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Business Trips Made Easy with These Tech Tips

Business Trips Made Easy with These Tech Tips

Seattle, Washington impresses with its abundance of natural beauty spread out across landscapes of pine trees and lakes. But the metropolis shines as a high-tech hub hosting such companies as Microsoft, Amazon, Zillow, and Apple. If you’ve scheduled business travel in Seattle, here are some tips for taking advantage of both technology and the environment.

Sign Up for Reward Programs

Airlines, hotels, restaurants, rental-car companies, and business retailers, among other companies, have loyalty programs to encourage you to patronize their establishments. Even if you never use them, they’re worth signing up for, which you can easily do on your smartphone or laptop. Many offer bonuses just for signing up, such as access to shorter lines, free upgrades, and additional amenities. If you do use the programs, you’ll receive rewards that can be turned in for additional perks like free business-class flights and room upgrades.

Consolidate Your Chargers

Packing different plugs and cables for all the tech gear that you plan on carrying not only adds weight and bulk to your luggage but has you worrying about whether your destination will have enough plugs to accommodate everything. Consolidate your charging requirements into a power strip that contains both outlets and USB ports. You can then leave most of your charging plugs at home and bring only the cables. Your strip requires only one outlet and you can run all your charging cables from the strip to your devices.

Add Monitoring Software

When you travel on business, your devices become a target for hackers who can easily grab data from your devices when you use them in public or sign onto public Wi-Fi. They can do this quickly and imperceptibly before you know what’s happening. That only way to guard against such intrusions is to install monitoring software that can alert you when data is being taken from your device or changed.

Pick the Right Hotel

You’ll be doing a lot of work in your hotel, so you need to pick accommodations with reliable Wi-Fi that is available from your room and is also free. Make sure that such connections require a password to access for extra security. A business center is also important with a couple of computers to backup your laptop and a printer for handling your documents.

One such example is the Hyatt House Seattle/Bellevue, which is also located close to major corporations like Microsoft, Samsung, Boeing, and T-Mobile, and to I-90 so you can reach your appointments fast.

Take Time to Enjoy the City

Recharge yourself after a hard day of business travel and work by taking time to enjoy Seattle delights. Grab a meal at Pike Place Market where you can feast on fresh produce and local delights while enjoying the ambiance of busy buyers and sellers.

You can check out some local history at the birthplace of the city, Pioneer Square, with its Romanesque Revival architecture and one-of-a-kind boutiques. Nearby museums worth checking out include the Seattle Art Museum and the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Buy admission to Underground Seattle for a view of the old city before it was built over.

Take the monorail from downtown to Seattle Center, the city’s fun zone with numerous museums, a sports arena, theaters, and the iconic Space Needle. The fascinating interactive exhibits at the Pacific Science Center and the fantastic creations at the Chihuly Garden and Glass are unique to the city.


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