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50+ Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2016


Here is the complete list of alternatives to Google AdSense For Monetizing your Blogs which every blogger want for make money from their blogs. Many bloggers don’t like to work with google, because their policies are very strict, so that’s why they want to other alternatives to adsense.

Every blogger know about the world biggest , popular and powerful PPC ( Pay Per Click ) ads network called Google Adsense. If you’re a new in blogging, then you always want to get the publisher account of adsense as soon as possible. Due to the strict policies of Google AdSense, many newbies account not approved and if approved then most of their account will be disabled. So that’s why many newbie leave blogging, because they know that , if AdSense not approved then how they make money with their blogs.

50+ Smart Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog in 2016

There are many reasons why to look the alternatives to adsense. If you work with google ad network, you may see that their policies and conditions are so difficult, and many time they don’t approve publisher accounts, and if approved, then many times disable it. Perhaps you’re looking for many other different ways to make money online with their blogs.

These AdSense alternatives are not better and good than Google Ad Network, but as a newbie, it is good for you if you try other networks first and then go for AdSense. Here you look some alternatives to google adsense , of why you use these alternatives.

Some Reasons to Look AdSense Alternatives

There are many reasons for looking other ads networks for making money from their blogs. But here we’ll share some common reasons of why you look some other alternatives to google adsense ad network .

#1 – Many newbie always try to get approved their publisher accounts, but all hopes in vain, because google policies are so strict.

#2 – AdSense rejects many blogs due to poor quality contents.

#3 – In the past, approval was easy but now a days site approval to Google AdSense too difficult and not easy.

#4 – Many times you can see the the phrase “AdSense Banned Me ! Why ? “ .

#5 – If any invalid or accidentally clicks on your site, you could be banned for life.

#6 – Many bloggers and site owners say that Google AdSense rules are too strict.

#7 – Google Ads does not be perfect with many of your site designs and layout.

List of High Paying Alternatives To Google AdSense

  1. Infolinks
  2. BuySellAds
  3. Yahoo/Bing Network ( Media.Net )
  4. Chitika
  5. PropellerAds
  6. VigLink
  7. RevenueHits
  8. Adversal
  9. Qadabra
  10. Skimlinks
  11. Prosperent
  12. Adsterra
  13. Clicksor
  14. Bidvertiser
  15. Intellilinks
  16. PopAds
  17. PopMyAds
  18. Vibrant Media
  19. OiO Publisher
  20. Meridian 
  21. Amazon Affiliates
  22. SuperLinks
  23. Sovrn (Formaly Called Lijit )
  24. Yllix
  25. Sell Direct Ads
  26. BeaconAds
  27. BlogAds
  28. Double Click Ads
  29. MatomySEO
  30. LinksWorth
  31. Text Link Broker
  32. Adbeans
  33. TNX.Net
  34. Sponsored Reviews
  35. PayU2Blog
  36. Blog Vertise
  37. Infinity Ads
  38. CPMoz
  39. Gum Gum
  40. Technorati Media
  41. Yes Advertising
  42. Rhythm One
  43. Vibrant Media
  44. Gorilla Nation
  45. Taboola
  46. Post Joint
  47. Content Ad
  48. Content BLVD
  49. Written
  50. BlogHer
  51. Foodi Blog Roll AdNetwork

Final Words About AdSense Alternatives

So this is the list of top high paying and best google adsense alternatives in 2016 . We manage this list after researching a lot on the internet. Many professional web masters reviews about these sites, so hopefully these all are the trusted and high paying sites. You can easily analyzed all the ads networks which we’re mentioned above, and tell us in the comment box which are the best work for you and your blog / site. I’m also tried to add more and more ads networks to provide every newbie and professionals to make more money from their blog not only AdSense but also using these ads networks. 
Now Let’s us know which is your favorite AdSense Alternative in the Comment Box & make this list more Useful ! ! !