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9 Biggest Blogging Mistakes That Kill Your Blogs

If you want to know have any blogger yet who never committed any mistake in their whole blogging career journey?

I’m honestly say that , there is NO – Anyone – Anywhere .

But the question is that why no one?
Because blogging is a professional job like business, and there is no one in this world who is perfect at all, and we are always commits some mistakes in our daily life. We are lived in this world where every things become perfect with learning from our past mistakes. If you are fully commits many mistakes into your life, then you get learn the more from them.

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8 Biggest Blogging Mistakes That Kill Your Blogs

We are all committed many mistakes in our blogging career and that is the main reason, only we can know how to fix these mistakes effectively and easily.

Yes, almost every newbies or even professional blogger has made many mistakes in their blogging journey, and if they can makes such type of mistakes then why can’t we?

So today, i decide to discuss about these some silly and biggest mistakes that almost all newbies can encounter to their blogging career.These mistakes can trouble you a lot even if you are working 24/7 on your site or blog.

So let’s see these some problems and mistakes which are harm your blogging journey and know how to fix these mistakes effectively and easily.

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Top 9 Silly & Biggest Blogging Mistakes That Spoil your Blog

Mistake #1 : Not Understand About Your Target Audience

Blogging is not about like a writing job. It is a professional if you get this properly. The biggest mistake which blogger comits is to not understanding about their target audience. I’m also many times see many blogs where bloggers clearly understanding their niche, but they always fail to connect their audience with their posts or articles.

Bloggers must be understanding the problem facing their audience and also learn what the topic your audience want and already knows about the topics. Your articles including wronjg information or exclude the right information, always make them too complex and the result you can loss your traffic anf audience. So always learn about your niche and find your targeted audience then write the topic related posts and find what your audience want.

Mistake #2 : Not a Strong Niche / Topic

Blog topic or niche is the theme of your blog. I’m not saying that adopt the famous and most traffic niche, but i’m saying that always choose the niche about your interest and also which is the strong on the online world. The biggest mistake of bloggers make is trying to be all things for everybody.

Means every newbie want to start blog about technology, blogging, apps, android, software, games etc. This is the wrong choice and you cannot get succeed in this type of idea. Always choose one topic and then work on it this can make you more professional and make you successful into your niche. 

Mistake #3 : Lazy in Work

This is also the very big problem for many bloggers. When anyone start blogging, they can write and research more and more but with the passage of time, they become lazy in their work, because setup a blog , making viewerships, developing audience will atlest 6 months, so newbie don’t want to wait for as long time, so they become lazy and at the end they quit blogging .

Truly speaking, i’m also very lazy to update my own blog on a regular basis. I am too lazy to write a great post ideas that i also find anywhere online or even offiline. I don’t want to work hard more to achieve success. But remember that, without hard work, you cannot get success in any field in your life. Because there is no substitute to hard work.

So avoid laziness and become a productive person and blogger. Consentrate on your work and complete in time. Laziness may dispoil your blogging career and also destroy your online empire /business. Always keep your mind fresh and healthy and focus on your work attentively.

Mistake #4 : Trying to Please Everyone

This is the biggest factor about your failure. Because if you try to please everyone your blog will be fail. In blogging, there can never be a one-fits-all strategy.If you try to please everyone in a single blog and want to write and making tips for all who want then success chances is low and your blog will be destroyed.

Bill Cosby Says That :

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

In general, you can’t be able to satisfy everyone and also can’t be able to solve everyone problems. All different people have their own need and unique thinking, so don’t try to please everyone , just make prefect in one thing and polish your this skill everyday.

Mistake #5 : Never Replying Audience Comments

This is the top mistake which is done by many people. I’m also in past, never responded to readers comments on my blog. I became a little arrogant with my blog it can make good and growing in a faster manner.

But today, i feel very bad for my this biggest mistake, because it affected me negatively more deeply and my blog get many unlike responded from my readers. I’m also lost my readers trust in me and my blog .

I don’t know that time, replying comments is as much necessary and important to building a relationship with your audience and make your regular readership. So don’t be silly, always reply to your lovely blog comments and make more engaged with your audience that make your audience build every day and your blog reputation will increase. Always try to response to your readers. It can built a trust with your readers.

Mistake #6 : Inconsistency in Maintaining Posts

The single and the big mistake with bloggers is that they cannot become a consistent with their blogs, both in quality and quantity. These are the two part of success often work as oppsing forces.

Many bloggers can make a blogs published some article and then forget their blogs. This is a very bad idea and this will destroy your blog and your readers simultaneously. You daily readers want to read something new into your blog everyday. And if you not maintain it properly, then you can lost many of your daily readership with this silly mistake.

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This mistake affects you, your blog, your traffic, and also the biggest factor is that your ranking and your revenues.

So always try to maintain your post in a consistent manner and frequently. At least , one blog post in a week or even in a month to keep engage with your readers. If you don’t manage this task, then you can lose your valuable traffic. Consistency is important for your online business, and that’s why all famous and popular bloggers keep updating their blogs and websites on regularly.

Mistake #7 : Without Proper Knowledge of SEO

Blogging without SEO is something like that, Man without heart. Marketing your blog is the key factor to become popular and make your blog ranking high. SEO is the best technique to improve your blog ranking. When i started blogging, i’m not know What is SEO ? , and why it is important in blogging journey.

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Without proper optimizing your blog posts, you can not get your targeted traffic and also you don’t get high ranking in search engines without optimizing your contents.

So if you want to become a blogger means professional blogger and starting your blog, then first learn about SEO. Focus on this topic and learn as much as you can then start blogging. Don’t worry it is not so difficult to learn, you can just learn basic elements about SEO and then you improve with your daily based ideas about this marketing technique.

Mistake #8 : Focus on Quantity Instead of Quality

My personal idea is that many blogger focus on quantity of the post not quality, and according to my mind , this is the biggest mistake of failure in blogging. “Contents is the King” this phrase is the heart of blogging. Write contents according to your post idea and don’t write more and more simply for creating big article, just focus on quality of the post, and then published it.

Without quality into your contents, you can never get huge traffic and not ranked in search engines. But always try to write a good, and in depth post, this can take a very long time and propoer research but, makes sure that it can include some quality not even quantity. Try to write according to point and get rid of that’s type of mistake.

Mistake #9 : You Don’t Show Your Personality

I’m see many bloggers who did not show their personality on their blogs. I’m honestly says that, there are hundreds or even thousands of blogger write same thing that i can, but what is the different between we are. Personality is only the main factor which make you different from these people.
But i see many blogger who don’t show their personality on the internet.

They just do that thing which is done by every one. This is the biggest blogging mistake. People want to see something unique and something different from others. So in this way, they can trust to you and your blog, because they think you work hard to maintain your blog. 

You personality, your voice, your writing style, your experience make you and your contents unique from others. Your daily readers always come back to you, because they don’t want to read some more tips, they know who you are. So always show your own personality.