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3 Best Smartphones For A Content Creator

3 Best Smartphones For A Content Creator

All content creators have in common one special feature: they are extremely creative. And, as we all know, creativity does not sleep. They need all the tools in the exact moment the idea comes; it is not always possible if your only working tool is your computer, but your smartphone can be your best ally when you are not at home. Since social media are the first platforms to share your content, you should be aware of how important are good pictures and videos, so with these three smartphones, you will be able to complement or create your content!

LG V30: this smartphone is, according to some blogs, the best smartphone from LG and the best smartphone for content creators, it is especially aimed to vloggers. Without any doubt, the camera is the most outstanding features of this smartphone and LG highlight this. The LG V30 has the best dual camera, it features a 16 MP light sensor and a secondary wide-angle lens of 13 MP, this makes it perfect for photography, video recording, and content creation.

LG V30 is not only about the camera, but it also would not be complete without its 64 GB of internal storage, 4 GB RAM and more than four hours of screen-on continuous use. There are many possibilities with the LG V30, and even though the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have dual cameras, the LG V30 is the best.

Nokia 8: we all know how loyal Nokia phones used to be, they had a (bad) time when they could not convince their clients with the new devices, but now they are claiming back the throne.

Nokia 8 for content creators

Nokia 8 is another smartphone aimed at content creators. As the LG V30, the Nokia 8 has a 13 MP dual camera and a 13 MP rear camera. The novel thing about it is that it has the dual-sight technology so you can use both front and rear camera at the same time to capture a “bothie” (the name that this experience receives), thanks to this feature you don’t have to choose between telling the story with or without you.

RAM and Internal storage are the same as LG V30, regarding performance, this smartphone has everything you need.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Samsung is a brand that has escalated so quickly in the last decade, they not only offer excellent smartphones for all type of clients, they also offer tablets and laptops. They recently launched the Galaxy Note 8, flagged as a “great productivity tool”. First, excellent features like 4 GB RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, octa-core processor and a powerful battery; all these complement the HD display and the dual camera. The Galaxy Note 8 has the unique feature of the S-Pen stylus, which is extremely useful if you have to sign documents frequently or drawing is your hobby.

It was supposed to be a top three, and it is! It is a top three best (Android) smartphones for content creators. Here is an extra for Apple lovers:

iPhone 8 Plus: regarding content creation, this smartphone is the Apple version of the three mentioned above. It has features that make it extremely efficient and perfect for photography and video recording.

iPhone 8 Plus for content creators

Of course, a good smartphone helps a lot, but it is not enough if you don’t take the advantage of it. Here are some tips to create fresh content using your smartphone.

  1. Take notes on your smartphone: as mentioned before, creativity does not rest. If you come up with an idea and you are not at home, download notes applications like Evernote in your smartphone, everything you write here will synchronize with your other devices like your computer and tablet.
  2. Save and read later: sometimes we are scrolling down in our smartphones and we see a post that will help us to brainstorm, but we are not in the right place to focus on that. What you can do is to bookmark the post and read it when you have time for it. iPhone users have this option on Safari browser, however, other browsers allow this option too.
  3. Share videos and pictures: thanks to technology, nowadays smartphones have some advantages over professional cameras, they have an even better quality and they are easy to carry. Besides, social media contributes to this idea. For example, Instagram in its recent update added IGTV, it gives us the opportunity to share longer videos.

Although those three smartphones are classified as the best for content creators, what really matters is the quality of your content. If you follow the tips mentioned above, nothing can stop you!


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