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10 Best Car Tracking Apps for Android Smartphones

Best Car Tracking Apps for Android

We all need a little help finding our cars every now and then and our smartphone should help on this! There are some GPS tracking apps that can help us rescue our cars in no time! Here are the Top 10 best car tracking apps for Android!

With all latest advancements in Android versions, our lives have simplified for better and better. Right from the crisp morning news headline flashing on our screen to booking the instant Ola rides; our Android phones share an impeccable space in our lives. It’s difficult to refrain ourselves touching our phone.But keeping these small things aside for a while, when we ought to think on a much large and broad scale ANDROID can be considered as the ultimate transcend factor for our economy.

Yes, you heard it right! With active GPS and tracking protocol system, the change in technology is spectacular.  Just imagine you have lost your way back to home while enjoying your long drive, your car being stolen or locking your car in full-fledged parking lot of a grocery store and then after a while forgetting where you parked your vehicle.

How would you feel? Wouldn’t it be irritating to find your god damn car from such a whole lot when you are already late for your work!! Frustrating isn’t it??

No worries, just check out the Top & Best Android GPS Car Tracking Apps available for Android platform. Also, check out other top lists for Android Smartphones!

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Best Car Tracking Apps for Android

Now, this is where Android smartphones come to rescue. With each of us having our smartphone in our hand, it’s much easier to trace your car location within a fraction of seconds. It’s just some clicks away. Not only this some apps can even allow you to find a spot to park and even more allow you to reserve a spot.

Here are the 10 best GPS apps for tracking your car and kindly share which one is your Best Car Tracking Apps from this list below:

Car Compass

This app is extremely a bane for those people who have the habit of forgetting almost everything!! Yes, such people exist! If you ever forget to record your location in the app, this app automatically records your location and marks your parking spot. It also works with a Wi-Fi connection in case the GPS signal is blocked. Otherwise, GPS is always there. A map shows the location of the car and an arrow will point in the direction of your vehicle.

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Find My Car

Another app in the list which makes us slightly lazier: P. Yes, we don’t have to remember anything. It is a simpler app, which saves your GPS location where you park the vehicle and uses Google maps to find your way back to your vehicle. It also includes a compass and additional to that it sends an SMS text message too with your location. Pretty cool!!

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Car Locator

One of the winning apps in power app contest and the Best Car Tracking Apps. You park your car, save the location, and when you are ready to return to your car, car locator will help you find it. One distinguishing feature that makes it different from others is its radar-based working and map Split- screen view. It has built in parking timer too, a Home screen widget for quick and easy access. It keeps a track of location history and favourite locations.

This app has got a lot to offer, isn’t it?

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Car Finder and Location Notes

The basic feature of this app – any guess? Well, nothing more peculiar but it can be handled in 11 languages!! Sounds odd, but never mind sometimes “small things make big difference”. In reference to its working, it records the position of your car by opening the app and turning on the navigation part to locate the vehicle back.


It’s one of the few car tracking apps that are extensively used by people. You can easily track how far you drive, your location, how much money you spend on gas and maintenance. It has tied up with many companies and is very useful to other self-employed people.

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Path Guide

Path guide is one of the unique, astonishing and unusual apps of its time. Developed by Microsoft, it is one in a million of all other apps. Unlike other apps, it has a different approach to this problem; it works by recording where you walk. Thus, you can start recording when you leave your car and stop the recording when you reach your desired location. You can then reverse those directions and then the app will tell you how to reach up to your car. Though it has its own consequences but is still a major hit.

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It is probably one of the best car tracking apps. It quickly and easily lets you save where you parked your car earlier. The best part of this app is it lets you know the parking status beforehand so that you can reserve your parking slot before only.  I personally liked this idea very much!! Period. On top of that, you can avail parking tickets with help of this app. It’s newer app and works really well.

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Google Maps

The most extensively used app of all time. Google maps are priceless when it comes to tracking and searching location. A recent update gave an additional feature to save the location of the car on the map. You then use maps to find your way back to your car. It has a lot, the voice messages are excellent to trace the location and overall more offer to. Discrete information about the traffic is displayed it is one of a kind app. This is one of the Best Car Tracking Apps available for all mobile platforms.

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MyCar Tracks

It’s a time-proven solution that helps individuals to locate their vehicles without any additional costs. Old GPS network is not required. It seamlessly records all trips around the day and you can easily share the location with family, friends. All recorded data is securely stored in the cloud.

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Mapme.net GPS Tracker

It is a car tracking Android app aimed at business that manages a larger fleet of employees. It keeps the track of the route the driver takes, the speed of the car and notifying them in the case of reckless driving. Also, when a car reaches its place, the app will start monitoring how long it’s been there.

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To Sum Up

The above mentioned Best Car Tracking Apps are the best-suited way for keeping a track of your cars without any stress and strain. If you find any other best GPS Apps which we missed in this list, then let us know in comment section. Don’t forget to share your experience with these apps! Stay tuned for more updates!