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Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse Concept Charges From the Mousepad

Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse

Corsair is one of the very popular computer peripherals manufacturers out there. At the Computex 2017 event happening in Taipei, Taiwan, Corsair unveiled their latest gaming concept mouse design. Here we got a new invention from Corsair, Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse!

The mouse that was announced at the Taipei Computex 2017 event is named the Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse. The Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse is a concept mouse design from Corsair that is specifically targeted towards the gamers out there. Apart from its unique design and finish, the Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse also has a very interesting feature built-in to the mousepad. The Mousepad of the Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse features Qi-technology inbuilt into it, which means that the mouse will get charged automatically as you keep using the mouse.

As the Mousepad of the Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse is Qi-enabled, it can also charge Smartphones that have Qi-wireless charging technology in them. Which means that when not charging your mouse, the mousepad can be used to charge your Smartphone as well, thus increasing the practicality of the mousepad.

Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse Image

If not interested to charge via the given mousepad of the Corsair Zeus Wireless Mouse or in case you forget to carry the mousepad with you while travelling, you can still opt to charge the mouse with the help of the Micro-USB cable that will come bundled with the mouse.

Once the Corsair Zeus wireless mouse is placed inside the mousepad, the LED indicators present on both the mouse and the mousepad will blink and continue to glow, thus indicating that the mouse is being charged by the mousepad.

Even though the concept and design of the Zeus Wireless mouse look really impressive and something that everyone would want, there is no official word on when the Corsair Zeus Mouse will be available in the market and what the pricing of the product would be.

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