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SMM 001: Top 13 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid


“You Can’t Sell Anything, If You Can’t Tell Anything”

Beth Comstock
Facebook Marketing is a very useful and rapidly used marketing tools that used by world smallest to biggest internet marketers to promote their businesses.
SMM : Image of 12 biggest facebook marketing mistakes you should avoid them
Social Media Marketing : 13 Biggest Facebook Marketing Mistakes

As you know that, Facebook can changing very rapidly, each and every single day. That’s why their marketing strategies also changed. Due to new updates on their apps, added new features, Facebook becomes more social every day.


  • How to Products and Services Selling on Facebook Page

Big brands and Facebook Page Admins continue to make several mistakes that’s are a big hurdles on their success. So here in this article, I’ll share 13 Facebook Marketing Mistakes that you should avoid for success.

There is not doubt Facebook is a great way to promote any businesses whether offline or online business, small business or large, Facebook is a best choice for marketers.

But many of you doesn’t know how to properly use these marketing techniques and getting full advantages from them. There are many big mistakes made by marketers, which I highlighted here. So learn them and you should try to avoid them.

Top 13 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid


#1 – Don’t Update Their Business Facebook Page :

First thing keeps in mind that, nobody will care about any website, blog, newspaper, or even a Facebook page that are not updated regularly, because people only like you for getting something new every new day.

They only like your Facebook Page because they know that you must be share something great according to their interest. But when you didn’t update your page frequently, then they dislike your page and you can lost your valuable readers / audience.

If you not constantly updating your page then it would slowly gradually get your prospects tired of visiting, and eventually, they’d dislike your page and forget about your business.

So without these worthy audiences, there is no benefit of any Facebook Marketing campaigns. So always try to update your Facebook Page with valuable and related to your business things.

#2 – Broadcasting Without Engaging Fans

Facebook is all about social life. People will engage with one and another and meet them on this platform. When you promote any thing on Facebook, then also keep in mind that can audience will like that or not.

Broadcasting cannot be solved the purpose of engaging people, and if people not engaged with your contents, then they eventually forget your brand and leave your business.

So always try to engaged with your audience on Facebook Page, Profiles and share something valuable and interesting. share some engaging stuffs like Surveys, Comments, Quizzes etc.

#3 – Don’t Know About Analytics

In my point of view, the biggest mistake of any business can make is not checking their analytics or insights. People don’t use this feature and then eventually their followers / fans leave them.

If you check your Facebook Insights, then you check your audience reaction on your contents, you find how much audience engaged and at what time they check your stuffs on Facebook, all these things helps you to getting more fans on Facebook and your marketing campaigns rise with full lights.

#4 – Boost Facebook Posts

Facebook provides this feature to the marketers to know which of their posts becomes viral and getting more people engaged with them.

Boost Posts is a useful feature which you utilized by simply click on a single button. First of know which of your post getting viral, and getting more people seeing it, like it, comments and share it, you can simply boost this type of posts and getting more results.

I like this feature on Facebook and this is the best for marketers and all users.

#5 – Facebook Pages are Too Boring

Many startups and newbies made their Facebook pages too boring. They never adding high quality cover photo, profile picture and don’t adding any type of page description, address etc.

Many times they share something bad or boring that your audience doesn’t like them and this will gets the bad effects on your readers.

The most successful and great key of success on social media strategy especially on Facebook is that to share interesting and useful posts regularly.

“Don’t Find Customers For Your Products, Find Products For Your Customers”

Seth Godin

When people trust on you then you can selling anything because they know that who you are and which thing you want to selling?

So always make your Facebook Page looks professionals, their cover photo, profile picture, page description, unique brand name and make them more professional. Also only share related stuffs on your page and don’t spread any kind of boring contents.

#6 – No Facebook Strategy

If you want to become a successful internet marketer especially on social media, then always work on long term plans not short term. Long term plans gives you more benefits.

Many marketers only listen from somewhere and trying to promote same way on Facebook Marketing campaigns without any proper strategies.

