Increasing brand awareness with this websites
Popular social media websites

Brand awareness is the basic step to create a name for your company online. If you are running an online or offline business, there are 100 different approaches to advertise and advance your product and services and benefits and get leads and potential clients. Aside from advertising on Social media platforms or hiring an social media influencer. Have you at any point thought of why huge brands get a colossal number of clients moving around regardless of whether they aren’t demonstrating advertisements or doing advancement of it?

The reason is their image and brand value among people. For example, how about we take the case of Apple. On the off chance that the company quits doing advertising and advancement for the following couple of years they won’t come up short on business, however, you will, Because they got a solid brand awareness among individuals. At whatever point they launch or about to launching a product. There is a ton of dialogue going everywhere throughout the web about what Apple will offer this year.

That’s how brand presence helps you grow your business and remain in the infinite game.

For instance, if we take another example of Indian new companies which began gaining high benefits after they fabricated their image nearness like OYO and Ola. So,as So as assembling your image nearness on the web, you need individuals to discuss you and offer your substance. On the off chance that you claim an online T-shirt store more individuals will connect with you if your customers discuss it among individuals they meet and give a decent review of it.

So what are some good ways you can build your brand presence online?

The answer is Blogs and discussion forums. Which can help you make people aware about your presence in the market.
Here I will expand the process of how you can create your brand awareness from Medium, Quora, Tumblr and Pinterest

#1 Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform which is rapidly growing its user rate. The vast majority on medium have their online journals and an incredible number of individuals read their blog post. You can ask these writers to talk about your business in their blogs and get a hyperlink to your site in their blog. Due to the author’s tremendous crowd rate, you won’t be struggling to get visitors. I don’t think about the medium as a method for creating quick traffic or following rate. But you can build your brand presence and slowly convert the visitor into potential customers. Thanks to Medium’s high domain authority and audience rate.

#2 Quora : Mecca of increasing brand awareness and marketing of novice digital marketers

Quora is an online discussion forum where people share their thoughts and opinions about different topics like politics, technology, business and much more. So, it’s a great platform to build your brand presence. There are people asking a question about different topics like what are some good abroad education consultancy companies. In the off chance that you hold the same or diverse business, you can furnish them with the case of how understudies can travel to another country for higher education and give a backlink to your site in your answer look at XYZ(your organization name) This way you can make people aware of your brand.

Along these lines, you can make individuals mindful of your image.

#3 Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website. The best thing I found about Tumblr is that their service allows the user to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog and users can follow other users blog. With the same thing as on medium, you can create your brand presence by writing article’s about your service or finding a good blogger on Tumblr and asking him to promote your service on his blog.

#4 Pinterest

The last and something I was stunned about is Pinterest and it’s potential for driving traffic.

If the top 30 Pinners are food, fashion, design, and wedding bloggers, it’s safe to say it’s a scrapbooking paradise for women.

Most of you think that the platform is just for women and don’t have any potential for promoting your business.

But if brands like Wal-mart and Apple are using the Pinterest ground for their marketing purposes. It looks there’s enough space for Bloggers, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

There’s power behind using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Just take a look at these astounding facts:
According to

1.)A pin is 100 times more spreadable than your average tweet
2.)Each pin can drive up to 2-page visits and 6 pageviews
3.)E-commerce sites benefit from pinning as each pin can generate 78 cents
4.)The life of a pin is one week! Compare that to 24 minutes for 5.) Twitter and 90 minutes for Facebook.

From the above mention facts, it’s clear that Pinterest can drive huge traffic for you. You just need to be consistent about pining your content on Pinterest and on group boards. So, it’s get share by other people.

This is the way content promoting can enable you to direct people to your site. With no extra pay on the social media ads to reach people.