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Is Astra Theme and Elementor a Good Combo for Your WordPress Website

astra elementor Is Astra Theme and Elementor a Good Combo for Your WordPress Website

Are you struggling with finding a decent blog theme that does just what you want it to do? It’s quite understandable since there are so many options out there to choose from.

But instead of wasting time trying to figure out which theme is the perfect match for your website, why not simply use a flexible lightweight theme and an addon plugin that allows you to do exactly what you want? Yes, you read that correct – all of this without having to write a single line of code!

The Astra Elementor combination can help you build a website in almost no time. In this article, you will learn exactly how you can use both of these tools to create an amazing blog in well under an hour.

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templates https://wpastra.com/build-blog-with-elementor/

How Does Astra Work With Elementor to Build WordPress Websites?

One of the best things about Astra theme is its compatibility with the Elementor plugin for WordPress. If you are designing new pages using Elementor, the Astra theme can automatically select the ‘Full Width’ layout and ignore the Page Title and Sidebar. This way, users can start creating their pages right away without having to make changes to the default settings.

Do you want to create a website from scratch? It requires no skills and can be achieved using the Astra theme (free), Elementor (free and Pro version, depending on your requirements). To guide you through the process of combining these two addons, we have put together a tutorial for you.

How Can Astra Elementor Help You Build Your WordPress Website?

Here’s how you use Astra and Elementor together to build a good-looking and fully-customizable website:

Astra theme – You can use this theme along with its free Starter Sites plugin as an addon. It can act as a flexible and customizable foundation for your website and lets you easily import the right templates to quickly customize your website.

If you’re not quite sure about the capabilities of Astra, you can check out this full review by BeeWits of the Astra theme here.

Elementor – It’s a free page builder that helps you design and even customize your website using code-free drag-and-drop page editing.

full width Is Astra Theme and Elementor a Good Combo for Your WordPress Website

What Makes the Astra Theme the Best Combo to go with the Elementor Plugin?

If you were to ask an experienced web developer, Astra and Elementor could be a match made in heaven! The developers of Astra have paid special attention so that the theme goes well with the Elementor plugin.

1.      Astra is Fully Compatible with the Elementor Pro 2.0 Plugin

Astra is one of those few popular WordPress themes that are fully compatible with the Elementor 2.0 Theme Builder. If you choose to go with the Astra theme along with the Elementor Pro 2.0 Theme Builder, chances are you will get to design your website with complete control over various design options.

no sidebar Is Astra Theme and Elementor a Good Combo for Your WordPress Website

2.      Perfect Layout (Full-width/Stretched)

If you have used Astra before, you already know it offers a Stretched/Full-Width Layout that goes well with Elementor plugin. In fact, when you select this layout, Elementor provides you the complete control.

3.      Disable Title / Sidebar / Featured Image

Are you planning to build a customized landing page? Feel free to disable the header and footer of Astra theme and let the Elementor plugin take full control of the web page!

4.      Fix Default Global Options that Come With the Elementor Plugin

For someone who’s planning to build a website using Elementor, Astra’s global options do give you a lot of convenience when it comes to setting the right layout, sidebar and various other settings that go well with Elementor.

5.      Lightweight and Free of “Bloatware”

Astra theme takes care of the global colors, typography, styling and even integrations with other third-party plugins including Elementor to let them take care of the page-building part. At the same time, it doesn’t come with a bunch of modules that aren’t useful for a typical website, while excluding the not-so-useful options and making it free of bloatware that only makes your website slow to load.

Final Thoughts

If you ever need more functionality, both Elementor and Astra have pro versions that not only offer extra functionality but also work well together. Astra Elementor combo offers you more control and flexibility when trying to build your blog or website from scratch. Of course, in terms of page builders, you always have other options such as Beaver Buillder, for which you can find a comparison with Elementor on the collectiveray website.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this combination on your test website and see if you love it like the rest of web developers.For more advice and tips, don’t forget to check out this space for future updates.


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