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How to Choose Right Color Schemes for Logo Design of Your Brand


It is very important to know, “Why the Right Color Schemes Matter for Your Brand Logo Design?”. Some people think that is it not effect and they design logo according to their taste and interest. But believe me, this is very important, because if you don’t use right color schemes in logo design for your company then it might be very lazy hobby.

image: How to Choose Right Color Scheme for Logo Design
Choosing Color Scheme for Logo Design

If you want to become a successful businessman and try to build your umpire then always focus on your brand name and logo designing. Always choose some tips and then decide how your company logo look like and how to make it more attractive.

Logo can describe your brand, and it also attracting your customers too. Biggest companies paying a lot to their graphics designers to making their logo design more awesome, attractive and beautiful and also use some best and eye catching color schemes.

The use of different colour can bring different meanings. Biggest and successful companies use their color schemes for creating useful images (content creation) and try to get more attraction of their customers.

This post also very helpful for those who want to become a logo designer. Because companies always hire those designers that’re creative and boldness. Your success as a logo designer will be boosted if you’ve thorough understanding of color schemes.

For this purpose, here I’ll share some tips that helps you to choose best color scheme for your company logo and design your logo more attractive.

What Different Colors Means?

People don’t know, but believe me, every color has it’s own useful and unique meaning and it also effects on your brand. Every color in this world, has an implications for logo design. If you’re a graphics designer then always make sure you choose and pick up any color carefully and wisely.

Now look out the image below to understanding the meaning of colors. In this image, every color explain with their meanings, so you can easily understand and how and why these colors are used in logo designing and how much they effect of your brand. 
How to Choose Right Color Scheme for Logo Design
These are not somehow an important and does not associations with any rigid rules, of course, but remember that they all are fully useful and worthable. You’re always keeping in mind as you make your logo and choosing your logo color schemes. It is also keep in mind that, only colors cannot impact of your logo design, many different other factors also depend on this, like text colors, text styles,shapes, width, height, etc. 

Multiple Color’s Or Single Color?

Before designing your logo, you can always search out other related logo’s, so you can get an idea about logo designing. As you can seen many times on different great and successful companies logo contains multiple colours in their logo, like Google, eBay, Windows etc. 
image : Google Official Logo
But I personally recommend you and this is very useful for you too, to always choose only one color into your logo. Choose one color can help you to convey your message and voice to your customers. Because single color make your logo as a brand and people easily identify your brand. I never ever recommend you to choose multiple colors, because these are not good. 

Follow the 60-30-10 Rule

This is very awesome and frequently use rule if you want to designing a multiple color logo. Designers always use 60-30-10 rule, which is simple meaning that, use any three different colors and use them in the ration of 60% and 30% and 10% etc. This is very powerful rule that provides your a unique and simple way to create a professional color schemes for your brand.

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Use Black and White Color

Have you ever think that black and white colors also use very much in designing. If you also wonder about to use these both colors into your logo, then always first look out your brand. If your logo is all about the invoices and letter heads then use black and white because it plays a best role. These colors can work best for any type of designing and shapes. But normally people doesn’t prefer these colors. 

Maximum Colors

As I mentioned above to use only single color for your log designing because it is good for your brand. But if you want and try to use multiple colors then keep in mind that not use more than four colors. 4 Colors is not the standard but professionals always suggest you to choose maximum four colors when you design your company logo. 
It is only depend of your taste, interest and business form, of which colors you use and how much percentage. But normally people use three colors with the ratio of 60-30-10% that is a very awesome and frequently use rule to designing a professional logo for your brand. 

Always Think Globally

If you’re a local organization and only work within some short area then it’s OK, but if your client is a global corporation, then always choose your logo colors carefully.

This is only because, there are different cultures in different countries, so colors are interpreted. E.G China is famous to like RED color, while white color is the death and mourning in India. Green is like in Pakistan, so it is very important for you to think globally and know about the cultural differences. 

Finally, I recommend you that not only focus on your color schemes only, because there are many other factors also involves in logo design. So I hope this post helps you to choose a right and best color schemes for your logo design and make your brand more successful.