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25 Best Earning Pakistani Blogs | Make Money Blogging in Pakistan


“Make Money Blogging” is a very lucrative keyword in the world especially in Pakistan & India. In a few years ago, no one know about the term blogging but know almost every internet users know about blogs and blogging. I’ll research and finding “List of 50 Top Earning Blogs” which are the inspirational and motivational factor for me to become a blogger. Now being a Pakistani, I’m also researching and finding the 25 best top earning Pakistani blogs that make thousands of dollars from their websites on every single month.

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Blogging in Pakistan is not a so popular and good, because the presence or existence of internet connection is very less. Pakistan is a developing country but it has the ability to compete with the world in any field of life. Same like in blogging, Pakistani bloggers can compete world most famous bloggers and blogs.

Blogging becomes one of the most growing field / profession now in Pakistan. People make money online from their blogs. It mostly attracts youngsters (Male & Female Both) and students too.

If you’ve a talent about anything or you know about any topic and want to share with the world, then blogging is the best way for you. You can create a free blog and write in which you’ve passionate about. When your blog become popular and visitors comes to your site you can make money online.

Blogging only about two things : “Passion” & “Patience” if you don’t have then don’t start it.

But many startup and newbie don’t know “How to make money blogging”. So don’t worry here is the solution for you, check my article of how to start a blog and make money online.

Blogging is all about passion not about earning. It is the way of inspiration and motivation and your online business too. There are millions of blogs are created till day, and millions of posts are posted on daily basis, so don’t choose blogging just for the sake of money, start blogging about your passion in which you’ve a knowledge and want to share with the world.

A blog is basically your online business but when it is established and becomes successful. Creating a blog is not difficult, but you cannot be this blog without proper knowledge and passion. So always choose a topic in which you expert and more passionate.

Disclaimer :

” Some of these bloggers featured in this list are only on estimates earning basis and not 100% correct just show you how to they make money and how much they earn from their blogs. But also many of them are earning thousands of dollars every month and also share with their readers. If you would like to be featured in this list or you know about any other Pakistani Blogger’s that should, then please comment below and We featured in this list after reviewing their blog. “

We don’t ranked these bloggers, this list just for showing the talent in Pakistan to the world. All bloggers of Pakistan are our fellow and we respect all of them. This list compile there ranking, popularity, their earning, monthly visitors, Alexa ranking etc.

Check out the 25 BEST EARNING PAKISTANI BLOGS list below. I know about many of these bloggers but also want to learn more about these Pakistan Superstar Bloggers over the coming days – Inshallah – so watch out this list.

25 Best Earning Pakistani Blogs That Make Money Blogging







1WPBeginnerSyed Balkhi$120002672
2MyBloggerTricksMustafa Ahmadzai$800031588
3RedmondpieTaimur Asad$75006951
4MybloggerlabSyed Faizan Ali$400040015
5AddictiveTipsGhaus Iftikhar$370012492
6SmashingAppsNaveed Javed$310079534
7OnlineUstaadAbdul Wali$310037300
8ProPakistaniAamir Atta$30009096
9BloggingeHowHassam Ahmad Awan$250069971
10AllBloggingTipsAmmar Ali$400039919
11ODostaTayyib Ahsan$2000131372
12TechmaishBilal Ahmad$180091227
13FreakifyAhmad Awais$1800222053
14SmashingHubAli Qayyum$170086732
15DesignzzzAyaz Malik$165089186
16AskMohsinMohsin Waheed$1500142223
18NabtronNabeel Khan$1500665711
19DiaryINCMuhammad Ismail$1200413737
20AllBlogThingsMohammad Umer$1100433239
21BloggerYardNick Denton$800696443
22SupportiveHandsRehmat Alam$80040328
23Internet KhazanaMohsin Waheed$700553843
24ChillopediaNadeem Khan$700192679


I am a Pakistani, so I don’t rank these bloggers, I respect all my fellow bloggers of Pakistan. This list just compiles for showing others of what kind of talent exists in Pakistan. I compile this list as much as I can. If you would like to be featured in our list, or you know any other who deserve this place, please share with us in the comment section.

How They Make Money Online From Blogging

There are many methods they use for making money online like PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing, Providing Services, CPM Marketing, Selling Products etc.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the best strategy to make money online from blogs or websites. You can getting creating affiliate accounts on different sites according to your blog topic / niche . If your blog about blogging tips then you can easily create best web hosting affiliate accounts and share their links with your friends and readers and make money online.

PPC / CPC Advertising

PPC means “Pay Per Click” the most common and popular method to monetize blog contents all around the world. People can make money from them easily. Some people make thousands of dollars every single month from them. Google AdSense is the best source of income of these bloggers and many others because it is best CPC / PPC ads network in the industry. But their account approval process is very difficult, but don’t worry you can also make money through Google AdSense Alternatives.

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“Making Money From Blogging Requires You To Do Only Two Things : Drive a Lot of Traffic, Then Maximize the Income From That Traffic” 

John Chow

So these are the “25 TOP EARNING BLOGGERS OF PAKISTAN” who make money online from blogging. I hope you’ll like this post, then simply share it with your friends and show the real face of Pakistan to the world. For many other latest guides, subscribe our newsletter. If you’ve any question or suggestion about this post, then feel free to ask us in the comment box. I will response you as soon as possible.

Good Luck To Your Blogging Success !