They are failed ever because without any strategy you cannot become a successful in marketing. For planning and proper strategies on Facebook, you can always used Facebook Insights that helps you a lot for arrange all these strategies.

#7 – Ignoring Negative Feedback or Comments

If you want to become a successful marketer then the biggest thing you doing is that, handling trolls and negative comments or feedback from your followers.

You’ve a much patience, and dedicated messages for all these negative comments and don’t ignore them. Because these are the real fans of you who tells you about your mistakes.

So don’t deleted or ignoring these feed backs and handling with proper strategies with full of patience and creativity.

#8 – Buying Facebook Likes (Paid Likes / Fake Likes)

Fake is always a fake whether you make them as much real as you can. Similarly, buying likes or fake likes is a deadly sign of your Facebook Page.

When you purchasing any fake likes for you page, and page doesn’t gets any engagements and your page contents are not valuable, then it look like a fake page and at last your page dead.

So, it is recommended to you and better to focusing on generating organic likes and organic traffic on your Facebook posts.

#9 – Post Length ( Total Number of Words)

It is recommended by Facebook itself, to use up to 250 characters in a single post and you’ll get 60% more shares and engagements on your posts. You can also gets more likes and comments.

Many startups and newbies doesn’t write post properly, they just copy text from anywhere and paste on a post and then share. This is a very bad habit and you should avoid it.

Always write a unique description of posts and writes only up to 250 characters long text in a post with high contrast image and then share properly, then see the magic.

#10 – Audience Selection

Audience selection is not a tough job especially on Facebook Marketing. You can simply select those audience which are related to your taste and interest.

“When You Speak To Everyone, You Speak To No One”

Meredith Hill

The biggest mistake which are many newbie marketers takes, they didn’t choose the right audience and then result is zero.

Facebook targeting and re-targeting are the best of two business tools for marketers that are used to convert your fans into customers. Always select right audience on right place and then hit the market button.

#11 – Not Reply / Responding To Comments

Comments all valuable on blog or websites. Similarly, on Facebook page your fans comments and inquiries are the biggest source of engagement.

If you not reply to their comments or inquiries then you loss many engagements and your user trusts.I recommended always to reply as soon as possible to your fans comments with valuable style.

Customer service of any business is the key of success. If you not provide this properly, then you loss your customers and your leads, sales not growing well.

Remember that, if you treat your customers right and properly, then they’ll make you a lot of money in different forms!

#12 – Forget About Video Posts

As you listen, seen many times on the internet on different places that :

“Image Speaks well than Text and Video Speaks Well Than Image”

Video posts is a great source of engagements because in video you can tells in a reality of what you’ve and what you want to give them. This is the biggest mistake that people not posting native and reliable videos on Facebook marketing.

They don’t upload videos on biggest sharing platforms like YouTube. This is only because they don’t have awareness about content marketing properly.

Always making a unique stylish and understandable videos and upload them on YouTube and the re-embedded on your website / blogs and even share in Facebook Marketing campaigns. Video posts gives you more engagements than text posts.

#13 – Contents Is King

Contents is the key of marketing success. People doesn’t care about contents they just choose a best products and then want to sell as much as they can.
“If You’re Not Putting Out Relevant Contents,
In Relevant Places You Don’t Exist”
Gary VaynerChuk
But remember that, with proper and useful content marketing you gain your leads, products upto 200% times. Contents marketing is also itself a biggest marketing technique.
So always write a unique, fresh and useful contents for your readers, viewers, and visitors and share with them. If they like your contents, then they also like your products, and you gain your products sales.

A Final Note :

So there is no doubt Facebook Marketing is a great source for marketers to promote their businesses whether offline or online. It is a very useful marketing tools in social media landscape.

But avoid these type of mistakes that not gives you any profit. Always trying to make your marketing strategies with proper knowledge and proper useful contents and then promote them.

I hope this article will gives you so much experiences and experiments and if’ you’ve always doing these mistakes then after reading this article, I’m sure you might avoid these mistakes.

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