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How to Create Mind-Blowing Videos to Boost Your Business Growth


Video marketing is increasing by leaps and bounds and in a timely manner. If we study the latest video marketing stats, 51.9 percent of marketers praise video as the most potent for the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. 90 percent of online users watch videos for informed shopping decisions.

Humans are innately attracted to a visual advertisement.  This particular aspect single-handedly places video over plain text when it comes to the efficiencies of business promotion. A visual angle is always more engaging, assures faster consumption and stays etched in the mind longer. However, with more and more brands fast taking to video marketing as of late, the competition is very high. It calls for a truly mind-blowing video on your part to render a robust competitive edge over your brand.

The post below offers an insight on how to create a winning video for your business promotion. But before that, let’s see which kind of video will be the best to brand or venture.

Explainer Videos Rule the Roost

There are 4 main types of business videos- explainer videos, how-to videos, product videos and testimonial videos. How-to videos are meant to describe a certain course of action with your product. A product video is cool when you are launching a new item. Testimonial videos boast how elated  your customers are with your offerings. But none of these videos can promote your business as a whole except explainer videos. The best part about explainer videos is that they are meant to forward the breakthrough “solutions” to the “problems” of your target niche. These videos enable you to put forward the main essence of your business and spread the word for your business and its entirety. You get a solid tool to establish your brand as a leader in your industry.

Create Mind-Blowing Videos

Get Help From the Experts

An explainer video usually comes with a cool range of illustrations. Creating a potential explainer video could be tricky without the assistance of an expert. Entrepreneurs often struggle to create the best storyline for their business videos. Out there several tools, the one which I’m used to is the simpleshow developed mysimpleshow. It comes with relevant templates for video storylines for any business and is designed with a cutting-edge explainer engine that powers videos with meaningful, contextual and engaging illustrations.

I had the opportunity to talk to Karsten Boehrs, CEO & Co-Owner of simpleshow  and he said “We have been making explainer videos for corporate clients for years and we know all the ins & outs of the process. You might have got a breakthrough business idea but that’s not enough to promote your business to the masses. You have to channelise your ideas through a ‘solid’ explainer video with a catchy storyline to pull in the audience to your message”. It was quite a learning experience talking to him as he enriched me with a series of suggestions on how to create a pulling video for a business.

Well-Articulated Script with Coverage on All Essential Pointers

A well-crafted script is the heart & soul of your business video. It should be powered with all points mentioned below:

  • Your fast elevator pitch containing the USP of your business idea or unique approach.
  • Your target niche & its problems to be addressed by your business.
  • The main benefits of your offerings – remember that benefits are more important than features.

Keep It Concise:

This is one of the most important points to create a solid explainer video for your business. Today’s busy daily schedules have receded our attention span. The rule is 150 words/minute for a video if you want to capture maximum attention. When it comes to the length of the video, a 30-second film gains more attention compared to longer ones.

Catchy Slogan

The introduction or slogan should be catchy enough to urge your viewers to view the film till the end. If you can’t pull your audience in the first 10 seconds of the video, you will lose out to your competitors in a short time.

Use Relevant Illustrations

As mentioned earlier, illustrations form the essence of a professional explainer video. Use contextual cool illustrations that can explain the main idea and unique USP of your business.

Know the Right Tone

The tone of your video should be professional and engaging. Don’t be too formal or cold. Don’t forget that background music gives the video a breezy feel and increases the engaging quotient of the film. You can use  soothing songs or instrumentals in your business video. You must however, make sure the music doesn’t overpower the voice in your video. You can also use customer testimonials at the end of the video to increase the credibility quotient of your business in the video. Don’t forget to conclude the whole clip with a direct link to your website.

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