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10 Of The Best Online Educational Games


10 Of The Best online Educational Games

The importance of online games.

Today almost every family has a computer, without which it’s hard to imagine our existence. They help us to learn, work, and have fun. Nowadays big popularity has online games that can be connected with everything: age, educational skills, fashion, politics, communication, and even salvation langston hughes summary. This article we want to dedicate to the best online educational games that will make your brain work better.

The top 10 educational online games.

1.Danger Zone.

Students are faced with serious global issues to tackle in this fantastic character-based game. They have to use different skills to solve a challenge like combating a deadly airborne illness using test-samples, note-taking and learning along the way!

2.The blood typing game.

Probably everyone knows how many there are blood groups. With transfusion, things are a little more complicated. To whom what blood can be transfused? The goal of the game is to understand this issue, as well as to find out what groups and Rh factors are, how it all relates to antibodies and antigens, and what will happen if the wrong type of blood is transfused.

Learn and save the lives of virtual patients! The game and the materials attached to it refer to the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1930. The prize was given to Karl Landsteiner – for the discovery of human blood groups (this happened thirty years earlier). And in 1940, Landsteiner discovered another Rh factor.


That came will teach you how to create your own city and be able to cooperate its work in all aspects: trade, cleaning, utilities, production, salaries and more.

4.The immune system.

What happens when we get a scratch? What types of cells are involved in immune processes? How do immune cells “fight” bacteria and warn each other about uninvited guests? In this game, dedicated to the work of the immune system, you have to protect a person from infection by commanding the troops of white blood cells (granulocytes) and the army of macrophages and dendritic cells.

5.Climate challenge.

That game is based on global warming, on Flash, developed by the BBC and by Red Redemption.

6.Pavlov’s dog.

As you might guess, this is a game about reflexes and stimuli in physiology, as well as about a dog that sacrificed itself to our knowledge. The goal of the game is to train Pavlov’s dog to react to the signal that will be associated with the treatment. If you give signals incorrectly or overdo it, the dog refuses to respond.


A transistor is a component of a semiconductor material that is used as an electronic signal switch, or as an amplifier. In this game, your task is to take part in the processing of transistors. To do this, we need to understand which, in fact, gadgets and household appliances there are transistors, and in which there are not. You have to separate the lambs from the goats and throw things that do not match the conditions from the fast-moving conveyor.


This is a whole set of tools that allows you to create three-dimensional games without the presence of specific knowledge. The application is a software product from Microsoft Corporation. The main task of using the program is to create game worlds in which the embedded characters will be located and interact according to established rules.

9.The split brain experiences.

The brain consists of two hemispheres, connected together by means of millions of nerve fibers. Thanks to this, each hemisphere constantly knows what’s going on in the other. But what happens if the connection fails? The game allows you to follow the classic experiment with a patient who has been removed from the corpus callosum – “connecting cables” between the hemispheres.


SimCEO is a great game that will allow you to check your management skills by operating a company.

The positives of online games.

Online games take almost all the time in modern youth, in some cases, in children and adults. The person who admires them creates a virtual life. In this life, he/she can appear in an image that he/she likes, communicate with other players.

Online games, like many other modern phenomena, have its positives and negatives. As far as you can see, we have tried to concentrate your attention on its pluses.

Online games are the ability to communicate with people who have similar interests living in different parts of the world. It is an opportunity to find friends, communication with whom can be transferred to real life. And the most important, it’s a possibility to increase your knowledge in different fiends of studying.