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Top 20 Best Royalty Free Music Websites for YouTube Videos

The majority of video creators always find some royalty free music sites where they can easily find every type of free creative commons music for their YouTube and other videos.I think you’ve always wondered about where many of these video creators get their free background music from, here I share the list of top 20 Best Royalty Free Music Websites for Video Creators where you can download your free music for your YouTube videos.

image : 20 Best Royalty Free Music Websites for YouTube Videos
Best Royalty Free Music Websites for Video Creators

Many companies and some individuals always create Creative Commons Licenses music. They produced and share that music with the general public without charge anything.

People can easily use this music to their video background and never ever get the copyright issues. You can use all these music commercially or non-commercially.

Many people use YouTube to share videos and make money online from them by placing Google AdSense ads. When anyone watches their videos and click on the ads they’ll get paid.

So if you’re new in YouTube and many times facing the Copyright issue in YouTube videos especially by music, then don’t worry, Here I share a complete list of 20 best creative commons free music websites where you’re able to download music and use them in your videos without any copyright issues.

I’ve found many websites on the internet for download free music for videos, but the most of them I personally doubted about and don’t recommend you to use them.

I personally many times face the issue of copyright with most popular website SoundCloud.Com so don’t be panic. I found and share some best and fully trusted websites from which you’re able to download free royalty music with a creative common license to use to your YouTube videos.

20 Best Royalty Free Music Sites For Your YouTube Videos

#1 – Audiofarm

Audiofarm is a free royalty free music provider company that has a wide selection free musics that you can easily download and use for your YouTube videos. Without registration simply click on the button and download any music which you want to use.

#2 – YouTube Free Music Library

The most trusted and profitable way to find royalty free music is the YouTube Library. I personally recommend this great site to download any music and use them in your videos. Generally two types of music available at YouTube, one gives you totally free that you use your videos. But the second recommend you to credit them into your videos any how. But these are also free and use them for your projects.

#3 – ArtistServer

This is also my choice. At ArtistServer there are thousands of free MP3 music are available that you download without any fees. Simply Sign Up here and find which you want to download it for free. You can easily use them for your video projects and share with the world.

#4 – BenSound

This is the French musician based company where you’ll get the free creative common music for videos. All their music are high quality and easy to use. Simply going to their “Royalty Free Music” category and download any music which you want and then use as a backhground music into your YouTube Videos. You can also buy their subscription packages, but I don’t recommend you, simply download free music and use them in your projects.

#5 – ccMixter

ccMixter is a very popular music community site where you find thousands of free music that fall under the category of Creative Commons License. You can first listen and then download any music according to your taste and interest. Almost all are free of cost you use them but many creative commons license may also require giving credit within your video.

#6 – Musopen

Musopen is a copyright expired music provide the company that said that “We provide recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the general public for free, without copyright restrictions”. You can find category wise music like composer, performer, instrument based. They also give you the tons of free classical music too.

#7 – BumpFoot

Bump Foot is a Japanese based music sharing company that provide mostly techno, trance beats and electronics dance music files. This site is especially for those who create technology related videos and use some MP3 music as a background. Without registering you can download your required music easily and freely.

#8 – SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a most popular website on the internet where MP3 related words used. People can use this platform, to share their own MP3 related audio files with the world. Under their Creative Commons License you can download MP3 tracks and use them within your projects.

#9 – Jamendo

Jamendo has more than 3,80,000 audio MP3 tracks on their site, which has in many different languages and different countries. You can find almost any kind of royalty music free and use them as a video background sound into your projects and YouTube videos.

#10 – Vimeo Free Music Library

Vimeo is a very popular video sharing website which is consider as the second best site after YouTube. Same like YouTube, Vimeo provide free music library to their users. You can use these creative commons license tracks in your YouTube videos without any copyright issue. You can use these tracks by giving simple credit link in your video to the real creator of the music which is under by Creative Commons License.

#11 – Beatpick

If you want to use MP3 tracks into your videos as non-commercial or non-profit productions then Beatpick is totally free site. Simply search according to your taste and interest, click on “License Song” and then choose “Non Commercial Projects” and download it.

#12 – Sonnyboo

This site provide your free music to download and use it within your video projects. If you want to use Sonnyboo, then you’ve to credit the original owner of hte songs. They provide different songs based on different categories.

#13 – Incompetech

If you always find many sites and doesn’t take interest to them. Then IncompeTech is the best site for “Royalty Free Music”. They provide a wide variety of different music files. Simply browse their selection by genre. When you find your interest based track simply played it and it will automatically download this file.

#14 – Purple Planet

Purple Planet is a huge collection of royalty free music database. They have thousands of free tracks in their database for users to download free of cost under creative commons license and use them to your YouTube videos. They provide music on horror, techno, jazz, short logos, tense, dramatic, reflective etc.

#15 – Free Music Archive (FMA)

FMA stands for “Free Music Archive” a largest hub of free royalty music on the internet for video creators. They add upto 1100+ new songs on every single month on their database. Use these music into your videos and share with the world.

#16 – PacDV

I hope you’ve many times seen on many videos, that they use some sound effects as a background. If you also want to get this type of tracks, then PacDV is the best place for you. They offers tons of free royalty music and sound effects. Simply link back to their site if you want to use their music within your videos, or any other projects.

#17 – Moby Gratis

Moby Gratis provides the well-known artist music without any copyright issues to use them into your YouTube videos. They provide all MP3 tracks to download free of cost and use it. If you’re a non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone then Moby Gratis provides you unlimited tracks. Simply create account and use their music within your projects.

#18 – JewelBeat

Jewel Beat provides free background music to video creators to use within their videos and make their videos more professional and good looking. You can use these tracks on your YouTube videos, advertising, education , photos, videos etc. For use their music, you must provide a back to their site link.

#19 – Audio Nautix

The very famous website on the earth is AudioNautix that provide free royalty music with creative commons license. This site has a very big database, because they have tons of music for video creators. You can find any track via Genres or mood.

#20 – iBeat

iBeat also a very famous organization of free music for video creators. They provide free beats breaks loops and instrumentals tracks that helps you to make your video more attractive. Download music from this site and use them for your YouTube videos.

So this is the list of Top 20 Best Royalty Free Music Websites with creative commons license. Simply go to these sites and find your interesting music and download them. Then use these music files within your projects and YouTube videos and then share with the world. Don’t worry all these music sites are fully trusted. You don’t get any copyright strike by using these tracks.

I hope you might be interesting this list. This is the great resource, especially for video creators. So share this with others and If you know about any other best site then share below comment box. I include it on this list if it is good for others.