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Blocking or Slapping?-Has Social Media changed our Relationships in a good or bad way?


The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.We, human beings, use social media as our cover, our sanctuary, our sheathing. We hide behind it, hoping to never get discovered. We hope to remain in the cocoon of it for the rest of our lives. But what if the protective bubble has holes in it? What if the cocoon has cracked? We can never be too safe with the internet.

It has not only brainwashed a lot of people but has been successful in making and destroying many people’s life. Social media has become a platform for a lot of introvert people to come out of their hiding and share their thoughts. No longer are they introverts. We see lovers posting lovey-dovey selfies with writings which has more cheese than a cheese burst pizza. But if you see them in reality, they could be seen sitting beside each other, scrolling through their phone, not interacting. Same for a group of friends. Our generation has lost touch with the outside world, all they want to do is stay online.



When people go out on dinner,have a look around the table.More than half of them are glued to their phones and tabs.How pathetic is to see such a large number?They are stick to their phones and constantly check updates.The sad is thing is they will check an,close it and again reopen it not even a second later-that’s how obsessed people are.Since they are a growing numbers of users in social media and most of them are millennials,can social media affect relations? ABSOLUTELY.


I know,it’s been mocked and made fun of ad nauseum-the selfie.No matter whether it’s because of a shirtless guy flexing in front of a mirror or a girl making abominable duck faces,or stupid people taking selfies in front of a disaster or sunbathing with their grandpa’s ashes,we’re stuck with them.

Selfies paving their paths to social media is highly because of the phones cameras.Computer with webcams makes it way easier to snap a picture without anyone clicking it for you.But if you aim to post such selfies,please take at least a moment to consider whether it will come across as narcissistic.


Now-a-days although it’s getting harder to shield your identity,anonymity has been a key of the interest since it’s early days.It’s shocking to see how people hide their true self in the name of others.

Now we have everything from trolls to habitual pranksters.This what makes the whole internet and especially the social media less productive and more entertaining for all.Being offense or pouring our heart out anonymously is not only cowardly,but also shows lack of character.One should be above that.


In recent years,we’ve all seen a lot of hashtag activists and similar behavior across the social media.It has become the new trend to take selfies holding a political or a social message,and a new hashtag of course.

Such behavior is all talk.If an issue is important enough to take action,why not take real action or a step?Facebook is spread with people ready to argue on any topic at any point of time instead of doing something fruitful to fix the issue.


The ugly underbelly of ignorance is easy to ignore in your daily day life.But on social media it’s all over.There have been many insensible,hateful posts and comments,confusing,misinformed tweets at various times.

It is easy to laugh at these,but it’s also important to realise that this stuff is really going out there.The world is a perfect place but if something is ignored and it offends people,sharing it  to express that outrage just amplifies the message further.


There are always two sides of a coin.Similarly a bad side always has a good side to it.Now let’s appreciate the good things social media has added to our lives.


Those days of phone with old style dials are gone.Back then we didn’t even have an answering machine,if someone couldn’t answer the phone we had to hold back and try to catch them on right time.Today,if we can’t catch someone on the phone,we can simply leave a voice message or send a text.

Some time back we had to write letters to communicate with each other.But now they are just a text away.We can simply see what others are doing within seconds through facebook,tweeter and other social apps.


Given all the consolidation of media companies,it’s pretty easy to question whether the news we get from major media is the full story or not.After all,it’s not are to hear more about the kim kardashian scandal or any celebrity death than a uprising in turkey or elsewhere in the world.One of the most attracting features of these social media sites are the immediate access to other sources of informations.


Now we all have to do is login to our platform of choice.We cant rant,rave,tell jokes,share images and generally mix and mingle to our heart’s content.For those of us who can write,it just takes a couple of minute to create a blog.And it’s far easier to do something remarkable and have it reach to millions of people across the globe.

Social media has changed family relationships. We have become detached, aloof, and we are losing our communication skills. Staying online I’m a stretch is the main reason for anxiety, anger, stress which in turn creates a stress within you and your loved ones. Technology is redefining how we communicate our desires and trust one another. We’ve become obsessed with confirming our realities through this alternate one, a place where we can watch lives unfold through the screen of our phones. What scares me is how emotionally connected we are to the actions and inactions people take through these colorful graphics on a little block of glass, steel, and plastic and how difficult it can be to pry a cell phone from someone’s hand to have a real-life conversation. Social media may not directly cause problems in a relationship, but it definitely adds fuel to the fire.