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Baby humidifiers and child friendly humidifiers

Baby humidifiers and child friendly humidifiers

Babies are generally vulnerable to colds and respiratory conditions. Just a mere change in climate can make them extremely susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections. Parents may become overwhelmed with anxiety and worrisome when they find their baby in respiratory distress and difficulty in breathing.

Baby humidifiers are an answer to solve breathing difficulty in babies caused by congestion due to colds and other respiratory tract infections. Parents can be assured that with baby humidifiers around it could provide great relief to their baby with breathing difficulty. Baby will feel comfortably better when a baby humidifier works to humidify the air to breath inside the room. With moist air to breathe the mucus inside the nose becomes more liquid making it easier for the baby to breathe by relieving stuffiness.

Baby humidifiers are available in cool and warm mist forms and both are equally effective in humidifying the air. However, experts recommend the use of a cool mist baby humidifier to deviate from burn incidents to occur as would in warm mist humidifiers that release warm steam or spilled hot water on its use. With cool mist baby humidifier however it can become ground for breeding of molds and bacteria due to the fact that boiled water is not used. It is important therefore to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the maintenance and cleaning procedures needed for the cool mist baby humidifier to safeguard your baby’s health.

Parents should also be aware of the kind of water they use with their baby humidifier. Mineral waters must be avoided because the humidifier machine has the ability to disperse minerals into the air which can cause white dust build up inside the room. This is an excellent breeding ground for microorganisms. This in turn will create unhealthy environment for your baby and the baby humidifier can cause potential risk to your baby’s health. Distilled water is best recommended for the safety water usage in baby humidifiers.

Regular cleaning of the baby humidifier is required to prevent build up of germs inside the machine. With babies allergic to dust mites, precaution on baby humidifier use should be observed since it is capable of dispersing dust mite and molds inside the house, threatening babies to possibly inhale these particles. Baby humidifier placement in the room should be about at least 3 feet away from the baby’s crib. Make sure that the distance of the baby humidifier from the baby’s crib is safe beyond the baby’s reach.

Baby humidifier is a good source of providing greater comfort to babies who are under congestive conditions. With proper usage and handling, baby humidifier works effectively for giving your baby the comfort you always want to give and providing them a healthy environment to stay.

Child Friendly Crane Humidifier Designs

At first glance, a Crane humidifier can be mistaken for a toy. This is because one of the main and attractive features of a Crane humidifier is a toy designed humidifier unit that promotes a child friendly environment. The different Crane humidifier models come from variations of animal designs. These designs are cuddly, cute and with adorable colors that suit a child’s environment. With these strategic designs, kids feel better secured in an enjoyable manner with a Crane humidifier around. It is an inviting sight and an added attraction in providing better comfort in children.

The Crane humidifier 1 gallon ultrasonic package in a frog design has an easy to fill tank, whisper quiet operation, auto off functionality once the water tank is empty and with a variable humid regulator. It supports easy breath that provides refreshing relief especially in clogged nose and congestive conditions. It has lower power consumption and can provide up to 2.1 gallon of moisture in 24 hours. It is suitable for rooms with an area of 500 square feet and below.

The Crane humidifier 1 gallon ultrasonic model comes in an elephant design. It provides easy breathing with a removable water tank for easy filling. It also comes with a humidity output regulator. The tank capacity is 1 gallon/3.78 liters that uses an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier unit. It can run up to 11 hours after tank filling. It is suitable for room with size of 500 square meter/46 m2.

The Crane humidifier 1 gallon in penguin design is only available online and not in the any stores. This whisper-quiet feature of this humidifier will not cause sleep disturbance among children. It has a 1 gallon capacity tank that has an output of 2.2 gal. for 1 day. The same features are shared with the Crane Panda 1-Gallon Humidifier. Both can moisturize the air with room of about 500 sq. ft.

The Crane ultrasonic nursery humidifier has an easy to carry and removable water tank that supplies service duration of up to 11 hours. It is also effective in increasing the room’s comfortable air supply of 500 sq. ft.

The Crane Adorable Cat Humidifier makes cold symptoms more bearable. It has the capacity to soothe colds, dry and itchy skins including chapped lips. It can provide 11 hours of running time with a 1 gallon water tank capacity. Other Crane humidifiers are also available in dogs, panda, cows and pig designs.

The Crane humidifiers are well suitable in a child’s room to provide more comfort and cooler feelings. With its child friendly designs, it does consume less energy which makes it highly economical to use. It also has its safety feature of automatic shut off when the water tank is empty and comes in variable animal designs that kids will sure to love.


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