to Lower Your Electric Bill

Switch to LED lights

LED lights are the result of technological advancement. It gives you the right vibrancy and color like traditional lighting without compromising energy consumption. LED light fixtures will be your best buddies in lighting. They produce 95% light and 5% heat. These lights produce direct lighting that will not require you to put up numerous lights. It will lower your energy consumption and electric costs. These lights’ durability is undeniable with its 10 to 15 years lifespan.

Unlike traditional lighting, these LED lights ensure that energy consumption is maximized. The lesser number of lights used, the lesser the energy consumed. The lighting design of your house will not be compromised since it comes in different types to choose from.

There’s no energy wasted with LED lights. Their direct lighting feature emits light in all directions achieving your desired lighting design. With LED lights, you save up to 90% of the energy consumed compared to traditional lighting.

Air-dry Your Clothes 9 Awesome Tricks to Lower Your Electric Bill

Air-dry Your Clothes

Instead of using the electric dryer to dry your clothes, why not just air-dry them? Hang them in your backyard and allow the heat of the sun to dry it without consuming electricity. This is also perfect for your white clothes because it brightens the color more. While different colored ones are best hung on shaded areas to prevent the color from fading.

What we loved the most about air-dried clothes, the texture feels like the fabric was already ironed. You get to lessen the chores you have to do for the day.

Lower Air-conditioning Consumption

If you are fond of cooler temperature, air-conditioning is a solution for tropical countries. Lower your air-conditioning consumption by maintaining 22-degree Celcius standard temperature. You can also consider using it for a limited time. Create a schedule of the number of hours you want it open.

Besides, some parts of the day have cooler temperatures like at night and in the morning. Instead of using the AC the whole day, you can limit it to 12 hours. This is a big saving for your electric bill.

Ambient Lighting 9 Awesome Tricks to Lower Your Electric Bill

Utilize Ambient Lighting

Maximize the use of doors and windows by utilizing ambient lighting. Some will say opening their windows will increase their indoor temperature. You can maximize the use of ambient lighting by putting up light-colored curtains to your windows. This will allow the light to reflect without affecting the temperature indoors.

They are best done from morning until noon because the sun is just about to rise. Moreover, they create a warm cozy ambiance for you and your guests to enjoy.

Maintain the Health Condition of Air Filters

Keep your HVAC system running at its best health condition. Poorly maintained filters have the ability to consume more energy because it blocks the passage of the AC. They are usually filled with dust making the air conditioning to demand more energy. It is highly suggested to change or clean your filters every month to promote energy efficiency. To give you a heads-up, you can note it in your calendar to remind you every month.

Program Your Thermostat

We’re not at home at all times. Especially when we’re at work, you can just turn it off. Cooling an empty house is a waste of money and energy. You wouldn’t want to consume energy without actually using it. What we suggest, if your thermostat is programmable, you can turn it on the private spaces even when you’re away. This is a small step yet it can lower your electric consumption a lot.

Consider Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are best for lighting usage. Let’s face it, some of us always forget to turn off the lights before they leave the room or house. This may seem like a small gesture yet it has a big impact on your electric consumption. They are effective especially in the bedrooms because you hardly see if you were able to turn off the lights. Unlike in common areas like the living area, dining area, and kitchen, you can easily see if the lights are left on.

Use Energy Only When Needed

The main trick in conserving energy is to use it only when needed. Most of us have the knowledge that when an appliance is turned off, They no longer consume energy. They still do up until they’re plugged off. When you are not using the appliances, always remember to plug them off. This is suggested if you’re not at home most of the time. Don’t pay for the energy you didn’t get to consume.


Lowering your electric bill can be painful especially if you’re a high consumer. But these 9 steps will help you adjust your lifestyle in accordance to your electric consumption. We wouldn’t want to waste energy we didn’t get to use. It’s time to say goodbye to your high electric bill. Lower the demand of energy to lower your electric consumption.


  1. I think the main trick to lower the electricity bill it’s that we should take much more care of our planet, that is, always put out the bulbs when we do not need them, do not let the lighted on the TV, and so on.

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