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Top 10+ Best Icon Packs for Android 2017

Top 10+ Best Icon Packs for Android 2017

Among all the mobile operating systems out there what makes Android unique and stand out is the level of involvement that Android offers its users with. No matter which another operating system you compare Android with, it does provide something better in every segment than any other mobile operating systems out there. Here in this post, I gonna share some of the Best Icon Packs for Android 2017.

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This is very evident from the number of active users on the Android operating system. With more than a billion active Android devices out there, any doubt on whether Android indeed is the best mobile operating system is invalid. Many people are still looking for some Awesome & Sweet Android Launchers 2017 or some Best Android Icon Packs 2017.

Out of the many awesome features and functionality offered by Android, the one that truly sets Android apart from other mobile operating systems is the level of customization options and features offered by the platform. On Android, you literally have all the customization options that you can wish for and more features are added with each and every update for Android Nougat or Android O. Yeah I mean Android Oreo 😀

To get the customization game of your Android device high and also to make the looks of the user interface on your Android device stand out and stay unique, today we are here with a list of over 10 different icon packs that can take the customization on your Android device to the very next level.


10+ Best Icon Packs for Android to Customize your Android Device:

The best icon packs for Android mentioned in the list below are not listed on basis of any ranking metrics or anything. As customization features like icon packs are subjected to each and every user, we are not ranking any of them. However, we do hope that you find the perfect best icon packs for Android that matches your tastes, by the end of this article.

Best Icons Packs for AndroidDownload Links
Simpax Icon PackDownload
Cornie IconsDownload
Iris UI Alpha Icon PackDownload
Panorama Material Icon PackDownload
Skystone Icon PackDownload
Articons Icon PackDownload
Nimbbi Icon PackDownload
PINN Icon PackDownload
Sunnies Icon PackDownload
Fira Icon PacksDownload
Snackable Icon PacksDownload
Lai IconsDownload

Simpax Icon Pack for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

If you are really crazy about customization your Android device, then you must have come across Simpax already. Simpax is one of the most loved icon packs available for Android, and the user base has only managed to increase from the day Simpax went online on the Play Store.

Apart from supporting all the main calendar applications and also the Muzei Live Wallpaper, the Simpax icon pack also features over 3500 icons, 5 KLWP sets and over 70 HD wallpapers.

Cornie Icons for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

Cornie icons are one of the all-time favourite icon packs for many people. The main attraction of the Cornie icons for Android is that it gives you a unique experience which is quite different than any other icon packs.

Cornie offers its users with over 2000 different icons with new icons added frequently. The Cornie icons also feature a zooper, KLWP, analog clock, KWGT templates, dynamic calendar, Muzei Live wallpaper support and even a lot of HD wallpapers as well.

Iris UI Alpha Icon Pack for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

This icon pack offers some very low quantity of custom icons at the moment, however, that is justified with the Alpha tag in the name itself. It is also free to download from the Google Play Store.

With over 300 round and HD icons that are inspired from icons featured on devices from Blackberry, Motorola, OnePlus, Huawei and Samsung, the Iris UI Alpha icon pack is worth a shot.

Panorama Material Icon Pack for Android

Best Icon Packs for Android

What makes the Panorama Material icon pack different from the others is the VR-looking icons that are handcrafted along with a pack of more than 20 unique HD wallpapers that blends with the unique finish of this icon pack.

The Panorama Material icon pack offers you with over 2000 icons to pick from. Added support for Google calendar along with support for analog clock and Muzei Live Wallpaper makes this a very good pick.

Skystone Icon Pack for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

The skystone icon pack for Android is pretty simple with icons that are round in shape created based on three colours only. With a light textured foreground and a dark background, the Skystone Icon pack is really an awesome choice.

Skystone currently offers more than 2100 unique icons along with some really awesome cloud-inspired wallpapers to go with the look.

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Articons Icon Pack for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

With a finite number of colours included in the icon pack along with the minimal looks provided to them, the Articons Icon Pack is opted by many users out there.

With more than 1500 awesome looking HD icons and 20 wallpapers of HD quality that matches the icon pack, you should check this icon pack out.

Nimbbi Icon Pack for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

If you are in search for best icon packs for Android, then you may find many rounded icon packs out there, but very few are as awesome as Nimbbi. The Nimbbi icon pack for Android offers you with transparent dark icons, making it a perfect match for home screen setup that is black and white.

This icon pack also offers 50 Quad HD resolution wallpapers, over 3000 icons and also support for Muzei Live Wallpaper, analog clock, and even dynamic calendar.

PINN Icon Pack for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

With the added shadow effect and the use of material design, the Pinn icon pack is really famous for its clean and simple look. This icon pack provides you with 2000+ HD icons to choose from along with 90+ Quad HD wallpapers stored in the cloud.

Apart from having really cool wallpaper collection, the Pinn icon pack also offers support for Muzei Live Wallpaper and dynamic clock and calendar widgets as well.

Sunnies Icon Pack for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

The inclusion of a light colour palette, material styled icon design and high quality makes Sunnies a really good pick for people who need a bright set of icons to go with their Android device.

The icon pack offers 1000+ icons to choose from along with 20 different wallpapers of HD resolution as well. It also features a limited number of Zoopers and KWGT based widgets as well.

Fira Icon Packs for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

With over 800 different HD icons to pick from that are designed basically on only 3 colours, the Fira Icon pack looks really good. There are 30 cloud-stored wallpapers as well.

Each icon has a resolution of 512×512 and the icon pack also supports Muzei Live Wallpaper and dynamic calendar icons.

Snackable Icon Packs for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

Square shaped icons with round corners and flat colourful design, this is how you can detail the Snackable icon pack in simple terms.

The developers and designers have given special care to provide a uniform feel to all the icons and suits really well on clean as well as minimal home screens. There are over 1500 icons to choose from.

Lai Icon Packs for Android:

Best Icon Packs for Android

The Lai icon pack for Android provides you with one of the best icon packs for Android that are rectangular in shape and also has white borders. The creator of this icon pack, Benas Dzimidas, is a very popular icon designers and this should probably be one among his best creations.

Created with popping colours, the Lai icon packs features over 3000 HD icons and 25 wallpapers as well. These are the 12 Best Icon Packs for Android 2017. Here below, I have shared a video on Top & Best Launchers for Android 2017. Do check it out!

Final Verdict:

We do hope that you were able to find the best icon packs for Android that favours your liking. In case you have some other favourite icon packs for Android, do mention them as comments below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends on social medias!

Stay tuned for more updates on Android Apps 2017!