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Top 5 Best Instant Cameras to Buy in 2017

Top 5 Best Instant Cameras to Buy in 2017

Do you want to shoot instant photos? You can use a digital camera for this purpose always. But modern instant cameras would be a suitable choice. Polaroid technology has been core solution for instant camera market for years now. However, modern digital cameras brought a new way to shoot photos. Let’s check out the Best Instant Cameras 2017!

Best Instant Cameras to buy in 2017

Instant photography is the best way to keep your memories on the wall. You will see various instant cameras from different companies on the market right now. So, without any further ado let’s take a look at 5 best instant cameras to use in 2017.

Leica SOFORT Instant Camera

Leica SOFORT Instant Camera with Leica badge. It has a boxy, retro design along with several shooting options. The camera is easy to use, and it’s fun to capture your favourite moments.

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Leica Soft utilises Fujifilm Instax Mini film which you can buy at £1 on Amazon. However, you can save some money on battery section as it offers a rechargeable battery with 100 exposures.

The instant camera has Leica-branded film in colour or black & white as well. Leica Sofort is a decent choice for an instant camera. It’s not a very cheap, though. You can purchase Leica SOFORT if you prefer it over other instant camera models.

Lomo’Instant Automat Playa Jardin Edition

Lomo Instant Automat Playa Jardin can adjust its settings as per your environments to capture perfect pictures anytime and anywhere without any trouble. It can take Fuji Instax film and creates credit-card sized images.

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Lomo’ Instant Automat Playa Jardin is an ideal choice for instant photography. It doesn’t matter whether you are in broad daylight or pitch-dark area; you can adjust shutter speed, aperture and flash output. Also, you can experiment with colour gels, add a stylish

You are going to enjoy photography due to its versatility and wide angle, flasheye and close-ups. Also, Lomo’ Instant Automat Playa Jardin features a fantastic MX mode to allow you a maximum number of exposures for an image. Flash filters are extremely necessary to stack up your creativity.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic offers best exposures out of all instant cameras on this list. You will see a retro classic design with user-friendly features for instant photography.

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The Instax Mini 90 has a few remarkable features like a bulb and double exposures, which relates to traditional analog cameras. You will notice a light capture feature along with macro mode and high flash performance.

Fujifilm Instax has several modes for different moments. It comes with a self-timers and flashes on/off/auto toggle to make it one of the best instant camera to use in 2017.

Lomography Lomo’Instant Wide Black

Lomography Lomo’ Instant Wide comes in two colours, black and white. It comes with an automatic shutter program, long and multiple exposures and color-flashed exposures. You are going to find everything that you expect from an instant camera.

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Lomo’ Instant Wide Black offers gel filters wide angle lens, viewfinder, close-up lens, splitzer (double exposures) and a lens cap for remote release. It could be an excellent choice if you didn’t decide any model yet. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider it as one of the best instant cameras to buy in 2017.

Instax Share SP-2

Instax Share SP-2 is not like an instant camera, but rather an instant printer. It would beneficial if you tend to take pictures from your phone to print them. You can print any image from your phone.

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It lets you print pictures from Instagram and Facebook as well. You can put it in your bag and use it on the road. Intex Share SP-2 is a perfect instant camera printer to make many copies of any picture from your home at east. You can reprint an image whenever it’s necessary.

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