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12 Must-Download Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017

Best Google Chrome Extensions, Plugins & Add-ons of All Time 2017

(Google Chrome Extensions 2017 that Helps you to use browsers with more easily and effectively)

No doubt, Google Chrome is the best browser in the world. Almost every internet users may know about this browser. It is an already pretty good, but here there are many ways which you used for make it more better – like installing chrome extensions from chrome web store. Check this post on Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017.

There are thousands of free and paid extensions and chrome add – ones are available on the web store, but some of these are the best and very important for downloading it and using while you surfing online using chrome browser.

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Extensions are some like a small software or apps that are used for adding some extra features to the Web browser. Google provide hundreds of free extensions to you which are available on their Chrome Web Store.Simply sign in using your Gmail account and install any extensions which you want.

You can also able to manage your Chrome Extensions by simply going to the upper right corner button of your browser and go to the “More Tools” option and from them choose the “Extensions” link. Here is the list of 12 Best Google Chrome Extensions which make your browser more faster and effective.

12 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017 To Make Life Easier

#1 – Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the most famous plugin for ad blocker ever in the history of Google. The popular companies also recommended this add-on like CNET, Gizmodo, Mashable who said that it is the most prominent and powerful security chrome extension.

#2 – 1Password – Password Manager & Security

1Password is a very powerful Google Plugin which you can easily and free of cost install into your browser. It keeps you password saved in case you forgot your password.

#3 – Blur

Blur is same like password who manage your password. Blur it better than any password manager. Blur can be able to keep tracking your all online privacy information and data and secure it online. CNET show it is the most popular 50 Tech products in the world.

#4 – Earth View Using Google Maps

Google Maps is a very amazing technology which is used to view your earth photos via satellite all around the world. Earth View is a great extension which is not fully featured, but it may take you away from this world to the future technology.

#5 – Hola – Internet Privacy Plugin

Hola Better Internet is a free chrome add-on which brings you a free and completely fully secure VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) inside your Chrome Browser. Using Hola, you can easily surf online without sharing and revealing your original information with anyone.

#6 – LastPass – Password Manager

When you surfing online and making different accounts on different sites, then remembering your password is a hassle, and also it can be very difficult to brainstorm different passwords on different sites. LastPass is a free password manager which you can use to manage your all passwords which you use on any websites.

#7 – FVD Downloader

FVD Downloader is used for downloading videos from different video sharing sites. Many of these sites are not allowed you to download their contents for offline use. But FVD downloaders allows you to download that contents easily. When a video is found it provide you with the option to download it or not.

#8 – Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler is used for managing your tabs while you surfing online. When you working, leaving many tabs at the same time which you open in your browser can get be boring and distracting fact – especially when you want to do you overall work without any distractions. Tab Wrangler plugin used when you finish you work they will be automatically closing tabs which are inactive. You can manage it by simple after installing this amazing app into your browser.

#9 – WOT

WOT – without any doubt is the world most popular chrome extension that allows you to determine that which site is good or not – which site is trustworthiness simply by giving them grades. When you install into your Google Chrome browser and visit any website, then click on WOT button and it will show you the complete information about this site and it’s overall online reputation.

#10 – Office Editing ( Slides – Docs – Sheets )

Office Editing means online to edit your Google Docs, Sheets and Slides easily. By using this Office Editing extension you can be able to view your online office documents, or directly from Google Drive, and convert into other formats and then save it into another format like DOC,XLS or PPT easily.

#11 – Seach By Image – Google

Images are the great way to understand something to your readers online via blogs, websites. When you’ve ever been seen any image on the WEB, and think about it where it comes from, then Search By Image extension will help you.

#12 – Click & Clean

As its name shows that click and clean simply click anywhere and clean it. Basically, Click&Clean is a security based privacy protection chrome add-on that helps you to analyse your browsing activities – easily remove your browser history, close tabs and scan your PC.

Final Verdict

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