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Can we live without Television and Mass Media?


Remember the times of pigeons? Pigeons are, or rather were, known as the symbol of love. Long ago, lovers used to use pigeons as their chaperones for the love letters. Long before that, during the great war, they were used to deliver messages from one hidden chamber to another. In the very famous movie series called “Harry Potter” we are familiar with the animal character known as Hedwig who is an owl and used for message delivering purposes. Before the existence of technology there were people living and that too in a good way. Before the existence of TV, people were famous and they did find means to entertain themselves. What I am really trying to say is, is it really necessary to completely indulge ourselves in these other worldly expenses when we could rather use this valuable time to do valuable things?



Television play a very essential role in people’s day to day life. While there are some, who actually plan their day and take out time for  watching their favourite show. But now the real question is could we live without television?

We must keep in our mind that there are a number of alternatives to television,such as gaming. With the growth of technology, we can easily find the information or the entertainment we need.

Now suppose you would like to know about what’s going on in the political world. But for that you don’t need to turn on the TV and sit for hours and watch it. The enormous database available online, you can probably find all answers to your questions. Even you can access with iPad, iPhone anywhere anytime.


One thing that our parents keep on telling us since childhood is that, watching TV is really bad for health and our eyes. Watching TV for hours and hours and soaking yourself into the coaches, badly effects us. Just because we are bored, and we start watching TV , can become a bad addiction. Television is capable of eating all your time and leave you with anything to spend with your families and friends. Not just this, but it definitely hampers our study time. We are so engrossed into our shows that we barely sit to study.

Adverse effect of television


So instead of watching tv all day long, we can engage ourselves in sports like basketball, football, cricket and there are so many. These games will help us stay fitter and healthier. And also helps us to interact with various people rather than interacting with our television.


Now coming to mass media, and imagining live without it, is something impossible.

What is media?

Media is the most powerful tool of communication in all developing and development countries. It is the way of promoting the right things in the right time or to turn any situation and create disturbance. It is also a strong way to spread a strong message to the world about the right and wrong.

Mass media


Mass media has a profound impact on our societies and their culture. It has put down the boundaries between the individuals belonging to different societies and has created globilization. Through this we get to know different nations, their nature and their lifestyle. In short mass media mirrors what others do.

Impact of mass media

Mass media is a further store house of information. It educates people about the day to day events taking place.

Thus we can say that, mass media has a powerful influence in shaping people’s life. But like all others, it also has positive and negative sides. Now it’s on us to which side to look at.

Media is a very powerful and influential thing. Media has the power to influence our thoughts. One way or the other, technology affects almost everything we do today and it also influences most of our plans for the future . The media surrounds us. Our everyday lives are saturated by the internet, television, video, movies, recorded music, newspapers, books, magazines, and more. In the 21st century, thanks in part to the proliferation of mobile devices, we navigate through a vast media environment unprecedented in human history. Yet our intimate familiarity with the media often allows us to take them for granted. They are like the air we breathe, ever present yet really considered.