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Bellboy Smart Wireless Headphones Review: “Gives Premium Comfort”

Bellboy Headphones Techora Review

Here we got the awesome looking Bellboy Smart Wireless Headphones Review and if you are looking for the best budget wireless headphones, this unit will be the one for you!

As the smartphones have reached every pocket, people came closer to the music. It became easier to listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere. People always want a better experience. Especially music lovers want to get a special feel while listening to their favorite track. The headphone comes for your help when you want an amazing experience of being alone on this planet and feel closer to your soul.

Why use Headphones?

  • To concentrate on the song, ignoring the noise in surroundings
  • To increase your productivity by creating your kind of environment with your favorite track
  • Headphones have better frequency range than earphones
  • Ear-friendly – No harm

Nowadays headphones have reached every life and that is why many companies are producing this gadget. So, it becomes hard to select a perfect headphone which fulfills all your requirements. So, here I have come up with the detailed review of the Bellboy headphone to make your choice easier.

Glimpse of Bellboy

They aim for great product quality with amazing design and that also at affordable price. The reason why Bellboy was designed is to provide people the easy experience of riding a bike, making a cup of coffee and playing with your children without any strings binding you. It’s all about providing hands-free experience to their users. We already reviewed the Bellboy Earphones which is the first from the company Bellboy and today we got the hands-on review of BellBoy Bluetooth Headphones.

Bellboy Smart Wireless Headphones Review: "Gives Premium Comfort"

So, what you will get with the package? It Includes,

  • BellBoy Smart Wireless Headphones
  • USB charging cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Instructions manual

Here we go with the features of this amazing Bellboy headphone with its specifications, features, colors, availability, and pricing!

Features of BELLBOY Smart Wireless Headphones


Bellboy Headphones Style Comfort
Bellboy Headphones

You don’t need to fit a cable connecting your device and the Bellboy headphone in order to listen to your favorite music you can connect it to any device having Bluetooth service without any wired connection. So, you don’t need to manage those complicated wires while enjoying your track. Just move around and complete your stuff, while listening to the music without bounded by wire’s network.

If you don’t like to use wireless mode, then the 3.5mm audio jack can be a life saver. Bellboy has seriously considered about the headphone jack plug may be due to iPhone 7!

Hands-free Talk

Now you can talk without getting the cell phone out of your pocket or table due to Bluetooth technology. You can answer, reject or end the call with the single press of a button on your headphone.


Bellboy Headphones Structure
Bellboy Headphones

This headphone won’t occupy huge space in your desk or purse. You can keep them as you wish due to its foldable and rotating structure. The Bellboy Smart Wireless Headphones Review unit gave more comfortability with this unique structure.

Battery life

Once you have fully charged your headphones, you can use them for continuous 10 hours and enjoy without any interruption caused due to power.

Best Sound Quality

It is the main parameter considered while the selection of headphones. I assure you will be completely satisfied with its sound quality with maximized bass and tune performances. It will rock your world with the heavenly experience of its sound.

Control Panel

Bellboy Smart Wireless Headphones Hands-on Review

To change the songs and manage the volume, you don’t need to operate your cell phone. You can shuffle the songs, adjust the volume and pause the music with the single press.

Specifications of the BellBoy On-Ear Headphones

  • The headphone uses the Bluetooth version 4.1
  • The transmission range of this device is 10m – quite flexible,
  • The battery capacity is 300mAh made of Li-polymer.
  • It takes maximum 2.5 hours to get fully charged.

Supported Devices

This device is able to be connected with every other device which is supporting Bluetooth. Here are the devices which are supporting Bellboy headphone.

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • MID Computer
  • PSP
  • Notebook PC

Colors Available

You will get exclusive choices of three amazing colors forever in trend, which are Beige, Grey, and Black-Brown. All these colors are amazing and will go with your all outfits and office wares.

Bellboy Bluetooth Headphones Review

These are the colors respectively Black-Brown, Beige, and Grey.


Good things come with a good cost, but in the case of Bellboy headphones, the best thing is coming at a good cost. The shopping is quite easy. You just need to set the quantity of headphones you want to order and the shipping method.

These amazing headphones will generally cost you $79 but they are having a discount for the music lovers and you can get it in just $49. This deal is surely not to be missed out. Check out the Bellboy’s Official Website for more details.

So, what are you waiting for? Change your vision to the music and enjoy being in the world where you are alone with your music. You can surely afford this heavenly experience.

Shipping and Payment

Bellboy headphones can be shipped to your place by two ways. Standard shipping and Express shipping, both the options are chargeable. Yeah, it is the minus point that you are not getting free shipping. The shipping is available worldwide. The charges for both the options are mentioned below.

  • Standard shipping (8-14 days) – $10
  • Express Shipping (2-5 days) – $25

You can make payment via your credit card or Paypal. The choice is yours and buy the BellBoy Smart Bluetooth Headphones!

Return & Exchange Policy

They are very much supportive and caring to their customers.

If you are not happy with the product you got, then you can send the product back to them within 14 days. They will refund your payment after cutting the shipping charges. You won’t be asked any question like why you returned it or anything like that.

In case you got a damaged piece of Bellboy headphone, then they are ready to exchange it with the brand new piece of another Bellboy headphone. You just need to contact them with details and they will make sure you are satisfied with their product and support.

Personal Experience with Bellboy Headphones

Sharing my experience after using the new BellBoy Wireless Headphones for more than a week and, to be honest, they sound the best for this price range with a good amount of bass and treble. The design and control keys are too easy to handle them without any issues and the rotating design gives ultra-portability.

The best part is the battery! It lasts up to 9 hours of continuous use and sometimes it gave me more than it. The company claims “10 hours continuous playtime battery life”. Tho its good with such powerful battery backup with the quality sound output.

The only thing that made me feel a bit sad is the control keys, they are well designed under one muti-key structure. But while using those keys sometimes I mistakenly press the other side also those keys doesn’t seem to fix with grip with the other side of earpads! You will understand, once you start experiencing it! But this is not a major issue because it gives the best which you can’t find in any headphones under this price range.

The final thing I’m impressed is the soft ear pad cushions! They gave me a feeling of comfortable and I don’t feel like I’m using the headphones for more than 4+ hours continuously! So overall, its the best for this budget!

Check out some of the real-time images of Bellboy Headphones which I shot on iPhone 7 Plus,

Over to You

I really loved this device and I can enjoy the music entirely in a different way with it. I highly recommend this headphone as it is best in quality and affordable to the pocket of every normal person.

Check out the gallery section,

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So, it was all about Bellboy Smart Wireless Headphones Review. Have you got yours? How is your experience? What are your reviews about this gadget? Have you faced any problem with this device? Share everything you want other readers to know about this device and your experience with it via the comment section.

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Summary of Bellboy Bluetooth Headphones

The BellBoy Smart Bluetooth Headphones can be titled as the Best Affordable Headphone that offers the best level of comfort, performance and with 10 hours continuous playtime! And we can call it as the “Headphone that Gives Premium Comfort with Outstanding Sound Quality”