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12 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid Mostly Beginners Make


Newbies and beginners make different SEO Mistakes which are very harmful for them. This is only because they are not aware of some SEO factors or just they don’t never ever understand them correctly. Many SEO Mistakes also make by beginners because SEO is a fast growing and changing industry and every single day different changes are takes place in search engine optimization.

image: 10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid Mostly Beginners Make
12 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid Mostly Beginners Make
I’ve also doing many of these mistakes in past, but now after understand it I think I also share these SEO mistakes with my loyal readers, so if you’re doing or make any of these 12 simple SEO mistakes, then avoid them.So below I mention top 12 SEO mistakes you should avoid. Mostly beginners make these mistakes, so I hope after reading this article, you’ll be understand about common blogging mistakes.

12 SEO Optimisation Mistakes You Should Avoid


Mistake #1 – Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are some kind of special words which we are targeted in our post for getting higher ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). But people taking wrong advantage of it and stuffing the keywords.

If you copy something and paste it again and again, then this is a very poor thing and people doesn’t like it. Same like in search engine, if you repeating the keywords search engine don’t like your contents and as a result you never ever get ranked.

If you repeating your any targeted keywords again and again in your article for more than their density, then this is called “Keyword Stuffing”. Search engine don’t allow this thing and mostly sites ranking drop down due to this common SEO mistake.

Mistake #2 – Too Long / Big Title of Posts

Post Title plays an important role in SEO optimisation in search engine. This is the heading of your web page or single post in a blog, which is shown to users in search results, when they search out any term in the search engine.

Always use short, small, sweet and fully optimized and relevant title for your posts. Try to target your primary keyword in it. Usually use at start, and make your title more attractive and SEO friendly.

Too long titles are not beneficial for you, because your title will be hidden in search results sometimes, and if you use your main keyword at last, then this will not be shown in search, as a result you’ll get low ranking and lose huge visitors.

Mistake #3 – You’re Not Use Google Keyword Planner Tool

Many of newbies and beginners not use any keyword tool for keyword research and this is the biggest factor and mistake in SEO. Many people think that if you’re use Google Keyword Tool before writing your contents, they are somehow cheating, and in my point of view, this is completely or somehow truth.

Google Keyword Tool will give you suggestions to choose those particular and optimized keywords which are high CPC (Cost Per Click) / PPC and high number of visitors. Like if you want to write on Blogging, then first find this keyword in “Keyword Tool” and then try out to find some similar keywords which have highly traffic.

Many people doesn’t get high ranking and never ever get ranked in search results, because they are not use Google Keyword Planner Tool for keyword research.

Mistake #4 – Broken Links

Links are some kind of hyperlink which appears between different keywords in any web page of your website. If you make a link to any other destination and this place doesn’t more exist, then this is called “Broken Links”.

In SEO point of view, links are very important, and search engine crawler crawls and index all these links and all other pages which are points your links. But if user click on your link and they don’t find useful or relevant information of that place, or page doesn’t exist there, then this is the broken links and search engine hates these type of links.

Mistake #5 – Copied Contents

Now today is the 21st centuries, and technologies changes rapidly. Before 5 to 6 years back, people can use other created contents to their own sites and blogs and use them for making their blogs and make money from them.

But now this is the biggest mistake in online world, copied contents are not allowed by search engine. If you copied contents from any place and use them into your site, then search engine find it and mostly times block your site and many times banned it permanently.

Mistake #6 – Excessive Use of Flash Contents

Flash contents are not in HTML or CSS formats, so search engines not find it easily and crawl that contents. If you’re using huge amount of flash content, it will be more harder to get high ranking in SERP.

Many beginners try to use flash content to make their blog or websites more attractive and dynamic, but it will reduce your loading time of your website and as a result your ranking drop down.

So always make sure that content that you want to get ranking higher in search engines, always make it in HTML/CSS formats. You can also replace all your flash contents in HTML5/CSS3 and make your site more dynamic.

Mistake #7 – Not Use 404 Error Code When Need

As I previously mention in an article, how to create a custom 404 error page. It is important in SEO. When user comes to your site and click any of the link, but behind that link no page exists.
Then you can use 404 error page that redirects your visitors to back to your original or homepage. If you don’t use this 404 error status code, then your site will look less trustworthy in the eyes of Google and all other search engines.


Mistake #8 – Not Allowing to Crawl Your Site

Many beginners try to different tasks with their site and many time disable the functionality of crawling your webpages. If you don’t allow search engine robots to crawl your page, you can’t get ranking and your pages doesn’t appear in search results.

Matt Cutts, a professional Search Spam Engineer at Google Company, said that “One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating their websites are disallow to crawl their sites”.

Mistake #9 – Don’t Understand SEO Importance

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) should be the key factor to any new blog or website projects. Gone those days when SEO is just a simple technique to ranking your page. Now there are many different things changed and without proper SEO, you never ever get ranking.

Consider link building, proper keywords selection, use keywords properly, having keywords in page URL’s / Permalinks, XML Sitemap, Titles and many other things. These are the basics of SEO and make sure that at least you make these things properly at startup, whenever you try to build your new websites.

Mistake #10 – Irrelevant Links / Anchor Text Links

Anchor Texts are somehow a kind of keywords which we use to put link and point to another page of our website or any other third party site.

Beginners try to make a backlinks of their previous published posts using any anchor texts and as a results search engine drop you in ranking. Because search engine wants to satisfied their users which are come to your site via Google search.

If you make a anchor text like “Blogging Tips” and behind this link no page exists or just a page with other topic, then this is a irrelevant anchor link, and search engine restrict you to don’t try to make this type of errors in your sites.

Mistake #11 – Doing Too Much Internal Linking

Link Juice is a very important thing that only trickle goes to each of your web pages. But not over down your link juice. It is very beneficial to making internal linking between your post contents, because this make your site sky rocket and improve your link juice.
But As you know that, behind every good thing, bad thing exists. Same like in internal linking technique. Many beginner try to use too much internal links between within a single posts which look like spam, and search engine hates that type of pages.

Mistake #12 – Use Irrelevant Title Tags and Meta Description

Titles tags and meta description are very important attribute in SEO point of view. Mostly beginners not try to make their meta description optimized and unique with others.

Meta description is the text which is appear below title in search results. This is a very important 160 characters in length text, which is used in SEO. You can always use your primary keyword in it and make it more attractive, SEO optimized, and short.

Also make your post title attractive and eye catching that catch your visitors attractions and force them to check your article. But beginners make this mistake and as a result failed.

So these are my top 12 learning SEO mistake that are very important especially for beginners. You should avoid these SEO mistakes and try to fulfill all these requirements and writing your posts fully SEO optimized. I hope this might be helpful for you, for your kind suggestions, use below the comment section.